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Judging from the e-mails and entries made in the Ships Log, many of the visitors to this site are former crewman, and often they are looking for old shipmates.  On this page I've assembled links to websites that can help you find old shipmates.  This site's Ships Log nearly 1,200 entries in it, many are from former crew members looking for their old buddies.  It's a great place to begin your search.  Another great place is the USS New Jersey Veterans Association website, their address is below.

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The Official Organization for Veterans is The USS New Jersey BB-62 Veterans, Inc.
For membership information or reunion inquiries, visit their website at:

USS New Jersey BB-62 Veterans, Inc.

Their website features an online Member Roster,
broken down by years, with e-mail links to individuals


Many former crew members belong to the USS New Jersey Historical Museum Society.
For information about joining, or getting membership information, contact them at:

Battleship New Jersey Historical Museum Society
P.O. Box BB-62
Middletown, New Jersey  07748-0062
Phone:  (908) 233-9093   Fax:  (908) 233-0823

Or click below to visit their website:
USS New Jersey Historical Museum Society

Some other Interesting Links to Search for Shipmates




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