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Double Sided Salvo, Way Cool!!

A rare double-sided salvo, with all the 5-inch guns firing on their side and one of
the 16-inch turrets firing to port with the other two firing to starboard.  I don't think there's any tactical use for this maneuver, but it sure looks cool.  The photo credit goes
to PH2 Rich Sforza.   He was tied to the bell tower when the picture was taken... they
were afraid he might fall off!!

Firepower For Freedom!!!

This was the official broadside give-away picture of the Battleship Battle
Group WestPac "signed by Capt. Glenn and Radm Taylor."  Both signatures
are fake.  It was common practice for the PR staff to sign photos.

A Birds eye view of Big J in Pattaya Beach, Thailand

This photo was taken from a para-sail while the ship was at anchor in Pattaya Beach, Thailand.  The photo credit goes to Russell Stewart, who also provided the previous two pictures.  Russell was onboard Big J during her deployment as the centerpiece of the Battleship Battle Group from May to October of 1986.  He worked in the PR department.

Big J flexing her muscles Down Under (#1)

Big J flexing her muscles Down Under (#2)

These two awesome pictures of Big J firing her big guns were sent to me by Mick Morris
from Australia.  Big J visited Sydney, Australia during one of her final cruises in 1988
and spent 2 months participating in Australia's bicentennial celebrations.  If you'd like
to copy these pictures please contact Mick at aussie@junct.com for permission.

Getting ready to go to Vietnam - Picture #1
Getting ready to go to Vietnam - Picture #3
Getting ready to go to Vietnam - Picture #3

These three Photos were sent to me by Steve Singlar from Pelham, NH.  Steve
served aboard the USS Hugh Purvis DD-709 - Six Guns, No Waiting and is
currently a volunteer aboard the USS Salem in Quincy Mass.  These photos
were taken in the spring of 1968 while Big J was in Norfolk VA before
going to West Pac, and then on to Vietnam.

USS New Jersey Band

Here is a picture of the USS New Jersey's Band
in front of those big 16 inch guns sent to me
by Dave Brown, a member of the Band.
To e-mail Dave Click Here

Big 16" Guns

A Closeup View of Those Big 16 Inch Guns!!


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Line Drawing of Big J

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