New Jersey Residents Special Programs Information


NJ Residents Special Programs

As New Jersey residents, there are two special programs only available to you.  These programs are:

1)  The sale of Battleship New Jersey license plates, available at any New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles.

2)  A check-off box on New Jersey State Income Tax Forms to allow you to donate part or all of your NJ state tax refund: line 56, The Battleship New Jersey Educational Museum.

These programs are explained below in greater detail.  Your participation in them is greatly appreciated.  Go out and order a set of Battleship New Jersey License Plates today, and display them proudly on your vehicle knowing you're supporting the Battleship!

BB-62 License Plates

Battleship New Jersey license plates are currently
available at all NJ Motor Vehicle Agencies and via
the U.S. Mail.  76% of all fees collected goes
directly towards the acquisition, restoration
and maintenance of the USS New Jersey.

Battleship New Jersey License Plate

To obtain standard plates, complete a BA-49 form and present it at any NJ Motor Vehicle Agency along with the fee and your current registration certificate.  If you prefer to have the plates mailed to you, send the completed BA-49 form to Internal Agency Processing, Division of Motor Vehicles, CN016, Trenton, NJ 08666, along with a check and a photocopy of your current registration certificate.

Personalized Battleship license plates may also be obtained for a fee. Because of space limitations, only 5 character spaces or less may be used.  To obtain personalized specialty plates, a personalized plate application, must be completed and returned with the fee to the Special Plate Unit, along with a photocopy of your current registration certificate.  You must note on the top of the application that you desire Battleship plates. Please allow 8 to 10 weeks to process your order. Please do not apply for personalized plates if you have ever been convicted of DUI, reckless driving, death by auto or have had your driving privileges suspended for any reason within the past 2 years.

Your current license plates, if 5 characters or less, may be remanufactured in the Battleship design. Send the completed remanufacture application, fee and a photocopy of your current registration certificate to the Special Plate Unit.

If you have any questions, please call (609) 292-6500 for assistance.

Tax Check-Off Donation

On this year's New Jersey State Income Tax form there is a voluntary tax check-off for the Battleship New Jersey Educational Museum.  All funds collected are applied directly to bringing the ship home and opening her as a museum.

Your contribution through this year's (or any year there after on line item #56) tax check-off will help provide the financial means to complete this project. 

The following is a partial excerpt from Page 3
of the New Jersey 1040 Tax Form, Line 56.

Note:  An entry on this line will reduce your tax refund.

The Battleship New Jersey Educational Museum

$5.00 $10.00 Other

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