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There is still plenty of dirty work to be done in order to get new areas of this old girl open to the public, as well as maintain sections already open.  If you would like to volunteer some of your time, scraping paint, polishing brass, conducting tours, or doing any number of other things, call the Home Port Alliance at the number listed below.  We can certainly use all the help we can get.  I encourage you to get involved in this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Hope to see you onboard this weekend!

Anyone interested in volunteering onboard the Battleship New Jersey
should contact Dan Farrell, Volunteer Coordinator for the Battleship New Jersey at:

(856) 966-1652 extension 224

Battleship New Jersey
62 Battleship Place
Camden, NJ  08103
Phone:  (856) 966-1652 ext. 224
Fax:  (856) 966-4544


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