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The USS New Jersey is one of only four Iowa Class Battleships built by the United States. She and her three sister ships are arguably the best Battleships ever built.  Launched during a dark period in American history following the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, she distinguished herself by becoming the most decorated warship in U.S. Naval History.  In nearly 50 years of service she earned 19 Battle Stars and 13 other Citations, Medals and Ribbons.

"Rest well, yet sleep lightly; and hear the call 
if again sounded, to provide firepower for freedom."

Words spoken by Captain Peniston on December 17, 1969,
during the 3rd decommissioning of the USS New Jersey.  Twelve
years later she would be awoken again to serve a grateful nation.

USS New Jersey History

USS New Jersey entry from Janes Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.

USS New Jersey Record

List of awards earned by USS New Jersey during her career.

Iowa Class Statistics

Table of statistics for the Iowa Class Battleships.




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