Large Ships Bell which hangs directly below the Flying Bridge (September 15, 2001)

Interesting Battleship and Navy Links

The extensive Links List below is a direct result of the research I've conducted while working on this site.  You'll find links to dozens of Battleship related sites, nearly 300 individual Warship sites, and numerous other links to general interest Naval Sites.  My current top 5 links are designated by *** , hope this list helps you find what you're looking for!

E-mail me if you have trouble getting any of these links to work.  Your feedback helps keep everything working.

Battleship Sites (Listed by Hull Number)

USS Maine, 2nd Class Battleship, Arlington Cemetery Crew Memorial Website Link 

USS Indiana, BB-1, Home Port Website Link

USS Massachusetts, BB-2, Florida Historical Site Website Link

USS Kentucky, BB-6, Historical Website Link

USS New Jersey, BB-16, Website Link

USS Florida, BB-30, Home Port Website Link

USS Utah, BB-31, Official Association Website Link

USS New York, BB-34, Crewman Memorial Website Link  

USS Texas, BB-35, Unofficial Website Link

USS Texas, BB-35, Official Veterans Website Link

USS Nevada, BB-36, Association Website Link

USS Nevada, BB-36, Crewman's Website Link

USS Nevada, BB-36, Crewman's Website Link

USS Oklahoma, BB-37, Website Link  

USS Pennsylvania, BB-38, Historical Website Link

USS Arizona, BB-39, National Park Service Memorial Website Link

USS Arizona, BB-39, Memorial Museum Association Website Link

USS Arizona, BB-39, Extensive Links to other Pearl Harbor Sites

USS Arizona, BB-39, Pearl Harbor Remembered Website Link

USS Idaho, BB-42, Tribute Website Link
USS California, BB-44, Website Link  

USS Colorado, BB-45, USS Colorado Alumni Association Website Link

USS Maryland, BB-46, Veterans Website Link

USS West Virginia, BB-48, Tribute Website Link

USS North Carolina, BB-55, Official Memorial Website

USS North Carolina, BB-55, Unofficial Website Link

USS Washington, BB-56, Crew Website Link

USS South Dakota, BB-57, Veterans Website Link

USS Indiana, BB-58, Historical Website Link

USS Massachusetts, BB-59, Falls River Museum Website Link

USS Massachusetts, BB-59, Crewman Website Link

USS Alabama, BB-60, Official Website Link

USS Alabama, BB-60, Unofficial Memorial Exhibit Website Link

USS Iowa, BB-61, Preservation Effort Website Link

USS Iowa, BB-61, Veterans Association Official Website Link

USS New Jersey, BB-62, Home Port Alliance Website Link

USS New Jersey, BB-62, Veterans Association Official Website Link

USS New Jersey, BB-62, Historical Museum Society Website Link  -  Hasn't been updated in years!

USS New Jersey, BB-62, Amateur Radio Station Site onboard Battleship Website link

USS New Jersey, BB-62, 20/20 Segment on Big J's Reactivation in 1981 Website Link

USS New Jersey, BB-62, Final Panama Canal Passage, Memorial Website Link

USS New Jersey, BB-62, Final Panama Canal Passage, Video Website Link  

USS New Jersey, BB-62, Paul Barrett's Blue Ribbon Committee Website Link

USS Missouri, BB-63, Memorial Website Link

USS Missouri, BB-63, Pictures from stop in Astoria, Oregon on her way to Pearl Harbor

USS Missouri, BB-63, "The Mighty Mo" Crewman's Website Link

USS Wisconsin, BB-64, Battleship Wisconsin Foundation Website Link

USS Wisconsin, BB-64, Veterans Association Official Website Link

Battleship Comparison Website Link 

Battleship Development Website Link

Battleship Histories Text Website Link

Battleship Row - Cool Interactive Pearl Harbor Attack Website Link

Battleship Veterans Page - The Special Events Company Website Link, Navy Ship Gift Shop Website Link

German Battleship, Tirpitz Website Link

German Battleship, Admiral Graf Spee Website Link

German Battleship, Scharnhorst Website Link

German Battleship, Bismark Website Link

Great White Fleet - Historic Site on early Battleships Website Link

Great White Fleet Organization Website Link

HMS Hood, Battle Cruiser Association Official Website Link

HMS Hood, Historical Website Link

Iowa Class Battleship Preservation Website Link

Naval Firepower of the Ages - Battleship Information, Website Link

U.S. World War II Battleships and Battlecruisers, Historic Website Link

Warship Sites (Listed Alphabetically by Name)

LST-325, Website Link for the Proud Voyage of LST-325

LST-454, Website Link

PT-309, S.O.S. - Save our Ship, Restoration Effort Website Link

S-51 Accident, Website Link

Soviet Cruise Missile Submarine, Juliet 498, Museum Website Link 

USS Charles F. Adams, DDG-2, Association Website Link  

USS Charles F. Adams, DDG-2, CFA Class DDG Website Link  

USS Adroit, MSO-509, Website dedicated to Wooden Minesweepers and Iron Men

USS Agerholm, DD-826, Association Website Link

USS Ainsworth, DE-1090, Website Link

USS Albacore, AGSS-569, Museum Website Link

USS Albany, CA-123 / CG-10 / SSN-753, Website Link

USS Ethan Allen, SSBN-608, Home Portal Website Link

USS America, CV-66, Veterans Website Link

USS Richard B. Anderson, DD-786, Website Link 

USS Arlington, AGMR-2, Website Link

USS Atlanta, CL-51, Website Link

USS Barb, SSN-596, Website Link

USS Becuna, SS-319, Museum Website Link  

USS Benfold, DDG-65, Official Website Link

USS Bennington, CV / CVA / CVS-20, Association Website Link 

USS Biddle, CG-34, Website Link

USS Blenny, SS-324, World War II Submarine Website Link

USS Blueback, SS-581, Museum Website Link

USS John A. Bole, DD-755, Association Website Link

USS Bordelon, DD / DDR-881, Website Link

USS Borie, DD-215, Website Link

USS Bowfin Base, Honolulu, USSVI Website Link

USS George H. W. Bush, CVN-77, Construction Progress Website Link  

USS Richard E. Byrd, DDG-23, Official Website Link

USS Cabildo, LSD-16, Association Website Link

USS Cabot, CVL-28, Official Association Website Link

USS California, DLGN-36 / CGN-36, Website Link

USS Canberra, CA-70 / CAG-2, Website Link

USS Carr, FFG-52, Website Link

USS Cassiopeia, AK-75, Website Link

USS Cavalla, SS-244, Website Link

USS Champlin, DD-601, Website Link

USS Chopper, SS-342, Crewman Website Link

USS Chopper, SS-342, Association Website Link 

USS Henry Clay, SSBN-625, Website Link

USS Cobia, SS-245, Website Link

USS Cod, SS-224, World War II Fleet Sub Website Link

USS Cole, DDG-67, Official Website Link

USS Columbus, CA-74 / CG-12 / SSN-762, Website Link  

USS Comte De Grasse, DD-974, Official Website Link  
USS Connecticut, SSN-22, Unofficial Website Link 

USS Constellation, Last All Sail U.S. Warship Built, Baltimore Museum Website Link

USS Constellation, CV-64, Website Link  

USS Constitution "Old Ironsides" Official Website Link

USS Conway, DD / DDE-507, Website Link

USS Coral Sea, CVA-43, USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Association Website Link

USS Coral Sea, CVA-43, Website Link

USS Cowpens, CG-63, Website Link

USS Cowpens, CVL-25, The "Mighty Moo" Website Link

USS Croaker, SSK-246, Website Link

USS Davis, DD-937, Association Website Link 

USS George E. Davis, DE-357, Website Link  

USS DeHaven, DD-727, Website Link  

USS Des Moines, CA-134, Historic Naval Ship Project, Milwaukee Website Link

USS Des Moines, CA-134, Association Website Link

USS Dewey, DLG-14 / DDG-45 / DD-349, Website Link

USS Harlan R. Dickson, DD-708, Website Link  

USS Drum, SSN-677, "Pride Runs Deep" Website Link 

USS Duncan, DDR-874, Website Link

USS Dyess, DD / DDR-880, Association Website Link  

USS Richard S. Edwards, DD-950, Website Link

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, CVN-69, Official Website Link  

USS Elliot, DD-967, Website Link 

USS Emmons, DD-457, Website Link

USS England, DE-635 and CG / DLG-22, Website Link 

USS Enterprise, CV-6, Website Link

USS Enterprise, CV-6, Website Link

USS Enterprise, CVN-65, Official Website Link 

USS Fiske, DD / DDR-842, Website Link

USS Fletcher, DD-445 / DDE 445, Association Website Link 

USS Fletcher, DD-992, Crewman Website Link 

USS Forrestal, CV-59, Proposed Museum (Baltimore) Website Link

USS Forrestal, CV-59, Association Website Link  

USS Forrestal, CV-59, Memorial Website Link

USS Franklin, CV-13, Website Link

USS Benjamin Franklin, SSBN-640, Website Link

USS Gambier Bay, CVE-73 & Composite Squadron VC-10 Website Link

USS Gearing, DD-710, Crewman Website Link  

USS Gearing, DD-710, Association website Link  

USS Gillette, DE-681, Website Link

USS Goldsborough, DD-20, Website Link

USS Ulysses S. Grant, SSBN-631, Website Link

USS Grayson, DD-435, Website Link

USS Growler, SSG-577, Museum Website Link

USS Gunnel, SS-253, The Complete History Website Link  

USS Hancock, CVA-19, Association Website Link

USS Hancock, CVA-19, Crewman Website Link

USS Hanson, DD / DDR-832, Association Website Link  

USS Helena, CA-75, Website Link

USS Holder, DD / DDE 819, Association Website Link

USS Hopewell, DD-681, Website Link

USS Hornet, CV-12, Museum Website Link

USS Hornet, CV-12, Crewman Website Link

USS Houston, CA-30, Website Link

USS Harry E. Hubbard, DD-748, Historic Website Link  

USS Icefish, SS-367, Website Link

USS Independence, CV-62, Association Website Link 
USS Independence, CV-62, Official Website Link  
USS Intrepid, CV-11, Museum Website Link

USS Inaugural, AM-242, WW-II Minesweeper Landmark Website Link

USS Indianapolis, CA-35, Website Link

USS Indianapolis, CA-35, Association Website Link 

USS Arnold J. Isbell, DD-869, Memorial Website Link

USS Arnold J. Isbell, DD-869, Crewman's Website Link

USS Jack, SS-259 / SSN-605, Website Link

USS Stonewall Jackson, SSBN-634, Website Link

USS Turner Joy, DD-951, Museum Website Link  

USS Turner Joy, DD-951, Website Link  

USS Juneau, CL-52, Website Link

USS Kamehameha, SSBN-642, Website Link

USS Kearny, DD-432, Website Link

USS Kearsarge, LHD-3, Website Link

USS John Paul Jones, DDG-53, Association Website Link 
USS Kennebec, AO-36, Association Website Link  
USS John F. Kennedy, CV-67, Official Website Link  

USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., DD-850, Website Link

USS Kidd, DD-661, and the Louisiana Naval War Memorial Official Website Link

USS King, DLG-10 / DDG-41, Website Link

USS Kiska, AE-35, Association Website Link

USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63, Official Website Link

USS Lake Champlain, CV / CVA / CVS-39, Website Link 

USS Lapon, SSN-661 / SS-260, Website Link

USS Lexington, CV-16, Aircraft Carrier Museum, Corpus Cristi, Texas Website Link

USS Liberty, AGTR-5, Memorial Website Link

USS Abraham Lincoln, CVN-72, Official Website Link  

USS Wallace L. Lind, DD-703, Website Link

USS Ling, SS-297, New Jersey Naval Museum Website Link

USS Lipan, ATF-85, Website Link

USS Little Rock, CLG-4, Unofficial Website Link

USS Little Rock, CLG-4 / CL-92, Association Website Link 

USS Little Rock, CLG-4, Buffalo and Erie Naval & Military Park Website Link

USS Long Beach, CGN-9, Association Website Link

USS MacDonough, DDG-39 / DLG-8, Website Link

USS MacKenzie, DD-614, Website Link  

USS George K. MacKenzie, DD-836, Website Link  

USS Macomb, DD-458, Association Website Link

USS Mayo, DD-422, Website Link

USS McClusky, FFG-41, Official Website Link

USS Lynde McCormick, DDG-8, Website Link

USS McFaul, DDG-74, Website Link

USS McKean, DD-784, Website Link  ***  Did she really sink two Russian Subs?

USS McMorris, DE-1036, Website Link  

USS Meyerkord, FF-1058, Website Link

USS Midway, CV-41, Website Link  

USS Midway, CV-41, Website Link 

USS Midway, CV-41, Museum Effort Website Link

USS Mississipi, CGN-40, Website Link 

USS Morton, DD-948, Website Link  

USS Mount Hood Explosion, AE-11, Explosion Investigation Website Link

USS Mullany, DD-528, Official Website Link 

USS Mullinnix, DD-944, Website Link 

USS Nautilus, SSN-571 and the Navy Submarine Museum Website Link

USS Nimitz, CVN-68, Official Website Link  

USS Noxubee, AOG-56, Website Link 

USS Oakland, CL / CLAA-95, Website Link

USS O’Brien, DD-725, Unofficial Website Link

USS O'Kane, DDG-77, Website Link

USS Oklahoma City, CL-91 / CLG-5 / CG-5 / SSN-723, Website Link  

USS Olympia, C-6, Museum Website  ***  Oldest Steel Warship Afloat in the World!

USS Oriskany, CVA-34, Museum and Association Website Link  

USS Orleck, DD-886, Southeast Texas War Memorial & Heritage Foundation Website

USS Orleck, DD-886, Association Website Link 

USS Otter, DE-210, Website Link

USS Pampanito, SS-383, Website Link

USS Permit, SSN-594, Website Link

USS Robert E. Perry, FF-1073, Website Link

USS Peterson, DD-969, Website Link 

USS Philadelphia, CL-41, Website Link

USS James K. Polk, SSBN / SSN-645, Association Website Link 

USS Pollack, SSN-603, Website Link  

USS Preble, DLG-15 / DDG-46, Website Link

USS Providence, CL-82 / CLG-6 / SSN-719, Website Link

USS Pueblo, AGER-2, Official Website Link

USS Pueblo, AGER-2, Historical Website Link

USS Puffer, SS-268 / SSN-652, Website Link

USS Hugh Purvis, DD-709, Association Website Link  

USS Putnam, DD-757, Website Link

USS Queenfish, SS-393 / SSN-651, Website Link

USS Rainier, AE-5, Website Link

USS Ranger, CV-61, Memorial Website Link 
USS Ranger, CV-61, Crewman Website Link  

USS Rathburne, FF-1057, Website Link

USS Raton, SS-270, Website Link 

USS Reno, CL-96, Association Website Link 

USS Ronald Reagan, CVN-76, Official Website Link

USS Rich, DD / DDE-820, Website Link

USS BonHomme Richard, CV / CVA-31 and LPD-6, Association Website Link  

USS BonHomme Richard, LHD-6, Website Link

USS Rival, MSO-468, Website Link

USS Samuel B. Roberts, DE-413, Association Website Link

USS Samuel B. Roberts, FFG-58, Website Link

USS Francis M. Robinson, DE-220, Website Link  

USS Rocky Mount, AGC-3, Website Link

USS Rooks, DD-804, Website Link

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, CV-42, Reunion Website Link  

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, DDG-80, Official Website Link 

USS Theodore Roosevelt, CVN-71, Official Website Link  

USS William R. Rush, DD / DDR-714, Association Website Link 

USS Rushmore, LSD-47, Website Link

USS Saipan, CVL-48, Website Link

USS Salem, CA-139, and the US Naval & Shipbuilding Museum Website Link

USS Salt Lake City, SSN-716, Website Link

USS Sanctuary, AH-17, Hospital Ship Website Link

USS San Jacinto, CVL-30, Website Link

USS San Juan, CL-54, Association Website Link  

USS Saratoga, CV-3, CVA / CV-60 Association Website Link

USS Saratoga, CV-60, Museum Foundation, Inc, Website Link

USS Saufley, DD-465, Website Link

USS Savannah, AOR-4, Website Link 

USS Scorpion, SS-278 / SSN-589, Alumni Website Link  

USS Scorpion, SSN-589, Memorial Website Link  

USS Scorpion, SSN-589, Investigation Website Link

USS Sea Fox, SS-402, Website Link

USS Sea Robin, SS-407, Website Link

USS Sea Owl, SS-405, Website Link 

USS Seahorse, SS-304 / SSN-669, Website Link

USS Sealion, SS-315, Website Link  ***  Only U.S. Sub credited with sinking a Japanese Battleship!

USS Seawolf, SS-197 / SSN-575, Crew Site Link

USS Shangri-La, CVA-38, Historical Website Link  

USS Shangri-La, CV / CVA / CVS-38, Reunion Site Association Website Link

USS Forrest Sherman, DD-931, Unofficial Website Link

USS Shiloh, CG-67, Website Link 

USS Silversides, SS-236, Great Lakes Naval Memorial Museum Website Link

USS Sims, DD-409, Website Link 

USS Slater, DE-766, Destroyer Escort Museum Website Link  ***  Last DE still afloat in the U.S.!

USS Somers, DD-947 / DDG-34, Website Link

USS Spokane, CL / CLAA-120, Website Link  

USS Springer, SS-414, Website Link  

USS John C. Stennis, CVN-74, Official Website Link

USS Sterett, DLG-31 / CG-31 / DD-407 / DD-27, Association Website Link 

USS Stickell, DD-888, Website Link 

USS Allen M. Sumner, DD-692, Website Link

USS Tabberer, DE-418, Website Link 

USS Talbot, DEG-4 / FFG-4, Website Link

USS Talbot, DEG / FFG-4, Association Website Link  

USS Tang, SS-306 / SS-563, Website Link  

USS Tecumseh, SSBN-628, Website Link  

USS Texas, CGN-39, Veterans Association Website Link  

USS The Sullivans, DD-537, Website Link  

USS The Sullivans, DDG-68, Official Website Link  

USS Thomaston, LSD-28, Website Link 

USS Thresher, SSN-593, Website Link   
USS Thresher, SSN-593, Memorial Website Link 

USS Ticonderoga, CV / CVA / CVS-14, Veterans Association Website Link  

USS Ticonderoga, CG-47, Veterans Website Link  

USS Topeka, CLG-8, Website Link 

USS Torsk, SS-423, Baltimore Museum Website Link

USS Towers, DDG-9, Website Link

USS Triton, SS-201, The Silent Service Website Link 

USS Harry S. Truman, CVN-75, Official Website Link  

USS Truxton, CGN-35, Website Link

USS Truxton, CGN-35, Crewman Farewell Website Link

USS Henry W Tucker, DD-875, Website Link 

USS Tucson, CL / CLAA-98, Website Link  

USS Turner, DD / DDR-834, Association Website  

USS Underhill, DE-682, Official Website Link 

USS Carl Vinson, CVN-70, Official Website Link  

USS Virginia, CGN-38, Navy Vets Website Link  

USS Waddell, DDG-24, Website Link 

USS Wahoo, SS-238, Website Link

USS Wahoo, SS-565, Website Link

USS Waller, DD / DDE-466, Website Link 

USS George Washington, CVN-73, Official Website Link  

USS George Washington, CVN-73, Website Link 

USS George Washington, SSBN-598, Website Link 

USS Wasp, CV / CVA / CVS-18, Website Link 

USS Whitehurst, DE-634, Website Link  ***  Movie Star, ship used in the film "The Enemy Below"!

USS Curtis Wilbur, DDG-54, Crew Website Link

USS Robert L. Wilson, DD-847, Website Link  

USS Wintle, DE-25, Website Link

USS William M. Wood, DD-715, Website Link 

USS Worchester, CL-144, Association Website Link 

USS YMS-425, Wooden Hull Motor Minesweeper Information Website Link

USS Yorktown, CV-5, Tribute Website Link 

USS Yorktown, CV-5 / CV-10, Crewman's Website Link

USS Yorktown, CV-10, Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum Website Link

USS Yorktown, CV-10, The Fighting Lady Website Link

USS Yorktown, CV-10 / CG-48, Association Website Link  

USS Zellars, DD-777, Website Link

Navy Related Sites (Listed Alphabetically)

Adams Class Veterans Association, Organization trying to Preserve the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2)

Bath Iron Works, Many Great Warships Built Here, Official Website Link

Bath Iron Works, Unofficial Website Link

Benson-Livermore Class Destroyers, Dedicated to 97 Fighting Tin Cans of World War II, Website Link
Boomer Sailors Network, Website Link 

Bottom Guns and Targets, Extensive Submarine / Nuclear Ship Links, Website Link

Destroyer Escort Sailors Association (DESA), Website Link  
DestroyersOnline, Website Link  

Destroyers, Tin Can Sailors, National Association, Website Link

DE / DR Website, Extensive Ship Links, Website Link  
Dictionary of American Fighting Ships, Website Link  
Federation of American Scientists (FAS) Military Analysis Network, Website Link, World War II Fleet Submarine Website Link  
Gearing Class Destroyer Page, Website Link  
Gunther's U.S. Navy Ships, Website Link  

Haze Gray and Underway, Extensive Warship Links, Website Link

Higgins Boat Project and D-Day Museum, Website Link

Historic Naval Ships Visitors Guide, Website Link

History and Parts of the Submarine, Website Link  ***  This link was discovered by Meagan, a student from the Pine Mountain Central School District.  Her teacher, Mrs. DiCaprio, sent it to  me and I think it makes a great addition to this list.  Thanks Megan, and hello to everyone in Mrs. DiCaprio's class.  The school year is almost over, I hope you all have a great Summer!

Kings Bay Web Site, Extensive Info and Links to active Subs, Website Link - Navy History, Website Link

NavSource Photo Archives Main Index, Website Link  

New York Shipyard, Camden N.J., Many Great Warships Built Here, Historical Website Link  

World War II PT Boats, Bases & Tenders, Website Link

Save an MSO - Website Dedicated to procuring & preserving a WW-II era Mine Sweeper, Great Site!

Smith's Master Index to World Wide Maritime Museums, Website Link 

Steel Navy, Lots of great photos, Ship Model Website 

Submarine Central, Website Link

Submarine Fast Attack and Fleet Ballistic Submarines, Website Link

Submarine World Network, Website Link  

The Goat Locker, Website Link 
The Light Carrier Historical Project, Website Link  
Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club - Blue Water Navy - Ready Power For Peace - Links to Vietnam Era Ship Sites   

Unofficial U.S. Navy Site, Extensive information on Navy Ships, Website Link 

US Naval Academy Museum, Website Link

US Naval Historical Center, Website Link

US Naval Institute, Website Link 

US Naval Ships Registry, Website Link

US Naval & Maritime Museums, Website Link

 US Naval Museum, Washington, D.C., Website Link

US Navy Memorial Foundation, Website Link

US Navy Cruiser Sailors Association, Inc., Website Link

US Navy Official Website - Navy Fleet Status - News - Pictures, Website Link

US Navy Ships, 1940-1945, Website Link

US Navy Submarines, 1940-1945, Website Link 

US Submarine Veterans, Inc., Website Link 

U-Boats Online, Website Link

U-505 Type-IXc U-boat, Chicago Museum Website Link, Website Link

World War II Cruiser Operations, Website Link



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