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CMDCM David Dearie
Murrieta, CA  92563

Served on Big J from Dec 1986 - March 1989 in the OC Division.  Arrived as RMSN and departed as RM2. Earned my SW pin before I departed. Great memories and life-long friends. Completing 30 years of service next week.  Thanks to all who served and left their sweat and memories on the decks of this great ship.


Richard C. Wright
2208 W Claude St.
Compton, CA  90220

Served onboard the USS New Jersey from 1986 - 1989. One of the highlights of me being on board was the West-Pac and crossing the equator. Great time met great shipmates of whom I still talk to and hear from today. Go 6th Division.

Larry Upchurch, E3/BT

1422 Pontius Rd.
Circleville, OH  43113

Onboard January 1969 to June 1969. I enjoyed the information. We would cook meat in #8 boiler mud drum cover and the fire room would have the sweet smell of cooked meat when we fired up the boiler.

Robert E. Dykes
1840 Sunrise Dr.
Jacksonville, FL  32216

My brother, Robert E. Dykes was on the New Jersey back in WWII. Looking for any information on him his name is Bobby Dikes. I want to say this to anyone that knew him, please come forward about him ok, thank you... For Bobby is my oldest brother. He is in his last stages of Alzheimers... Please say a prayer for him. I'll leave my home phone number on here for any of you all can call me... (606) 374-4899... He sure did love that ship... He was invited back to go on the last cruise they had for open house. Please get back with me.... Thanks, may god richly bless each and every one of you that served on as wonderful a ship as the Jersey ever was.

Chuck Hobbs
7603 Windsbury Circle
Manlius, NY  13104

Was onboard up until the ship went into dry dock before decom. FC3. SKY1. Helped design firing cables for New Jersey's final gunshot, which was a full salvo of 5" gunfire, as the 16" guns were under moratorium. Volunteered to take orders to USS Missouri and Desert Storm. Those 2 ships were and still are the finest of any fleet EVER.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hi there. Simply just planned to request a simple dilemma.


Marty Roethler
, CA


I was a reserve MR during Lebanon... Looking for MR1 David Curry... Thank you for this website...

Edwin Quinones

I was in 2nd Div. from 1981 until 1985 as a BM2. The best time in my Navy career.

John Diehl

I’m a plank-owner and was a member of the re-commissioning crew for the Big J's Vietnam duty. I attended pre-commissioning training in San Diego from Jan - March '68 and returned to Philly for the April '68 re-commissioning ceremony.  From there it was on to Long Beach via the Panama Canal.  What a great experience! We were greeted by many cheering people along the way.

The USS New Jersey was absolutely the best duty station possible. I plan to see her again in the near future. I was in the 2nd Division deck force and had the #2 turret powder room as a powder handler and elevator operator for my battle station. Manning the phones was great because you could hear all of the chatter about what we were destroying.

Some of the great times aboard were the Bob Hope Christmas show, visiting Hawaii, Japan and Singapore. Can't remember any bad times except when we were on our way home and had to return to Yokuska because the USS Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans.

John M. Duffy OSC (SW/AW) USN Ret.
1009 Skyline St.
Calexico, CA  92231-4208

Served onboard the USS New Jersey in OI Division from 18 July 1984 through 18 December 1986. Made the Battleship Battle Group deployment in 1986. Made CPO once I left the battleship at CINCPACFLT Staff at Pearl Harbor, HI. Enjoyed the historical significance of the battleship.

John Hagen  MMC (SW) Ret.
Houston TX

I made the ribbon board that is on the wall at the museum for the 2002 reunion at the ship. I am glad it found a home. It took 4 months to make all of the ribbons. I drove from Houston Texas to deliver it.

George Wytko
Battle Creek, MI

My uncle George Wytko served on the New Jersey during WW II.  He was a Gunners Mate First Class. I have a copy of the ships War Log covering the period of Dec. 7 1942 - Sept. 16, 1945.  Is there crew from that period, still living, who might have known him?

BT3 James Womack
P.O. Box 2128/2010 W.  4th N.
St. Johns,  AZ  85936

Served on the USS New Jersey in #4 Fireroom as a BT (snipe) from 1983 through 1985. Served under Chief Deskins and later Chief Bench (Puss), when Deskins became our Senior Chief. My shipmates called me Geedunk. Rick Baker and I came aboard at the same time. Rick was assigned to #3 Fireroom under Chief O'Briant and later Chief Olsen when O'Briant became his Senior Chief. Traveled all around the world and great memories of Hawaii, the Philippines, Singapore, Thiland, Shellback Day and Panama. Suffered the loss of Chief Gorchinski in Beirut Lebanon. More great memories in Israel, France, and Spain. Didn't get off the ship in Egypt due to getting called back for gunfire support for the Marines in Lebanon. That was one of the most exciting times of my life. My dad rode with us on the Tiger Cruise from San Francisco to Long Beach. He loved the New Jersey. Anybody still out there:  Al Hall, Tom Chelius, Tom Fenske, Frank Rome, Butler, Slap! Dog, Andrews, Novotny, Mahosky, Jones and all the others?


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Robert Flynn
1612 Dupont Ave.

Morris, IL  60450

Onboard 1950 - 1951 in the 6th Division. Great ship and a great crew,   enjoyed my time on BB-62.

Glenn A. Van
201 Williams St.
Staunton, VA  24401

I went aboard Her in October of 1950 while she was still  in Bayonne, NJ I was assigned to (C) Division as a radio operator and helped take her to the Korean War zone where we stayed until December of 1951. We then returned to the states. In the summer of 1952 we took a midshipmen cruise to France, Portugal and back again to Gitmo. After further training we returned to Norfolk, VA in September of 1952. I was then discharged a RMN3.

I just want to say that this time period was very rewarding to me as it gave me the opportunity to serve my Country and to work with the very dedicated crew of The Jersey. I would love to communicate with those crew members who may remember me or was aboard Her during this time.

My Email address:

My Phone Number:  (540) 886-2526

It has been my pleasure to communicate with you and hope to hear from you and my OLD Shipmates.


John M. Duffy, CPO USN (Ret.)

1009 Skyline St.

Calexico, CA  92231

I served as an OS1/E-6 radarman aboard the USS New Jersey from 18 JUL 1984 to December 1986 in OI Division and made the first battleship battle group deployment to the Western Pacific aboard the battleship. From there I was transferred to CINCPACFLT, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where I was promoted to Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. Also served on the Intelligence Collection, Snoopy Team, while onboard the battleship.

SN Stan (Andy) Andrews

3201 Highway 39
Somerset, KY  42503

Onboard March 1968, Ship Training was in San Diego, CA Jan - March 1968.  5th Division, BM, worked as the EO Orderly the entire time onboard. Combat Duty was 5 inch loader starboard side, 1st gun mount. From Bloomfield, NJ.  Departed on arrival from Vietnam going back in country VN @ Danang.

Kelvin Terrell
8355 Crestway Dr.
San Antonio, TX  78109

Great warship really do miss her, Radioman rule.

BM3 John Belanga
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Boatswains mates rule, anyone ever hear from Steve Brinklel? Last known in Florida, he was a great friend.


Francisco (Frank) Verzosa


Reported aboard USS NEW JERSEY BB-62 September, 1968, S5 Division, Wardroom Pantryman, leading petty officer, third class. l served onboard the battleship until the decommissioning on 1969. This was my best ever sea duty in my Navy career. The crew (we) loved our commanding officer, Captain J. EDWARD SNYDER, JR (a human being). During my tour of duty cooking for the officers primarily, I also prepared foods for the U.S. Marines coming aboard from the shores of Vietnam for short rest and recreation during combat operations against the enemy, from September 17, 1968 to April 2, 1969. Bob Hope, with Ann Margaret and the USO Tour visited the battleship. The magic moment was that from the time Ann Margaret was heloed onboard to the time she left the ship her perfume lingered around for days. O LA LA.


BMSN Richard Conner


I was on the Jersey from ‘89 thru Feb ‘91. One of the last crew members of 5th Division to walk off it's plank and part of the decommissioning crew. My shipmates called me Detroit and I was a part of the New Jersey flag football team that took the base trophy for Capt. Tucker. I really miss my shipmates we had a great time. Please e-mail me at

Kelvin Thornton

Tallahassee, FL

BTFN Number 3 Fireroom. Chief O'Brien's crew 1982 to 1985. Special sea and anchor detail... Most formative and exciting years of our lives... Time has recorded us in its stellar history... Effervescent pride…

Dan O'Brien
16 Meggison Ln.

Holyoke, MA   01040

I was in A Battery 1st Battalion 83rd Artillery, 8 in. and 177mm howitzers in the A Shau Valley January ‘69 to September ‘69.  One quiet night we heard this noise over the jungle canopy that sounded like a train.  The railroad tracks were near Highway One 30 miles east. FDC reported the New Jersey was firing in to Laos.  The ships FDC was only taking letter grids and no number coordinates from the forward observer. We were shortly after March ordered from Fire Base Cannon as we had visitors on the way. Only your 16 in. guns could make bigger holes than our 8 in. howitzers [excluding air power] Thanks for your help in putting in a full cellar on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.  It took weeks to clear all the metal debris from the trail while we concentrated on DONG AP BIA [Hamburger Hill]. From a fellow GUN BUNNY - 101 AIRBORNE DIVISION ARTILLERY XXIV CORPS.

Kelly Parker BT

With sad news a past crew member, BT2 Robert Harris, was shot and killed in Columbus, OH on 2/16/2014. In the past several years he had fallen on hard times and as of today 2/25/2014 he has not had final services and still lays in the morgue. I do not know what but maybe as past crew members we can do something. I have personally never set up any kind of fund raiser but maybe someone on this site has. Possibly a small donation to a secured bank account from several of us can help his family bury him. I believe they have a certain amount of time before the county cremates him. If any knows how to do it I will make the 1st donation.

Calvin Fletcher
2127 Steves Ave.
San Antonio, TX  78210

I was in A Division 1986 - 1987 West Pac viewed a Russian helicopter off the fantail during steel beach picnic, loved that ship.

Anthony W. (Tony) Lovenguth
285 Empire Loop
Kalispell, MT  59901

I am a veteran of the USS New Jersey (1955-1957), and served as both a deck hand and a radioman until decommissioning in August 1957.  Would like to make contact with shipmates, and join a veteran's assoc.

Bob Dingman
1215 Old North Main St.
Laconia, NH  03246

The 28th Annual Reunion of the USS New Jersey Veterans, Inc. will be held at the Doubletree Hotel St. Louis, at Westport, 1973 Craigshire Road, St. Louis, MO 63146. The reunion will be held August 20 - 24, 2014. Information on the hotel accommodations, tours, dinners, etc. can be found at the organization website,  All former crewmembers of the USS New Jersey BB-62 are welcome to attend. For information on the reunion and the organization, please contact Bob Dingman, VP, USS New Jersey Veterans. (603) 528-4436.

Fred Andrews
East Concord, NY  14141

DC Workshop, Ship Emergency Repairs, 1950 - 1954.

BM3 John Belanga
314 West Eden St.
Kill Devil Hills, NC  27948

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In memory of my uncle Shipfitter 3/C John Fazzini 1926 - 2007, member American Legion Plymouth, Ohio. Link to pictures of him in the service.

Becky Puff

My father, Robert J. Westcott Sr., Plank Owner, USS New Jersey.  He is 91 years old and visits the ship as often as he can.  He was a Radioman.  Anyone interested in contacting him-please send me e-mail with information and I will make sure he gets it.  Thank you.

Michael Simondet
133 3rd Ave., SW, Apt. 102
Hutchinson, MN  55350

I was, and still am, BT2 Simondet down on Broadway Fuel Oil/Water Lab. I was there 4 years up to the last decommissioning. Permission to come aboard sir.

Alvin Ervin
7059 Rampart Way
Pensacola, F32505-3478

The Big J, what a ride. I believe she caused my hearing lost. Yes, I lost 60-65% of my hearing.

Eugenio A. Carbonel
7082 Woodbury Ct.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

Aboard in 1989 as Mess Specialist 1st Class (MS1) assigned as Captains Cook (Capt. Ron Tucker) proud to be a part of the decommissioning crew. Best sea duty I ever had.

Candido Manny Padilla
Lake Placid, FL 

1985 - 1989, #2 Engine Room, MM3 Padilla, Manny from NY. MMOW, I  enjoyed becoming a golden shell back, I can still remember that one Fatman with peanut butter, jelly and stuff on his belly, rubbing our faces onto it.  Remember, the boxing tournament, on the fantail while we were looking at Russia?  I love the Navy and the people I met there, it made me the man I am today, God Bless you all, Aye Aye, Sir!

Joseph G. Odya
5019 E. Wyoming Ave.
Las Vegas, NV  89142

In 1983, a bloody civil war was raging in Lebanon and U.S. naval forces were offshore to protect U.S. interests and U.S. Marines who had landed in the war-torn country. New Jersey began her fourth career with recommissioning at Long Beach, California on 28 Dec 1982. She was modernized as part of President Ronald Reagan’s 600-ship Navy she even had Tomahawk missiles, with a range of about 500 miles.

Jeffrey L. Zarr
6817 Scio Church Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI  48103

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Lenny Hummel
12 East Huxley Dr.
Lloyd Harbor, NY  11743

My Father Gene S. Hummel (Baltimore MD.) proudly served as a Pharmacist's Mate on the New Jersey during WW II. Our family surprised him with a visit to Camden and toured the ship for his 80th birthday. We will NEVER forget his smile as he was welcomed aboard. Dad passed on August 9, 2010.

Cliff Leo Priset
43 Glazer Dr.
Rochester, NY  14625

Onboard 1967 - 1969.  R Division, Damage Controlman 1st, Repair Locker 1.

Calvin Fletcher

I am sending out my phone number to any A division or crew boatsmate who remembers me falling into harbor in Korea. If it wasn't for the boat crew I wouldn't be here today. I loved the time onboard the New Jersey always remember WEST PAC fellow crew. (210) 322-7787, please feel free to call me.

Calvin Fletcher

I served onboard, made WEST PAC 86. I was assigned A Division as an Engineman. Does anyone remember Korea? When assigned boat engineer I fell in the bay and had it not been for the quick reactions of the boatsmate boat officer who rescued me I would not be here today. How can they get recognized? Thank you guys.

Bob Dingman
1215 Old North Main St.
Laconia, NH  03246

The 27th Annual Reunion of the USS New Jersey Veterans, Inc. will be held at the Holiday Inn, Virginia Beach/Norfolk Hotel Conference Center, 5655 Greenwich Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462. The reunion will be held September 1115, 2013. Information on the hotel accommodations, tours, dinners, etc. can be found at the organization website, All former crewmembers of the USS New Jersey BB-62 are welcome to attend. For information on the reunion and the organization, please contact Bob Dingman, VP, USS New Jersey Veterans. (603) 528-4436.

Janae Blake

I've recently been looking thru photo albums and have several photos taken July 4, 1951, I'd like to get them to the families of those they are of, and am asking a fee for them, to raise $ to save my home, any thoughts?

Francis Foley
4440 Nottingham  Way
Trenton, NJ  08690

Served on the USS Compton DD-705 Flag Ship for COMDESRON 12 with my brother and (3) three other sets of brothers after the death of the Sullivan brothers. Onboard 1951 - 1955 as a TM-3, GQ Station was Torpedo Mount Deck 1.

Normand Frechette
44 Milan Hill Rd.
Milan New Hampshire  03588

I was given a surprise trip to the Jersey upon my retirement by my children last week and ran into a shipmate that I have searched for the past 45 years! He happened to be there the same day that I was and it was a very emotional and happy reunion on my part. Have many questions that I would like to have answered and I am sure he has some of his also. What a great feeling - still floating on a cloud - was great to share the entire ship and have the tour guides to thank for this great reunion they put us together. Frenchy '68 - '69 turret 3.

George Hopwood
4530 E. Escondido Ave.
Mesa Arizona  85206

George Hopwood, 93, passed away May 28th 2013. Served onboard 1942 - 1946 as an Electricians Mate 1st Class.

Marcos Sierra
13723 Clark Ave.
Bellflower, CA  90706

Served '88 - '89, Division 5 Boatswains' Mate.  Add to mailing list.

Mike Jacobson

Served with the MARDET and recommissioned the Big J from 1982 - 1984. I worked with great Marines and Sailors alike.  What a team we were!  Semper Fi.

James Crowding, Jr.
416 W. Logan St., Apt B5
Norristown, PA  19401

Looking for any Pics or info on William Crowding that was stationed on the Battleship NJ during the Korean War.

Enrique J Maldonado

B Division, Viet Nam era nick name (Meat-Ball) question? Does anybody know exactly what battle ribbons were issued to the ship during the Viet Nam war era??

Ronnie H. Chavez

Castle Rock, C 80104

Served on USS New Jersey from Feb '86 - Oct '89.  BM2, 6th Division. Boat Coxswain for VADM DJ Katz (he was Captain/C.O. back then).  Would love to hear from any of my Shipmates.

BM3 Joseph E. Wade

5025 NW 15th Ave.
Miami, FL  33142

Looking for my fellow shipmates who served with me during my tour from 1988 - 1992. Need assistance from anyone who observed my sleep apnea, condition and would sign a statement that lists the various conditions or symptoms that I displayed loud snoring, stop breathing, falling asleep during conversations. This condition has truly damaged my life and my marriage and I need your assistance in getting the help that I need to hopefully regain a normal life if that is even possible. Thank you and God, bless us all.

Scott Welch

Served on the New Jersey in FM Division Aft Main Plot '85 - '86. Only on board about a year and got out just before they went on WestPac in 86. Ran the Mark VIII that controlled the 16 inch guns. I had a great time on board that ship.

Bob Munsey

35 Brompton, Ln.
Cincinnati, OH  45218

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Mickey Emery
Vevay, IN  47043

Served there from 4/90 to July 90 had to get a hardship discharge when my father fell ill. Miss the fun we had in radio central and the hard time you guys gave me. Where is the butthead that gave me that SGT. PUSH. I'm still mad about that, jokes a joke but still want a shot at the title, lol. It was all cool. Any RMs out there near Cincinnati look me up.

Ralph McQuade
P.O. Box 376
Elmer, NJ  08318

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MM3 Michael Morrissey
Manama, Bahrain

I never served on the New Jersey while she was commissioned, however I find that all of my success in my Navy career has been from when I was onboard her. I was a U.S. Navy Sea Cadet in the BB-62 Division from 2009 to 2011, before I left boot camp in the winter of 2011. I learned a lot while I was there, and met a lot of great people, in the program and those running the ship, especially a good friend who is no longer with us, Mr. Buff Moran. I thank y'all for keeping the ship alive, in more ways than one, and teaching people about the history of this great ship. Thank you very much.

Robert Keller
2810 Quince Ln.
Acworth, GA

Onboard January 1969 - decommissioning. Served in 3rd Division Fantail.

Bob Flynn
1612 Dupont Ave.
Morris, IL  60450

6th Division, 1950 - 1952. I'd like to hear from anybody in those divisions during that period.


Larry Wheeler
Longview, WA

Weapons Yeoman from 1989 - 1991. Member of the final decommissioning crew. Great Ship, Proud Tour

Armando G. Robles

740 W Elm St., #208
Phoenix,  AZ  85013

Great memories of the Big J.  I was part of the recommissioning crew in Long Beach CA and onboard till 1986. Hello to my shipmates from 6th Division.  What an honor to have been onboard with others during the Tomahawk launch, strong during Beirut, and entertained at Christmas time by Bob Hope, Ann Jillian, Brooke Shields, Cathy Lee Crosby, Vic Damone and George Kirby. Thank you for this site.

Thomas Harwood

BM3 Harwood, Commissioning Crew, 28 Dec 1982. Retired as a BM1 in 1996.

Tom Armstrong

EM3 1987 - 1990

Chris Fahy

I just spent the night on the ship for the Boy Scout encampment and it was so awesome. It is so fun to learn about all the battles that it was in. I can't wait to go back to the ship sometime soon!!!! I'm so fascinated with all of the history, guns and the crew that was onboard.

Tom Stephens
2443 Pinehurst Ct.
Discovery Bay, CA  94505

I served on the USS New Jersey from Feb. 1984 thru December 1987 in FM Division (big guns) and eventually was responsible for the Harpoon Missile System in GM Division. In addition to experiencing the end of the Beirut chapter, I had the opportunity to fire a missile at an old target sub, travel through the Panama Canal, and be a part of a WestPac.  Only four years on the ship, but what an experience!

Bob Flynn

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Jacqui Streicher
343 4th Ave. N.
Onalaska, WI  54650

LaJoyce Harmon DuPlayee born: 2/24/1894 might have served on the USS New Jersey in WWI. Is there a log to check this out. He was my grandfather and we are having trouble tracking his military record, yet I found a photo of this ship with all of it's speed, weight, etc. written under it.

Bob Dingman
(603) 528-4436

The 27th Annual Reunion of the USS New Jersey Veterans, Inc. will be held at the Holiday Inn, Virginia Beach/Norfolk Hotel Conference Center, 5655 Greenwich Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462. The reunion will be held September 11–15, 2013. Information on the hotel accommodations, tours, dinners, etc. can be found at the organization website, All former crewmembers of the USS New Jersey BB-62 are welcome to attend. For information on the reunion and the organization, please contact Bob Dingman, VP, USS New Jersey Veterans.

Jimmy Stranahan
Abington, MA

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James F. Kearns, LCDR USN (RET) LDO
1955 Abrico Dr., G7
Lutz, FL  33558

Onboard 1950 - 1952, GQ Station was Mount 57, 5" 38 Starboard side. It's been about ten year's since I last visited the ship. I plan to try again this Spring. Hope I can make it.

Alexei Schandl
Santa Barbara, CA

Served aboard New Jersey in FM Division as a main battery FC in '88 - '89. I worked in forward/aft gun plots and Spot 1 & 2 fire control radars. WestPac '88 deployment for Australia's bi-centennial is certainly one of my lifetime highlights.

Charles H Goodman II
5027 Arcadia Ave.
Omaha NE  68104-1333

I was stationed in Bayonne, NJ and she was in mothballs with another Battle Ship, Wisconsin.



Dale Burgener
Bremerton, WA  98312

I served aboard New Jersey in Vietnam. Was onboard 1968 - 1969. Sorry to see Captain Snyder passed away, he was a great man. Looking for former crewmates just to say hi.


Joe Carlton  RM1(SW) Ret.
Savage, MN

Served aboard the USS New Jersey from 1988 - 1989. I really enjoyed the Korea and Australia Port Visits. I did a Split Tour to a Frigate, USS Jarrett, and served with the USS Missouri Battle Group during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. A Shout out to RMC Ruffin. Thank You.


Mark Ingle

GMG2, Served from 1982 - 1985. G-1 Division. Turret 1 Center Gun Captain. Getting Old and thinking of all the great times I had on the BB.


Sergio Alonso
Miami, FL

Fun memories, Great friends, Awesome Ports of Call, best time in Naval Career, 1994 - 1997 - PN1(SW) Retired.


Jerome Wehner

Onboard 1985 - 1987, 1st Division, Turret 1 Center Gun Primerman.  Ret E-5. GMG2 from NAVIMFAC P.H.


Lauren Danielle Fletcher

Hello. I've been looking for my father for over 20 yrs. I'm looking for Daniel Alexander Depre Fletcher. All I know is he was from Orange, NJ and on the USS New Jersey. I was born August 15 1983 by Elaine Veronica Fisher, who was also in the Navy. Any info will help. Thank you.


John R. Leonard
8701 Belmont Ln.
Maringouin, LA  70757


Oneil F. (Blackie) Leonard Plank Owner; 20mm Port Side Gunners Mate 3rd Class 8th Division WWII 1943-1946. Passed away October 26, 2012. He was able to make this years reunion and saw some old shipmates and friends. He had a great time at the reunion and will miss his ship and shipmates.


Nicole Petrakis
, NY

Hello! I'm trying to see if there are any pics floating around of my grandfather Louis R. Palazzo. (Deceased) He sailed during WW II. I believe he was a gunner... Native of New York - originally from the Bronx, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Zack P. Lindsey
18 Deer Run Ct., Unit C
Halethorpe, MD  21227

Served on the great lady from Precom until just after our short 3 month shake down run lol, yea right 3 months my ass right. When pigs fly. Than when to the Wisconsin but still like the New Jersey the best. So please keep me informed of everything about her. I do want The Jerseyman, and I will pay any dues that need to be paid.


Rob Tripp

Former BT on board her. She was a Great Ship!!!  Learned a lot from her!!


Mark E. Brown
120 Franklin St.

Roseville, CA  95678

Permission to come aboard, sir.


ENC (SW) Joel Sermeno

Served on New Jersey from 1989 to 1990. I decommissioned her. Awesome ship. The Best Battleship in the NAVY hands down.


Ralph Veltre

Looking for old crew members, 5th Division 1968/1969. It's been a long time, drop a line. I'd like to see how you are doing. I know it's been a long time but you know how life is, we get into our lives and then we get up in age and start thinking about the good old days and old friends.


Kenneth H Williamson
15894 Woodingham Dr.
Detroit, MI  48238

Served onboard the recommissioning crew in the early 80's, BM2, 1st Division Turret #1. Enjoyed time served onboard.


Timothy Ward
29281 Oak Creek
Quail Valley  92587

My father-in-law, Anthony Iacono, was a Plankowner, and Gunner's Mate 1st Class in one of the port-side 5” guns during the Pacific War. His service on BB-62 is the source of great pride to him, and to his family.

JD Salling

Served from 1984 to 1988.

Sylla Pierre Edward
441 Marlberry Leaf Ave.
Kissimmee, FL  34758

Looking for shipmates of 6th Division between 1990 - 1991. Senior Chief Ferris and BM1 Smith's Department. Decommissioned the BB-62 Feb 8th 1991. Sad day.

Calvin Fletcher
2127 Steve Ave.
San Antonio, TX  78210

I served onboard 1986 as part of A Division. I was an Engineman responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of emergency diesel generators. I was Boat Engineman  during WESTPAC 86, loved that ship.

Leo Velerio

Looking for Snipes from 1950 to 1953 Engine Room #1.

Aaron L. Thompkins
144 Main Street #8
Norwalk, CT  06851

Hey shipmates this is HM2 Aaron L. Thompkins (Doc). I served on the Battleship from 1983 - 1986 and was a great experience. The Navy and Marines we bonded well especially with the long tour in Beirut as part of the Multi National Peacekeeping Force. I met some wonderful friends and if any of you guys from my era is around don't hesitate to drop me a line. Take care shipmates.

Robert Sharpe
Chapel Hill, NC

Dad always said, there was two Navys. There was the Battleship Navy and those other Sailors. Clete (n) Sharpe, EM1, RET. and Deceased 1992, 74. I am trying to find out when he served on Big J, my sister lost his records. Some pictures of his show a lot of the Med. Is there a place to find a year book? He gave the Navy 27 years, 1940 - 1967.

Laura Mullen
Tempe, AZ  85282

Your organization and volunteers have done a wonderful job of restoring the ship, and creating a great museum. Thanks for your hard work. I hope you can share your experience and lessons learned with the USS Iowa organization. It looks like they may be a little overwhelmed right now.


Timothy Flynn
6834 Magnolia
St Louis, MO  63143

Recommissiong crew 1981-1985, Signalman.

D. Petrone
Rhode Island

My brother Louis Petrone served on the N.J. in 1967-1968, he passed away in 1975. Does anyone remember him or have a story about him?

Ulysses Cook
Hull Tech -1985 - 1987
607 W 111th St.
Los Angeles, CA  90044

Please send links to archived information for the years 1985 - 1987.

Especially pictures.


Darrell M. Greenlee, IC2
6124 Clematis Dr.
Dayton, OH 

Plank Owner, 1968-1969. Aft IC, Damage Control 2, Special Sea Detail nickname Chipmunk. Completely rebuilt Pneumatic Valve Position Indicating System with several dedicated men from E, IC, M, R division, ...all while underway! (A task 3 shipyards had failed to accomplish!)

Jim Petrola
C Division - 1953 - 1955
255 Parker St
Houston, PA  15342

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Charles W. Gaines
Captains Talker - 1967 - 1969
1702 Abasco Ct.
The Villages, FL  32162

I was Captain Snyder's Yeoman. Also, I was the first enlisted man to report aboard for the pre-commission. Also Senior Chief for X Division. I was the only Ham Operator aboard and sent phone patch for the crew back to their love ones. My call sign was WA2EXO. Now it is WA4DZX. Retired 1 July 1974 with 29 years.

Donna Rozeck

I am curious if my father, George M Rozeck was a member of the crew of the USS New Jersey. I think he told me he was on this ship. Thank you.


Ernest Caltenback

Add to Mailing List.

Michael Missel
M Div./#2 Engine Room -
1988 -1991
16234 Placid Dr.
Whittier, CA  90604

Can not wait to see the boat again looking forward to seeing Broadway and #2 Engine Room.


Ronnie E. Duffin
U.S. Marines

Richmond, IN  47374

While serving in Vietnam this ship saved us. The North Vietnamese had got in the middle, on the left was the Viet Cong and the Marines were on the right. The North Vietnamese started firing on us. Someone noticed and we stopped and we then called New Jersey to lay down fire the middle their was just about 250 yards between us and the New Jersey blew the hell straight down the middle. I thanked the lord there was debris falling everywhere.

Michael Blanchard

My father, CWO2 Gary F. Blanchard, was the Main Engines Technician aboard BB-62 in 68-69. I was born in 1970 (he found out about the decommissioning while he was on his honeymoon - thanks SECNAV). My father passed away recently and I am putting some info about his career for his grandkids, most of whom will be too young to remember him.  Does anyone have any memories of working with CWO2 Blanchard they'd like to share for posterity?  Serving aboard the New Jersey was the highlight of his career and he was a proud Battleship Sailor!


Kelly Parker
Palmdale, CA


I wish I was going to the reunion maybe next year. As soon as someone finds out about 2013 please let me know. Has anyone been on the ship lately. The Iowa just came to Los Angeles and I plan on making aboard once it opens to the public on 7/7 I believe.

The parent of our shipmate that went missing in Naples in 1984 made a post. I have often thought and wondered what happened throughout the years, even when I tell some of my Navy stories, I mention it. Pretty sad.


James H. Shepardson

I'm proud to have served on the Bog J, I was in #1 engine room in 88 I met my wife in Sydney and live there. I have three wonderful daughters and happily married thank you Big J and God Bless the USA, kind regards.



George T. Logan, Jr.
Seaford, DE  19973

My father was on the BB-62 New Jersey from the Shakedown Cruise till six months after the conclusion of WWII.  He was a bugler, and during battle stations manned the 40MMs between the stacks and also the guns below the recon aircraft on the fantail. Unfortunately for me, I chose a rate that never sent me to sea, and the honor of being on a Super Battle Wagon, never happened for me.  Cheers to all of you Battle Wagon Sailors.............. I wish that I could have joined you.


Richard Lubniewski
4730 Alexander Dr.
Oxnard, CA  93033

Served on board USS New Jersey BB-62, from 19 Feb 1968 thru 23 June 1969. worked in Oil Lab; #2 Fireroom and in E-division during the Vietnam era. I was involved in the pre- commission at Philadelphia shipyard.

Laurie Allen
Orangevale, CA  95662

I have come to love Ms. J through my husband who served aboard her in '88-'89. I've never visited her, just her sister ship the USS Missouri. I hope to someday step on board and walk her hallowed halls. Thank you to all who have served aboard her and any other.

Roger Allen
9061 Golden Gate Ave.
Orangevale, CA  95662

Served as Fire Control Tech, June 17 '88  to Nov '89. Still love the big J.


John Cass
Wadsworth, NV

I had the pleasure of watching the New Jersey fire its 16-inch/50-caliber guns while serving near Chu Lai, Viet Nam sometime in November 1969. In my mind, I can still see the brilliant flashes that lit up the entire evening sky followed by the thundering booms. I vividly recall seeing and hearing the shells pass overhead… hard to miss a shell weighing over 2,000 pounds at a low trajectory. I can’t recall how many days the New Jersey sat off shore, nor how many rounds were fired, but I remember feeling glad I was not on the receiving end! Maybe you were on the New Jersey at that time. If so, I’d like to hear from you.


Leah Hoffman
Rouge River, OR  97537

My son, Robert L. Littlefield disappeared on shore leave, Naples, Italy in April of 1984.  Does anyone know anything????


Frank Jarnot

Served proudly 1982 - 1985, #4 engine room. MMCS (SW) retired.


Frank Jarnot

Served as part of the recommissioning 82 - 85, plank owner. LPO #4 engine room, retired 1996 MMCS (SW). Great tour of Duty!


Bill Scanlon
1025 Cornell Ave.
Drexel Hill. PA  19026

My father was on the Jersey from 5/4/1944 - 3/15/1946. He passed away with little reference to his experiences while in the service and the War. I do not want that legacy to be lost to my children and I am trying to piece it all together. I have sent away to Saint Louis for his military records but much of it was lost in the fire they had. I have been able to secure what I believe is an accurate history of the ships actions and medals. Some of the information I am missing is:

  • When overseas at that time where did the Jersey put into port?

  • What was it like?

  • His rank was F1c (EM) sv6 - what does all that mean?

  • He said that he fed shells and powder to the 5" guns during battle stations? Is there a way to verify what he did?

  • In the Army they have companies, battalions, etc.. that are affiliated with/adjoined. During his time where there Fleet groups/Task Forces, etc... that the Jersey was attached to?

  • VJ Day was 8/15/45 yet he was not discharged until 3/15/46. What did the Jersey crew do for 8 months?

I would appreciate your direction on whom, or where I can secure this information and am happy to share what I have been able to secure thus far. There is no detail to small at this point. Any WW II Veterans from the Jersey that may have served at the same time as my father I would love to speak with you.


Scott Sinclair CWO 4 Bos'n (RET)

At the time of the recommissioning I was a BM2 and like all the others I’m proud to say that I’m a Battle Ship Sailor. I served on board from 81 - 84 and was on the coast of Beirut Lebanon.

Kirk Kizzar
400 N. Idaho St.

I was stationed on her from 1989 to 1990 Long Beach, CA. I love this ship.

Ray Marinko
Bullhead City, AZ

Vietnam Tour '68 - '69 4th Division. You know, they say that scent triggers memory better than anything else. I was walking down an alley a while back and I duplicated that same smell EXACTLY as we went into Olongapo on liberty! Ahh, Subic Bay. Crossing that bridge and brown dirty water and walking down the street and the aroma of jitney exhaust and monkey meat (or whatever that was on a stick). Good times flashed QUICK in my head. I wish I could have bottled it and made a cologne out of it and send it to you guys! And how many of you guys, like me, got rid of all the photo's we took in the clubs with the girls cause we felt a little guilty keeping them when we got married? Yeah, probably half of us are divorced and wish we had them back. Love all you guys! Be well.

Rich Thrash, Site Webmaster

Greetings shipmates, I just want to pass on some very troubling news I've recently learned concerning the ships current financial situation and this is a place where a lot of visitors to this site end up. The bottom line is the ship is currently behind on paying bills that total in excess of $600,000.  For more details on efforts to make up this shortfall, or to see how you can donate to help, click Here.  A big part of our plan to raise the necessary cash rests in a Spring Fund Raising Campaign which was launched April 1st. This campaign features a cool battleship t-shirt, customized commemorative bricks in the pier, or wall plaques featuring an actual piece of teak decking removed from the ship during a recent restoration project. Please click on the link and learn more, and make a donation if you can.  All I can say is we are in a desperate situation and need to raise a huge amount of cash in a pretty short period of time.  If everyone who reads this makes a donation we would be well on our way.  Donate $25 and get a great battleship t-shirt, or donate $100 and put a customized brick in the pier or get a wall plaque featuring an authentic piece of the ships teak decking. If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me an e-mail. Please help if you can, and thanks in advance for your support!

Joe Lafferty

I was affiliated with the New Jersey on two occasions in 1965 - 1966 in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard as I served in the Reserve Fleet, we watched over her as she was in mothballs. When I was deployed to Vietnam and aboard the USS Hugh Purvis DD-709 we were assigned to the New Jersey to draw harassment fire from the enemy off the coast of North Vietnam. It was an honor to serve with her.

James Augustine
Cleveland, OH

Whats up snipes? I served onboard 1984-1987. #4 Fireroom. Does anybody know if Puss is still alive.

Bruce Biddinger
11003 Berry St.
Berrien Springs, MI  49103

I did not serve aboard the New Jersey.  I was a tin can sailor aboard the USS Edson (DD946) from September, 1970 to December, 1974 as a Fire Control Technician.  I did however, serve with one your past crew members that was aboard in the 1968 - 1970? era.  I am looking for a gunner's mate by the name of George Capra.  I think he was from New Jersey, if I remember right.  He served with me aboard the Edson before being discharged in 1973.  I was a little disappointed when I didn't see his name in the ship's log.  If anyone has heard from George, please have him e-mail me or call.  My phone # is (269) 471-9130 or my cell (269) 325-2629.

Tim Cutsforth
1641 West 2nd St.
Waterloo, I50701

I'm searching for any one from 6th Division from 1982 to 1985, all you battle worn Beirut roughnecks hope to hear from you soon.

Dave Nunnally
Ft Wayne, IN

I was on the Jersey from 1988 - 1990. I was in 1st Division and had the pleasure of driving the Big J for over 200 miles during our WestPac. If anyone has the cruise book or knows how we can purchase one can you please e-mail me. Also anyone who remembers also e-mail me.

Dave Nunnally
Ft Wayne, IN

Was anyone in from 1988 - 1991 and attended the last WestPac???

Marc Reynolds

My grandfather Victor Albano served on the New Jersey from May 23, 1943 until 1945.  He was a signalman.  He passed away in 1992.  I was too young then to ever get to hear about his time on board the New Jersey.

Robert D. Smith
622 Baldwin Rd.
Rockmart GA  30153

My father was on USS New Jersey during WW2 Robert Lee Smith and passed away ten years ago.

Barry Stevens  HM2 1/26 Marines

I was a U.S. Navy Corpsman at a fire base with the 26th Marines on Hai Van Pass. One night in late Dec '68 I was writing a letter with a candle on my cot when suddenly the sky lit up for at least 10 seconds, followed by a concussion blast that lifted my cot up throwing me and the candle in the air. Then I heard a whistling sound as a shell went over me. It continued for a few seconds. We later learned that the shell was fired by the New Jersey headed for the DMZ. You cannot believe how relieved I was that I was not on the receiving end. It was awesome!

Bill Lee Clabaugh
4 Ferncale Ln
Richmond, In  47375

Bill served on the New Jersey in 1943 to 1946, he was a gunner. He loved the ship and got to visit it in New Jersey in 2007. Bill died January 15th 2012.

Fred Andrews
PO Box # 1953
Bridge City, TX  77611

This is my second contact. Most of my shipmates have passed, so I welcome any e-mail from former shipmates of the 3rd; R Division aboard from 1950 to 1954 of the Korean War era. My health is great at 81 years of age; expect many more years. My E-mail is

Joe Cipolla
Abington, MA

My father, Joseph S. Cipolla, served on the New Jersey 1943 - 1945, from Quincy, MA.

John Warren Allen

I believe that my brother, Pharmacist Mate Calvin Hugh Allen was one of the three USS New Jersey sailors injured in the following action*. Does anyone have information? Thank you. *After the Battle of Leyte Gulf, USS New Jersey joined the carrier group to support the strikes on Luzon. The carrier group was attacked by kamikazes on October 27, 1944. While trying to fight off the attack, gunfire from the USS Intrepid hit and injured three USS New Jersey crew members.

Patrick Duffy
Charlotte, NC

Served in 5th Deck Division from 1988 to decommissioning.

Robby Clark
Meridian, MS

I first met that beautiful lady when I was assigned to her in 1985. I'll never forget how much in awe this Mississippi country boy was. I have always considered it an honor to have served with her and my shipmates in first division. I visited her again a couple of years ago. She was still beautiful but she had lost that gleam in her eye. I am thankful though to everyone involved in keeping her spirit alive and preserving this national treasure.

Calvin McGlothlin, RM3
50 Walls Ln.
Batesville, AR  72501

Served aboard the USS New Jersey BB-62 from 1985 - 1990. Radioman, would love to chat with friends I served with, send me an e-mail at

Terry Shaw
2041 Tenth St.
Port Neches, T 77651-3623

A-Div, Aft Emergency Diesel Generators, Vietnam Era.

BM1 SW Charles Brown, USN Ret.

Shipmates of BB-62, as you know by now BB-61 has her new home. The website is The staff plans to honor all U.S. Battleships so shipmates let’s get some of BB-62’s history to them. Oh -- remember USS New Jersey is an Iowa Class Battleship.   Smile - Fair Winds and Following Seas - Boats.


Charles W. Gaines, YNC (RET)
1702 Abasco Ct.
The Villages, F32162-3102

Reported aboard early 1967.  Assigned to Administration as Captain's Yeoman.  My GQ was Captain's talker.  On the way to Vietnam as a HAM Operator (WA2EXO) I ran phone patches for the crew back to their love ones.   While in Vietnam was able to fly in a helicopter into Vietnam.  Met Bob Hope and was the escort for the ladies.  Left the Jersey May 1969 for Recruiting duty at Jacksonville, FL and retired 1 July 1974 with 29 years.


Terry Esler

Served aboard 1968 - 1969 Vietnam. E Division IC. Wonderful ship & crew. Have been going to the reunions and have had the great pleasure to talk to Captain Snyder at the last reunion he was a wonderful man. Planning on attending 2012 at the ship.


Robert Larnard
19517 Jutland St. SW
, NY  98579

I went on a tour of the ship today. Thank you Richard for the calendar and the extra tour! You guys are going a great job! I really enjoyed it! I know it was an impossible job to keep her up with 2,000 of us, and whatever supplies we needed!

Tim Flynn

6834 Magnolia
St Louis, MO

After Seaman Apprenticeship Training in San Diego, I reported aboard in March/April of '82. Thank GOD for the YNCM in personnel, he said you got a 94 on your ASVAB, why didn't you pick an A school. I told him I didn't know what I wanted to do. He said I can't put you in deck with a score like that, how about communications? I asked him what that was, he said Radioman and Signalman, I said that will work. About 5 minutes later SMSN Friese came down and brought me up to the Signal Bridge where I met SM2 Blackman. That was it!! I was an SM from then on. Got out an SM1. I remember I couldn't wait to leave the Big J and once I was gone, I missed her. Reenlisted and went to shore duty as a brig guard. Left there and went to an LST in Virginia Beach. What a wakeup call the gator Navy was. My first day at quarters I was there in dungarees with military creases, spit shined boondockers, just your typical day on the Jersey. The other guys came to quarters with dungarees that looked like they slept in them. I was just standing there with my mouth hanging open. Needless to say since I checked on board as Signal Bridge LPO, beginning the next day, we were the BEST looking division at quarters. It actually spread around the Ops department after that. I never turned them into Battleship sailors, but they tried. Hope to make it to the ship one day and see her again.

Bob Dingman

The 26th USS New Jersey Veterans Reunion will be in Cherry Hill, NJ, Aug 8-12, 2012. The reunion will include spending Friday the 10th on the ship. Other tours will include Gettysburg Battlefield and Philadelphia Historic Sites and the new local casino. At the hotel, Wednesday evening is the Welcome Aboard Party and Saturday night is the Banquet. More information will be posted in the future. If you are not a member of the organization, please join and attend the 2012 reunion. The association website is and membership information is available there. The hotel is now accepting reservations. Call 1-877-889-1090. Mention the USS NJ Reunion.

Kenneth J. Snow
78 S. Spring Rd.
Mercer, PA  16137

Checkman #3 Fireroom on Special Sea and Anchor Detail on LPO BT1 Les Olson Top Watch. We were never coming home steak and lobster every Friday.



Henry Connor

Viet Nam Era.

Ray Showalter

I remember the day the New Jersey relieved us, a lowly destroyer. the USS Furse DD-882, we had just finished running the beach and firing our 5" guns at the targets that were spotted for us. To see and hear those 16" ball busters made one chill with pride knowing that she is the biggest warship on the water.


Frank Hewitt

Please add me to the mailing list.


Rhonda L. Noggle
Avon, IN


I am doing research for a photo book for my father-in-law, David Noggle, who served on the USS New Jersey during the late 1960s, Vietnam. He was in the 5th Division, 5" gun mount operations. I would love to hear from anyone who may remember him, and after Christmas, will have him sign himself up, so that others may contact him directly. Also interested in photos from '67 - '69 on the ship or during liberty. Thank you so much for having a great site that offers so much history.


Ralph (Butch) Griffis
8314 S. Atlee St.
Daleville, I47334

Upon transfer to the New Jersey, I awaited her first WestPac return, in Transit Barracks in Long Beach. While there, I watched the first lunar landing on TV.... this was an exciting time in history! She arrived a few days later.... I was amazed at her size! (my previous ship was an old tincan {DD 447})I spent the first month onboard getting lost trying to find my way around all the IC shops. When word came down we were heading for Bremerton WA instead of Vietnam, I think the whole crew was devastated.

John Warren MUC (ret)

Had the pleasure of hitching a ride for a few months as part of the SEVENTH Fleet Band in 1988 as part of the Australian leg of the WestPac cruise.  Wish I could do it again.

Francis Trask
148 South Main St.
Waterbury, VT  05676

I was an RM3 on the Vietnam Cruise. I have just retired and have been thinking about that time lately. After the New Jersey I was on a can back to the war. Strangely I can remember tons of details about the New Jersey but little about the can. That says something about that ship. Hope to visit with my son soon.


Kenneth Hawthorne
2A Amherst Rd.
, NJ  08759

I toured the ship a few months ago she still looks great. I wish I had the money to bring Broadway up for tours and or the time to lend as a volunteer. However i work six days a week 10 to 12 hour days. Oddly I am still serving our country at NAES Lakehurst Fuel Farm in support of new aircraft testing.


Jeffery Grom
300 Al Dr.
Belgrade  59714

My Dad. George Grom! How proud can I be. He was on the ship in Korea working the BIG GUNS and playing alto sax in the band. He never made the experience something to match or achieve but told me how scared he was when first arriving in Korea and having the 16 inch guns go off. Always proud, but never macho. He served well and strong and I love him more than he knows... He was known as The Boss; for his sax playing and was always proud to have served with his friends and shipmates. I salute you Dad and everyone else who has helped make this country great.... Let's keep the peace and democracy.

Dave Glow
24 Brookline St.
Pepperell, MA  01463

My uncle, Lewis Glow, was on the 16" guns in WW2 and Korea. I'd love to hear from anybody who might have sailed with him. God Bless the BB-62!

Larry Belcher

I was in 4th Division Deck, I took care of the 02 level starboard side, I am a plank owner but some sorry #$%^%$ stole mine along with many others. I remember my times Holy stoning the deck and pneumatic hammering bulkheads, to all who served thank you.

Larry Belcher

I was onboard in 1982-1984 it was a memorable time. I was 18 yrs old and I will never forget my mates.

Robb Smith
Chandler, AZ

Please add me to the mailing list.

Rick von Moos

1985 through 1988, Number 4 Fireroom.

Samuel Flener
PO. Box 141
South Carrollton, KY  42374

I served aboard the Mighty J from 1953 to 1955 and was in the Roger Division.. I would like to hear from anyone in that Division. I worked in the metalsmith shop working on locks and doors and ventilation. I go back aboard the New Jersey every April.  I go on a self-guided pass and can go anywhere I want to go. It is free. Anyone that would like to meet me there and go with me let me know.  I would like to see you again.

Javier Hinojos

I am BT2 Hinojos, served onboard from 88 - 91, in #2 Fireroom. If you are on Facebook, look for me under Javier Hinojos.  We have a page titled BB-62 BTs.  Contact me either on Facebook or at

Kelly Parker

Served on the ship from 1/82 until discharged in 9/85. Have some very fond memories. I still keep in touch with a few of the guys from M and B Divisions. I served in Fireroom #1.

Jerome Wehner

Back in '86, I was a deck seaman assigned to 1st Division where I overheard a gunner relaying to some slacker why it was so important that we do all the drills, training and exercises. He said that during 'Nam the ship got a call for fire on a open circuit with an obvious hot mike for someone to save his a.. cause Charlie was cutting up his little squadron of boats (on the river) and as he was talking another boat was sunk. He needed artillery right now! His reply was wait one, its on the way. Slightly confused by all the gunfire, he told the voice, I don't need a FAC, I need artillery on target R.F.N!!! And the voice said, it's on the way.  Upset that he thought that he was going to get aircraft, he was about to really chew the voice out when he heard a strange sound and the lights went out. When he woke up, his head was pounding, his hearing was gone and his boat was up on the rocks. After he got upright, he found out that his boat was not on the rocks, it was on the river bottom!!!  W.T.F!!! When he finally got to a hospital, he dug out his radio code book and tried to find out who was behind the strange call sign the voice gave him. No go, so he went to all the radio guys he could find and found out who it was that owned the voice. (three guesses and the first two don't count). The moral of the story is that we do all the training and crappy stuff to practice so when we are on the gun line and a call comes in, it's second nature and we give the best that we can because it's someone's a.. that is in need of a rescue. I've carried that story until one week ago when I looked up a riverine web-sight and relayed this story to the webmaster there, he could not confirm anything and said that it sounded like a bullshit story made up just to get us to work harder....until I looked up the river he suggested and found the Wikipedia about Oceanview.  Back in '68 they got NGFS with a naval unit but in early '69 the article specifically mentioned us using the 16's and the 5's in a 6 hour beat back of Charlie trying to overrun Oceanview. Wow!!! all at once it hit me again and in being somewhat of a Mythbusters fan the so called sea story went from a Busted straight to a Plausible!!! What I am hoping to get is a downright Confirmed from anyone who was there. Can anyone help a now retired rated gunner with a plausible story?

John Mitchell
205 19th St., NE
Canton, OH  44714

Served aboard New Jersey from 1982 - 84. OS2, OI Division. NGFS in Beirut. Would like to hear from any shipmates who served that long deployment. God bless!

D. Tracy Lane, EW1 (Ret)
1634 S. 7th St.

Mount Vernon, WA  98273-4941

Since Falkenstein piped up I better too. I was his replacement and got there after he left. LPO for what started out as the OW part of OI Division and left as one of the founding fathers of OZ Division - A Wizard of OZ :)

Served as LPO from about '84 to '90 thereabouts. Shoutout to all the CEC TAOs, CPOs and blueshirts I had the privilege to work with, and please e-mail or look me up on Facebook! Where's Joe Snowberger, Ruben Valadez and Larson at? Who's got my last cruisebook I paid for but didn't get? :)  Echo Whiskey One sends -out.

MA1 (SW) Timothy Kerofsky, USN Ret
1702 27th Ave.
Moline, IL  61265-5264

I was a boatswains mate third class with 3rd Division from January 1986 until April 18th, 1991. I really miss serving on her, she was the best and most historical ship I served on. I remember the fun on West Pac 1986, 1988, and 1989. The most beautiful country and probably my favorite in Asia was Singapore. The botanic gardens were very picturesque, the big mer-lion statue was neat to see, and the sky tram was fun to ride. I missed it when she was in Lebanon and she fired 286 rounds at the shores. I did get my opportunity to fire during the first gulf war however and that was fun to work the Left Lower Powder Door of Turret 3. She was a tough ship and there will never be another like her. I hope to visit her in New Jersey one day. My friends have been there with the sleep over tours. I just haven't had the opportunity to get back there. When I left the USS New Jersey BB-62 I furthered my Naval career and served in Sand Point Washington were I became a! BM2, Naval Culinary School in San Diego were I crossed over to MS then CS, the USS Richmond K. Turner CG-20 in Charleston SC, the PCU John C. Stennis CVN-74 in Norfolk VA, Shore Duty in Newport RI, the USS Belleauwood LHA-3 in San Diego CA were I made CS1 and crossed into the MAA rate, and then to Great Lakes where I went to rehab after getting injured. I retired with a medical discharge in May 2007.

Sam Cesario

Add to Mailing List.

Tom Arms
Louisville, KY

Pre-com San Diego shake down to Long Beach in 69 and there she sat! Got to board her and got a picture with her in front of forward 16 mount.  One of the most impressive sights I've seen. Happy to hear she's home and available for others to see, thanks brothers for your service!

Mike Hicks

My old man served in the MARDET from 82-84.  He thought that tour was one of the most rewarding in his career.  25 years later he was still wearing the scarlet and gold ship's hat.  It was very enjoyable reading more of other's experiences on this log.

Captain Ralph Onesti

I captain the Tug Jupiter which was reported to catch the first lines of the New Jersey. Is there anyone out there who can help verify?

Thank You!

George Gelada
2944 Santillana St.
Ponce, Puerto Rico  00728

Served in Jersey until decommissioning in Long Beach. I was a MM1 snipe out of #1 MMR.

Craig Stephen Smith
128 Valley View Terrace
Mission Viejo, CA  92692

Seems like yesterday in many ways. I reported aboard in April 1982, Pier 6 Long Beach Naval Station, just in time for the shakedown cruise that never seemed to end. The things I have seen as an OS on duty, and as a visitor to many different counties has always stayed with me. Remarkable. Out for now shipmates

Thomas William Whitehead

I spent from 1943 to 1945, October on the New Jersey. I am proud to be part of the ships history. I feel honored to have served with all the men aboard. I was fortunate to bring my family aboard for the recommissioning in Long Beach with president Ronald Reagan. It was nice to reconnect with former ship mates. The love of my life traveled across the country by train from Pennsylvania where she met me and were married in Bremerton Naval Yard by Chaplain Lamb, that was the happiest day of my life.

Jim McCullough

I was a Sgt in the Marine Detachment from about January 1952 until January 1954.

Theirn J. Scott, Jr.
105 Millennial Ct.
Lawrenceville   30045-7151

My father, Theirn J. Scott, Sr. served on the New Jersey as best I can determine from around August 1944 till the end of WWII.  He was a Seaman First Class and his battlestation was the port 40mm just forward of Turret 1.  He's now 85 with advanced dementia but a picture of this ship will all her crew still hangs on the wall of his bedroom.  My father is from Houma, LA.  He spoke Cajun French really well and met a fellow descendant of that Great and Noble Scheme, the expulsion of the French from L'acadie, a man from Rhode Island who spoke the same dialect of French.

I recall a family vacation in the early 1960's when we visited the USS Alabama in Mobile Bay.  His stories as we toured the ship and others as I grew up motivated me to join the Navy in 1969.  If any of his former shipmates remember him, I'd love to hear from you.

Richard White
556 Tremont St.
Taunton, MA 02780

1953 - 1954, 3rd Division, Turret 3, GM3.

Rocco J. Ranelle
330 S. 7th St., Unit 200
Las Vegas, NV  89101

Served from 1950 to 1952 was a Cook SN V6. I would like to find out how I can purchase a hat. Thank you (702) 689-6093.

Kevin Riley
1223 12th Ave.
Rockford, IL  61104

I spent my entire tour in Supply S-1 Division from 1981 to 1984.  SK1 Caufield was my LPO and SK1 London was Senior LPO.  I worked with the Cosal and screened supply chits. I spent the entire 11 month cruise aboard New Jersey never getting home till the ship left Beirut in May 1984.

Thomas Hollingsworth
8616 East 74th Terrace
Kansas City, MO  64133

Plankowner - 1945 - Served in M Division, Number 3 Engine Room Shaft Alley, Fireman First Class.

John Morgan

Standish, ME and Floral City, FL

Served during Vietnam era in '52.

No e-mail yet

BM1 SW Charles Brown USN Ret.
3216 Dakota
t. Louis,  MO  63111

Shipmates of BB-62, great news your sister ship BB-61 has been awarded to the Pacific Battleship Center. For more info go to their website at Also, more info is on the Iowa's website at, our password is operations. As you know a lot of us Iowa guys served in the Big J when she was deployed off Beirut.

Alvin Ervin
7059 Rampart Way
Pensacola, FL  32505-3478

Ordered to the USS New Jersey BB-62, after re-enlistment for (6) years at NAVRECSTA (Naval Receiving Station) Norfolk, VA, in July 1955. Made European tour with Midshipmen, 1955-56. My General Quarters Station, Mount 58 5" x 38, Spademan. First the projectile was loaded, then the powder case, then I would drop the spade behind, both projectile and power case.

Beetle Bailey
Moriarty  87035

Looking for anyone who in April or August '86 took part in the SINKEX, during which the New Jersey, sank the GRAYBACK sub, painted international orange, South China Sea, near Subic Bay.

Michael Verlingieri
3739 Westhampton Drive
Philadelphia, PA  19154

I'm signing this for my Dad.  He served on this ship from 1944 to 1945.  S1/2 Seamen First Class Michael Verlingieri.  I entered my email address on here because he doesn't have one.  Thanks.  Signed by his Daughter Joni.

BM3 Hilberto Caballer
Puerto Rico

Commissioned the ship in 1981, under President Reagan's term. Boatswain Mate 3rd Class, 3rd Division, Fly Deck Crew Member, Multi-national Peace Keeping Force, Beirut Lebanon.  5/38 Gun Captain Mount 56 Port Side side, nick name rapid fire. Best time of my life, very proud to be a Battleship Sailor, an experience that I'll never forget. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

43 Glazer Dr.
Rochester, NY  14625

Just visited our ship with 3 other Damage Controlmen from the Vietnam days. Great time but would like to find other DC's & Shipfitters as we want to meet again in 2012 in Philly.


Robert Dodson
4262 3rd Rd.
Bremen, IN  46516

I'm a plank owner of the USS New Jersey. I went aboard ship in 1943 in the Philadelphia Navy Yard and served as a Fire Controlman for the main battery during World War II.

Charles W. Bryer

I reported aboard in San Diego when it returned from Lebanon in '87 until '89. I was an HT1 in R Division. Would love to hear from my shipmates to swap old stories. I am very proud to say I'm a Battleship Sailor, and enjoyed my two years onboard The Big J. Someday I intend to attend a Reunion.

Chuck Noe
Corbin, KY

Served 1986 - 1989 OE Division.  Would love to hear from the gang.

Robert Weldon

Served as a Cook onboard USS Midway 1950 - 1953.

Walter Lyons
Brimley, MI  49715

Was on the Pre Commissioning unit right out of A school. S2 can do! Jersey Burgers for the win. Loved the Jersey, the barges, also the many great people. Two of my faves was MSCM Smith, and MACM Gambetta 1981 - 1985 Plankowner.

John E. Burd, Jr.

Add to Mailing List.

Anthony W. (Tony) Lovenguth
P.O. Box 1730
Havre, MT  59501

I served onboard as a Radioman from 1955 - 1957, and was part of the decommissioning crew through all phases of decomissioning in dry dock at Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY, next to the construction of the USS Independence CVA-62, and then to the Bayonne Naval Shipyard, NJ for the final phase and decommissioning ceremonies, 21 August 1957. After living on a floating barge in Bayonne for a couple of months awaiting reassignment, I finally received orders for my new assignment on board the destroyer, USS John C. Waldron, DD-699, DESRON 222, home port, Norfolk, VA. I'm a proud veteran crewmember of the USS New Jersey BB-62, and after having served over 20 years in the Navy, and the Air Force, with 13 months of combat in Vietnam, my two years on the Big J was the best duty I can remember.

Darrell J. Dudley
6307 29th Ave., SW
Seattle, WA  98126

I was on the Big J from 1983 to 1985, I was part of the recommissioning crew, I loved being on that beautiful ship. I was assigned to Turret 1, the best gun on the ship. I was a GMG at the time.

SMC (SW) John A. Altfeltis
8816 Estes St.
Westminster, CO  80021

My BELOVED ship! ... Vietnam War - 1968 - 1969 ... My prayers are still with the Skipper's family ... Captain (Admiral) Snyder was the very BEST C.O. the Navy will have ever placed in a command position ... We as his crew, loved him so very much ... Fair Winds, Following Seas, SMC John A. Altfeltis, USN-Retired.

Archie D. McKinnon, AOM 1/Class
199 East Washington Ave.

Chico, CA  95926

I was not a plank owner (second crew) we went aboard at the shipyard in Bremerton, WA - spent months at Osaka at anchor - Rode ship back to San Francisco and took my Discharge - The only action was when we spent time firing on Wake Island - one Jap round was near enough to splash water up on our port side - End of War - About how many of us old timers are left!!??

Charles Kesler
1812 Almond Rd.
Vineland, NJ  08360

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Oakland, CA  22042

Hello! Interesting Site!

Randall Dempsey
167 N. Almondell Way
The Woodlands  77354

My father, Richard Dempsey served aboard in WWII. I will be visiting the USS New Jersey in late July. Is there a way I can find where he specifically served aboard the ship? Thank you for any information you can provide.

Charles Cason
200 Sparrowhawk Lane
Evans, GA  30809

Please add me to the Mailing List.  I had two brothers who served onboard 1955 - 1957. James Cason and Earl Cason.

Ernie Nelson
San Bernardino, CA 92404

I came onboard The J just after recommissioning in May 1968, and left just before decommissioning in December 1969. I spent all my time as a Deck Ape in 2nd Division, Boatswain Mate, Turret 2. I remember BM1 Burgess - The Boss', and BM3 Bennett - Big Mouth. Also, don't forget BM2 Pineapple, the biggest guy I've ever known!

David Barthel
870 Woodland Hills
Robertsville, MO 63072

I served onboard in the 4th Division from 1968 - 1969.  I would be more than happy to hear from anyone onboard during this deployment. I went to school in San Diego prior to flying back to Philly, for the hard work and labor required while assisting the yard workers preparing for the recommissioning.

David Chavez
2483N 350W
Sunset, UT 84015

Served on BB-62 from 1984 - 1986. Assigned to A Division, MM2, worked as Hydraulic Work Center Supervisor (under Chief Hoffman), Aft-Steering, Forward Pump Rooms, Anchor Windlass, Boat Davits and all winches. Operated the Evaporators in Forward Diesel... 1984 as MM was assigned to Aft Diesel. I'd like to find some of the old crew, Chuck Sweeps, Davila Stans, Kenneth Carlton.  Time spent on her was my best years in the Navy... Broke my ankle on the Boat Davit... Got out on a medical in 1988... Also was Boat Office for the Captain's Gig...

Robin M Carithers
Wingate, NC  28174

I'm doing some research and trying to find my husband Terry Hoyt Carithers.  He was in Vietnam from around 1968 to 1971.  Thank you.  I had seen him on this site before but can't seem to find what he posted.

N. Zeigler

Add to Mailing List.

Gerald McGee
92 School St.
New London, CT  06320

Great job you're doing. I just found this site. I'm in Korea, yep, still at sea as a Merchant Mariner. I was one of the ships bakers and we were the best bakes in the U.S. Navy, on the greatest ship, can't beat that 67 - 69 start to finish. After all these years I got mail from one of my best friends, life is wonderful.  The crew was the greatest from Captain Snyder to the youngest seaman. God be with all Battleship sailors and the rest of our military families.

Gordon Moen
3947 S. Eagle Ln.
Spokane Valley, WA  99206

I served on the NJ from late 1945 thru July 1946. Fireman First in the B Division.

Donald Powell GMG1 (Ret)

I was just looking for some USS New Jersey Patches for my shadow box and found this site. I Served 1985 - 1989 in G-4 Division. I hope I get a chance for a road trip and take a tour, hope to see Mount 52 again.

Calvin Fletcher
11002 Ruidosa
San Antonio, TX  78214

I was a 3rd Class Engineman in A Division. I loved serving onboard Big J, best time in my Navy career!  I have my Battle E certificate, earned Battle E on WestPac, loved the Philippines. Well, take care y'all and thanks for my boat crew when I fell in the harbor in Inchon, they need to be recognized somehow for their quick reaction in pulling me onboard thanks, Bravo Zulu you guys.

William O. Walls, Sr.
9877 Private Road 3790
Quinlan, TX  75474

My dad, WO Sr., served proudly aboard her from its first launch in 1942 until 1945. He passed away this past August 2010. GM First Class Turret #1.

William Adler
Chicago Heights, IL 60411

My brother, Ralph Raymond Alder, served during the Vietnam campaign MM2. He died 3/17/2011 of heart failure. I know he loved his tour of duty and I remember the re-commissioning of this great ship. I was just a kid in high school. To all his former mates drop me am e-mail if you remember Ray. I'd love to hear about him and his time onboard.

Bob Dingman

The 25th Reunion of the USS New Jersey Veteran's Inc will be held at the Crowne Plaza, Hilton Head Island Beach Resort, Hilton Head, SC Sept 7-11, 2011. Look on the Association website for details

Nick Rasch
18310 Candice Dr.
Triangle, VA  22172

Presently, I'm the news editor for the Bounce and would like any and all the information possible.

Kenneth Wenzel Cpl USMC
1476 Corbin Dr.
Milford, OH  45150

I'm a former MarDet member from 1984 - 1986. One day I will bring my family and visit the museum. I would love to see her in person and bring some of the memories back from the back of my mind.

Stan McHawes
Oskaloosa, IA

I was stationed on the Big J from 1983 - 1985. I was in first and fourth Divisions. I'm looking for any of my shipmates that were there during that time as well. Please feel free to contact me.

Thomas J Cavanaugh
9646 1/2 Petite Ln.
Lakeside, CA  92040

Was part of the 4th recommissiong crew. 1982 - 1984. GMGC(SW) in G4 Division.

Gene Sinclair
6203 Buckhorn Rd.
Greensboro, NC  27410

I am interested in the time the New Jersey was in Vietnam. Thank you, Gene Sinclair.

Jeremiah Early

Received my orders for the Big J right out of Radar A school in fall of 67. All of my instructors (the salts) were envious. Precom detail in San Diego, then aboard with the yard birds in early 68. Big day at Commissioning, south through Norfolk, through the Canal to San Diego; finally on to Long Beach. I was trained in Naval Gun Fire Support (NGFS) in Coronado and never looked back. This is Onrush, ready over... Fire ... Shoot. This is a ship I will never forget!

Calvin Fletcher
11002 Ruidosa
San Antonio, TX  78214

I reported onboard the New Jersey when she came back from Beirut at Seal Beach. I was assigned to A Division.  I made WestPac 86, I was a Boat Engineer and always remember PI KoreaI lost my WestPac jacket and Cruise Book but working with BOSN MATES was the best.  Now in San Antonio, TX.

Bill Meredith
Rochester, NY  14612

Served aboard Big J from precommissioning, Vietnam, and decommissioning in Bremerton, WA. I was a YN3 for the Navigator and then worked in the Admin Office for the XO. It was an experience I'll never regret or forget. Now I serve as Vietnam Era Representative for

Michael Whitcomb
North Walpole, NH  03609

YN2, X Division, 1981 - 1983.

Daniel Fletcher
Long Beach, CA  90810

I was a MM2 stationed on the Big J from 1981 to 1986 in #3 Engine Room (Main Control).  Anyone from my hole send me an e-mail.

Samuel W. Valenza

Midshipman 3/c reporting... spent July, August aboard the Jersey... left Norfolk in tandem formation with the MO, and first day out had a drag race, all boilers on line, flank speed... felt like the fantail would fly off! We crossed the Atlantic in 5 days and inched up a Fiord not much wider than the ship to Oslo, Norway... spent 8 days there, then inside the Arctic Circle for maneuvers and a four-day storm that nearly wrecked the DDE's with us... dropped off the really sick sailors in Bermuda after tying up to a buoy in Portsmouth, England.  South to Gitmo and a couple of days trying to kill the seagulls on Vieques with the 16" guns... great cruise, I should have stayed in... been down to Camden several times, slept over twice w/grandkids (in the Chiefs' quarters)... there'll never be another like her... my BB-62 hat goes everywhere and often brings up great conversations with other old salts... this is a great site!

Brian Hall

I'm trying to find information on my grandfather, he was a gunners mate during Korea, his name was Hamilton Winter Hall.  If you have any information please e-mail me, I never got a chance to meet him and my father barely knew him.  Any stories would also be great.

Kevin D. Naeb

I was a sergeant onboard in 1982 during recommissioning in the Mardet. I have not seen the ship since 1983. I'm taking my daughter, son in law and grandson to see the ship sometime in 2011.

Robert Chapman

My father Sam W. Chapman TC1 was an original plank owner.  Served on the New Jersey from Dec. 1942 until Oct. 1944. If anyone remembers him please send me a email.


Douglas Fuchs

Baytown, T

Was FTG2, FA Division, 1967 - 1969. Proudest 3 years of my 9 year career.


Ted Nguyen

Santa Ana, CA

I served onboard the New Jersey from 1986 - 1990 in #1 Fireroom. Looking for old shipmates in B Division, hope everybody is doing well. Snipes rule the underworld!

Henry Horne
15481 Thomas Jefferson Hwy.
Pamplin, VA  23958

Sept 1967 - Feb 1969, BM3 Vietnam.


Arturo (Teez) Ortiz
P.O. Box 7068
La Verne, CA  91750

What's up old friends? I was part of the last crew, 1989 - 1991. I still remember when the Missouri took our glory or our opportunity the give the old girl one more ribbon for the Gulf War. Take care BB-62 shipmates. I will Never forget our leader Captain Tucker…

Don Gottwerth

56 Bowie Dr.
Whiting, NJ

My memories were in growing up in Newark. Every Armed Forces day in those years 0f 1954 thru 1957 my Newark friends and I would get a bus to Bayonne's Navy Yard to tour the ships and see what was in the drydock. There was, yes,  the USS New Jersey, the carriers that were in the wars, I remember the Destroyer Wasp that was struck and seriously damaged I believe in  Virginia and towed to Bayonne to be repaired... sitting there in the Atlantic Fleet's drydock in Bayonne. Great growing up memories, with an uncle that was a U.S. Army Major in the First Army that entered Berlin. He sent me German uniforms and helmets seized from warehouses, and I played Germans; with the back yard neighborhood kids. He sent over a huge Nazi flag, top material you could make drapes with. I was cautioned one time about displaying the flag that we might be bombed in Newark if planes spotted that flag in my 6-family neighborhood yards.  We had a nation united then.

Bobbiejo Weldon
664 West Manchester Rd.
Spring Lake, NC  28390

I am looking for any information about my father Robert Banks Weldon, Sr.

Alvin G. Ervin
7059 Rampart Way
Pensacola, FL  32505-3478

Ordered on board, July, 1955. Served until September, 1957. S-Division.

Mark Brewer
Fort Mohave, AZ

I served on board from 1988-1991. I made our famous West-Pac that included the great ports in Australia. I was an OS2 (ASAC) in OI Division. I think our final cruise was one of the best I had ever been on. The days I spent on The Jersey will always be some of the best memories I will ever have. I still brag about my time on that ship today. Does anybody remember when we got stuck in the Gulf because Iran threaten to sink us, so we waited for the USS Long Beach to escort us out. Good times had by all.

Doug Hinson MM2
193 Deer Island Rd.
Swansboro, NC  28584

Served aboard 1954 - 1957 Decommissioned in Bayonne 1957. Would like to hear from anyone serving in those years.

Ronald A. Mills

I was part of the last crew, PN1 Mills, during the decommissioning in Feb 1991. I would like to know if there is any info of the last crew. I turned the lights out!

Richard J White
556 Tremont St.
Taunton, MA  02780

3rd Division, Turret #3, 1953 - 1954.  I was looking for this website to try and find old shipmates.

Michael Nicholson
141 SW. Hummingbird Glen
Lake City, FL  32024

Hello Military Prat friends.  My Dad, Jim (Nick) Nicholson, served on the Battleship NJ from 1950/1953, Engineer and Gunner he was in the Navy for 23 years. I remember many places, but I need your help trying to find some of his old friends or old Duty Rosters. Thank you for your help and God Bless our Military for Freedom.

Thomas Larson
6565 Greil Rd.
Tomahawk, WI  54487

Spent three great years on the Big J, Oct '86 - Sep '89. Memories that will never be lost. Worked in S-1 Div. Haven't stepped foot on the ship since '89, but certainly looking forward to it.

Theodore Berry, Sr.
5553 Belmar Terrace
Philadelphia, PA  19143

Add to Mailing List.

Fred Andrews
P.O. Box 1953
Bridge City, TX  77611

I served on the Big J from November 1950 to June 1954, doing both tours. My duty was with the 3rd Division & Damage Control. Discharged, having made DC1 exam, this experience set me up for the rest of my life.  I am in very good health today & welcome e-mails from old shipmates.

Ron Chambers

PN2 Ron Chambers.  I served onboard from June 1982 - January 1985.  Did the PreCom, WestPac, Panama, Beirut tours.  I am a Plankowner and Shellback.  Wonderful and absolutely powerful ship.  Miss those days and the many members I served with.

Bob George
Pittsburgh, PA

I served aboard USS Springfield CLG-7 and like another Springfield Sailor has mentioned, I recall the USS New Jersey tied up across from us in Norfolk in 1968.  What a beautiful sight that was.  So inspiring, so powerful. So Proud.  I never forgot that.  Go Navy!

Libby Shearer
Tempe, AZ  85282

Hi I am interested in hearing from service men and women that served during the Vietnam War.  Especially at the time of the Bob Hope Christmas special with Ann Margret.  My brother Mark Shearer was one of the amazing soldiers that served our country.  Thank you all for your years of dedicated service.  I am so proud to be an American.

Joseph A. Dinell
5412 Mallory
Haltom City, TX  76117

USMC 1942 - 1945.

David Jennings
979 Manakin
Midlothian, VA  23113

My Mother, Catherine DeSales Corbett, was one of 2 WAVEs stationed on the New Jersey for 2 months before the ship was commissioned, as once it was commissioned, they were required to de-board. Their assignment was to classify all 1,200 men, and assign them to their duty stations. Mom is now 93, and is still cognizant of all the events and details of her assignment, which was even before she married. If you look at the New Jersey ships log book, the first one, you'll see two women, dead center, in the commissioning photo. My Mother is the taller of the two. We have the book, as well as an original commissioning photograph. She is very proud of her service to her country as a WAVE and had to leave because, even though she married, she became pregnant with my oldest brother, and at the time, the WAVES didn't allow expectant mothers on duty, married or not. A lot has changed since then, I'm sure you'll agree.

Mike McNulty

I was "the Battleship's" last DCA. I would like to get a copy of the ship's deck log, specifically the midwatch entry 01/01/69. I'm looking for the ships present list on that date, Yokosuka, Japan. Where can I get it?

James Carlin
Jacksonville, FL

My Dad served on this ship in the 50's and I just came across a book from his time of service. He passed away in 1977, so it was incredible to come across this recently. His name was James J. Carlin.

Walter A. Soboleff, Jr.
Juneau, AK

I'm looking for SN/BM3 Joseph M. Augusta, he was a deckape during Vietnam. He sure loved The Wagon. If you are out there Augie, give me a blast, Seaman Sob from the Parks.

David Posey
Meridian, ID  83646

Lebanon era. Just stopping by to say "hi".

SMC John A. Altfeltis
8816 Estes St.
Westminster, C
O  80021

Recently a "RARE" U.S. Ensign with a signed letter from our BELOVED SKIPPER, was placed on EBAY and went up for auction .. During the Vietnam War and the pre-commissioning days of the BIG J .. The American Battleship Association fought very hard, and was very instrumental in helping the BIG J become the only battleship, activated to support our boys in country with Naval Gun Fire Support (NGFS) .. In gratitude for the ABA's hard work, Captain Snyder sent the U.S. Ensign that was flown during our "FIRST" NGFS mission off the coast of Vietnam on November 30, 1968 .. As a Signalman, I was involved in sending this U.S. Ensign to the late, SMC David Graham who founded the ABA .. Attached to this historic ensign was a white tag that I signed confirming it was flown during this historic mission and the BIG J's involvement in her third war .. To view the auction, cut and paste this link.


I also have a website of RARE Military Zippos, that are ALL mint in the box that I would love for you to visit. The link is: www.navzip.jimdo.comI'd be "HONORED" if any of my former shipmates would sign my guestbook .. Fair Winds, Following Seas, John A. Altfeltis, Plankowner, USS New Jersey, 1968.

Jeffrey Combs

I was part of the recommissioning crew arriving in October 1981. Some of my best memories were aboard the Big J. I was a personnelman seaman (E-3) when I reported and we were slammed every Monday morning until we had a full compliment of sailors in January 1982. Remember the barges?? If anybody has contact with any of the sailors from this era please have them contact me. I would like to hear from them.

Todd Ingram
216 Southwood
New Caney, TX  77357

I served on this great ship from 89-91 (decommissioning). I was in M Division, Engine Room #3. I'm proud to say that I was part of the last crew to serve and sail on the last cruise she ever took. It was one of the best times of my life as a young man and it was on this ship were I became a man. I will never forget the memories and the men that I served with during that time period and I miss them all, what times we had. Any of the men that were serving with me in M Division at that time, I would love to hear from you.

Richard Bedard

I served from 68 - 69 in 4th Division as a deck ape. Met the ship in Norfolk, VA while loading ammo after she had just been recommissioned. Got off in Bremerton, WA just before decommissioning. Proud to have served. The memories will last me forever. Ah yes the Panama Canal, Long Beach, Hawaii, Yokosuka Japan, Subic Bay!! and of course the gun line in Vietnam.

Joe Berberich
7626 Ashe St.
Gloucester Point, VA  23062-2003

Crew of '68 - '69, was SHS3, S-3 Div.  Visited the ship in August 2010 and it was without a doubt the most moving experience - thanks to Ken Kersch who was an excellent guide and host while visiting with my wife and daughter.  Will have to go back real soon.  Best to all my buds from '68 - '69.  Let's get in touch.  SHS3 S-3 Div.

Pam Smedberg
Denver, CO  80211

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Wendell Singleton
P.O. Box 8
Howe, IN  46746

Love your website.  I've always loved old warships and really love this one.

Samuel Flener
South Carrollton, KY  42374

I served aboard this great ship 1953 to 1955.  I got aboard in Korean waters from the USS Manchester CL-83.  I was in the Roger Division, I worked on locks and doors and ventilation before air conditioning.  I can't believe how it has changed, hope to get aboard again on a self guided pass.  Hope to hear from some of my ship mates, I know a lot are dead now.

MM-3 Troy Leinaar
11403 Sprague Rd.
Delton, MI  49046

Served aboard in 1989 till decommissioning.  Served in M Division.  Would love to hear from old friends and shipmates.

Charles Owen
408 W. Doerr Path
Hernando, FL  34442

Joined the Navy in January 1943.  After Boot Camp I was sent to Philly in April and was assigned to the USS New Jersey.  While waiting to board the ship I was sent to gunnery school.  I can tell about helping build the ship because I stood fire watch for the welders.  I was also a plank owner assigned to the 6th Division and was on the 40mm guns, then transferred to the SS division and was there until January 1946.  I loved that ship because it took me to the South Pacific and brought me home safe with eleven Battle Stars.  I served with a group of great sailors.

Ray Marinko

Hey 4th Division Guys!  Still have memories of Subic?  Ah, good ole Olongapo City.  Pan Am's Club, good live bands.  Hello "Josie" (almost my wife) where ever you are!

Bob Dingman

Check out the many USS New Jersey Facebook pages and the USS New Jersey Veterans Association Facebook page.  Lots of former crewmembers are friends on Facebook.

Kelly Parker

I served aboard this ship from 1/82 - 9/85. Part of the recomissioning, Beirut, Panama France, Italy, Israel all of that. They were great times, would love to hear from some of the old BTs.  Kelly Parker, Fireroom #1.

Loni Brown
90 Sunflower Ln.
Spring Lake, NC  28390

My father served in the Korean War sometime in the early 1950s.  He died in 2008, his name was Robert Banks Weldon.  I have old Navy pictures but I would like to have a little bit more of his history.  I enjoyed hearing his stories but now that he is gone I would like to pass them on to his grand children, so I need to know a little more info if any can be found.

Kevin F. Montagna

Some of the best times in my life were spent on the Big, J 1982 thru 1985 OS3 Montagna, NGFS Team.

Maurice Hopewell
2093 Belmont Dr.
Lexington, KY  40516

My father George Thomas Hopewell, Jr. served aboard the USS New Jersey during the 1950s.  He now resides in Winchester, KY.

Chico, CA  95973

Served in the Electrical Division from 1988 - 1991... EM3 Lee.  Played for the New Jersey Jokers softball team, best times of my life.  GM Brad Buchannon just got a hold of me through this website, it was great talking about the old Joker days.  Anyone from E division or any other friends from those days please get a hold of me, I'd love to hear from ya... Dennis Richards, Keith Pritchard, Mick Ardabell, Mike Ulloa, Bowman, Chuck Griffen, Mike Reed, Eric Chenault, Tompkins, Brad Buchannon, Garcia, and a few others I can't remember their names off hand. Would love to have a New Jersey Joker reunion someday


Add to Mailing List.

Richard W. Mattson
1 East Buttonwood St.
Wenonah, NJ  08090

My father, Warren P. Mattson served as a Docent on the ship from 2002 until health issues slowed him down in the Summer of 2008.  He passed away on the evening of January 12, 2010 a few hours after his beloved wife, and my mother, Carolyn left us.

Thomas Adams
516 Lakeside Villa Dr.
Hampton, GA  30228

I served on BB-62 from 1988 - 1991 the final crew, also went on the last cruise.  I've missed this great ship, and a lot of friends.  I was a member of the M-Div.  I made Third Class Petty Officer.

Troy Ball

IC3/E-Div. onboard the USS New Jersey '86 - '89.  Great Times! 2 fantastic WestPacs.  Give me a shout.  On Facebook also.

John C. Lucas
Crystal City, MO  63019

Just passing through.

Norman (Wayne) Wright
Douglassville, TX  75560

#2 Fireroom 1989 until Decommissioned.

James Baca
East Los Angeles, CA  90022

GMG2 POIC Lower Powder Flats 1988 - 1989 Turret 2 16" Gunner.

Frank Coufalik

As a Navy Recruiter circa '75 to '83 I had the privilege to visit the New Jersey when it was active, and to display to the visitors the glory of my fellow seamen/heroes. God Bless.

Joseph Giunta

Add to Mailing List.

David E. Moore
24322 35 Ave. S
Kent WA  98032

Just went thru the Ships Log and found some names of shipmates I served with while in the Mar-Det, Cpl Finchl, L/Cpl Bendle and Andres Roman.  I was a Cpl of the Guard and Damage Control NCO from 1987 thru 1989.

Joe Dillon
525 Chippewa Ave
Palm Bay, FL  32907

What's happening shipmates?  I served on the recommissioning crew of the Big J from 1981 - 1985.  I was in the 3rd Division and had a great team of guys. Looking to hear from some of my old shipmates. Give me a shout!

Marty Roethler
4324 Morgan Ridge D.
Paradise CA,  95969

1984 Lebanon. I was a reserve, MR1... Riding the Battle Wagon was a life time dream that came true. In boot camp I put on my dream sheet I wanted to ride a BB and was laughed at and told they would never be on the high seas again. Well... thanks to President Ronald Reagan my dream came true. MR1 David W Curry Call me at (530) 533-0505 -- My boss. Only good memories. If you like talking haze gray, please call... Marty

Robert F. Randall

I served on the USS New Jersey in 1953 and was on board when the truce was signed in 1953 when we had been bombarding North Korea with fire from the 16-inch batteries. Later in early 2000s I published a book partly based on my experiences on board the battleship. The book is titled "Grand Tour" published by Today as I play golf on American courses with the many Korean golfers who have caught the bug I wonder how many of their grandparents or parents might have personally experienced the might of the Big J.

Bruce Dubisar

My father, George Dubisar, served during the Korea conflict. If you knew George and might have pictures from those days, please e-mail me. Thanks!

GMG2 James Baca
Los Angeles, CA

Turret 2 Gunners Mate, Golden Shellback 1988 - 1989.

Argemiro Ramirez
580 Fredericksburg St., SW
Palm Bay, FL  32908

I was a Boiler Tech Third Class from 1984 to 1987.  We went to WestPac, and I'm very proud to be part of it.  I never forget the great times I spent aboard.

Ray Soler

EM3 Ray Soler, Pre-commissioning crew, January '68 to March '69. Great crew in E Division (except for 1 person), otherwise, had a great time aboard and a great WestPac tour.

Tom Monroe

My father was stationed on the USS New Jersey during the Korean War.  He passed away many years ago, but my Mother is still alive.  I am trying to find information about medals he might have earned while he was in the service.

Mark R. Kotch
5740 Krause Rd.
Schnecksville, PA  18078-3205

I visited the New Jersey a couple of years ago.  Awesome ship!  I also toured the Missouri a year prior.  Between the two I received a well rounded view of the Iowa class ships.  I can not imagine what life aboard must have been like, especially during war time.  Hats off and sincere thanks to all veterans!

Robert Cohee

My father, Paul Robert Cohee, served in the Navy on this ship during the Korean War.  I'm not sure in what capacity or the exact time.  He passed in 2008 and I found myself looking for more information on his service.  To those who served, thank you.  It cannot be spoken enough, thank you.

Harold "Shakey" Wordsman
155 Cassata Ct.
West Babylon, NY  11704

Served in the Korean War, 1950 - 1951, EM3C.  Looking for Edward J. Wroblewski, EM3C.

Ken Leonard
1043 Diamond Ave.
Scranton, PA  18508

I retired from the Navy in 2000.  I was stationed on the Jersey from 1984 - 1986.  She was the greatest command I ever served under.  I had the time of my military life serving on her.  Take great care of her for me.  Thank you.

Kenneth W. Hawthorne
4 Ermine Ct.
Whiting, NJ  08759

I was a crew member from December 1981 to 1984.

Tom Bestland
510 14th North St.
New Ulm, MN  56703

Served on the Big J from 1986 - 1990 as a BT in #2 Fire Room, some of the best years of my life.

Gary Wilson

My dad is a plankowner.  He served from 1943 to 1945 in the 4th Division.  He is currently 88 years old.  He is referenced in the War Log as Where's Willie?  If any of you recall working with my dad he certainly would enjoy hearing from you.  Please e-mail me and I will see he gets your mail.

Donovan Dehn

Hello, I spent 4 great years on board Big J.  Met a lot of great people '85 - '89 as a MM, most of it in Main Control #3 Engine Room.  Would like to hear from some of the guys that I worked with.

JoAnn Pelliccio-Lindgren
9 Hixon Dr.
Burlington, NJ  08016-3918

My father, former Big J sailor needs some help, but first here's a short story for this blog site from our family to all of you...


My father was on the Big J for the end of WWII and Korea.  I grew up with stories and photos and my father's pride.  He still has a hard cover copy of the "Salvo".  He was on the Governor's boat welcoming the ship as she came up the Delaware to where she has been so lovingly restored.  I didn't expect the intense emotions I felt when I finally got to actually see her.  To say I was overwhelmed/overcome is an understatement.  What a day! To be with him as he stepped foot on her again for the first time in so many years.  To listen to him and watch him remember... 


Then, when we got to the ship's museum where there is a photo of the entire crew (Dad thinks its the only one ever taken)... my brother noticed the Captain's name and remembered it from the photo we had at home.  And sure enough, there was my Dad, right in the center of the photo on the wall of the museum!  If you happen to get there, you can't miss him... the photographer couldn't see him in the shot and asked him to stick his head out a little... so he is the one whose hat looks a little tilted, with the big smile on his face in the center of the photograph! 


My Dad has had hearing problems since being positioned right under the "big guns".  He was sent to the doctor on board and he knows there is a record of being treated.  He says they used to put cotton in their ears during firing.  Some of the cotton got stuck and traveled down his ear canal and needed to be removed by the doctor.  What he needs is a copy of that report.  The local VA says they can't find any records.  He needs help as his hearing has progressively gotten worse over the years and is now at its worst ever.  Can anyone help us locate those records?  Any help or information would be appreciated.  Thanks so much and happy Memorial Day to you all. Thank you for your service.

Larry W. Peer
4835 N. Warren Ave.
Fresno, CA  93705

4th recommissioning crew May '82 - April '85 FA Div.  What a wild 3 years THAT was!  Looking for Jeff Burley, Neil Fraites, and any other FA Div. pukes who have gotten lost over the years.  Find me on facebook or e-mail.  Smooth sailing shipmates!

Robert Miller

I liked your site.

Joseph S. Moreno
4705 White Dawn St.
Las Vegas, NV  89130

Served on ship 1950 - 1952.

C. Battle

Just wanted to say high to all you ship mates.  I served on her from around 1986 to 1989.

Ernest A. Landry, S.N.
71 Water St.
Lancaster, NH  03584

I served aboard the Jersey in 1953 - 1954.  I was in the second Division.   She was a great ship and I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve my country in Korea aboard such a great ship.

Paul Wyatt
374 Stallworth Ct.
Elsmere, KY  41018

My father served on the original crew of the Jersey and I always liked hearing all of his stories of all the battles she was in and how she was a pivotal part of the war in the Pacific.

Rick Black
614 5th St., N.E.
Montgomery, MN  56069-1415

Add to Mailing List.

Robert Michael Duke
3365 Fackler Rd.
Webster, KY  40176

Served onboard in 1969, would like to find photos of Navy pictures and reconnect with shipmates.

Ted Nguyen
Santa Ana, CA

Served onboard New Jersey from 1986 - 1990 as a Boiler Tech in #1 Boiler Room.  Hope to reconnect with friends from B Division.

Stephen Leftwich
1012 Pleasant Valley Rd.
Chapmansboro, TN  37035

PAO/Editor of the Jerseyman 1982 - 1985.  Walk tall, carry a big stick.

Billy Baxter
350 West 55th St., 3A
New York, NY  10019

I was 17 years old... assigned to the N Division...  On May 23, 1943 I raised the commission pennant during the commissioning ceremonies.  After shakedowns and a few battles in the South Pacific, at Kwalalien I was transferred to OCS in the states via the Washington, which lost 70 feet of the bow.  I went to Union and Holy Cross College, the rest is history.  I am now 84 years old.

Robert B. Lennon
918 Potomac Dr.
Wilmington, NC  28411

Served on the Big J 4/54 to 12/55, wouldn't take anything for the experience.

Johnny Prather

To all, I happened on this site while in a NAVFAC search.  I was a sailor (snipe) in the Vietnam era on Gridley DLG-21, after that I became a yard bird at Long Beach Naval Shipyard.  I did a lot of work in the Big J's engineering spaces.  I worked her Main Engines to her Props, Ships Whistle to her Sea Valves.  Before she was turned over to the Navy on her fourth recommissioning I steamed her from the #1 engine room.  With that being said, I may have come across a few of you that were there during that time in the yard.  She was the best ship I ever worked on, of course the Mo was in the yard at the same time.  I've worked a number of ships but those two I was proud to have been on.

Scott Henson
1565 Dutch Hollow Dr.
Frisco, TX  75034

Hello all former shipmates - just had someone forward the log to me and spent most of the last hour reading all of the log entries and really just love the fact that this ship is still so revered by everyone who served onboard.  Looks like we all agree that it was at least our best times in the Navy, if not our lives.  Thanks to all who have served, and take care.  Scott Henson, former PN1 (SW) onboard BB-62 from 1986 - 1991.

Harold Bulgach
Coconut Creek, FL  33066

I was a U.S. Marine Corporal with the original crew that boarded the NJ on Sunday, May 23, 1943 as part of the original crew which was the day it was put into commission.  I was Anti-Aircraft Gun Captain on Port Side 40mm and 20mm anti-aircraft guns.

David E. Moore
24322 35 Ave., S.
Kent, WA  98032-2870

I was part of the Mar-Det from '87 thru '89.  I was a Corporal of the Guard, and the Damage Control NCO.  GySgt Brown was our Guard Chief at the time.

Juan Espanta

Served as a MS from 1987 until her last day in Long Beach in 1991.  I'm looking for friends who served with me in the Galley.  I am now CSC(SW) retired and sill willing to communicate with friends from my most beloved battleship.

William A. Patterson
Albuquerque, NM  87110

My father was Chief Petty Officer William A. Patterson, WWII and Korea.  Anyone who served with him during those years let me know.  Thank you.

Andrew Adams
3200 Susan Circle W.
Ingleside, TX  78362

Onboard from 1951 to 1952 in Roger Division as a Damage Controlman 3rd Class.  I just turned 82, still in good health.  Now living in South Texas, my home state.  When on the Big J it was Marshall, NC.  I stay in contact with a few Jersey sailors from the Korean conflict, my bro Cornelius Adams still in the mountains of North Carolina, Fred Andrews who runs a Vets Memorial in Bridge City, TX and Rowland Gilbert up in Maine.  I sure would like hearing from any and all Jersey Crewman.  One other friend I get an Xmas card from Edward J. Murphy in Mystic, CT.  Let's all say a prayer for all of the Vets from all wars and our men and women who are doing a Hell of a Job Today!


R/S Andrew Adams MCPO Ret.
Master Diver WW2, Korean, Vietnam Veteran

James D. Petrola
255 Parker St.
Houston, PA  15342

Any shipmates out there who were on the Jersey from January '53 to May '55, give me a shout on the internet!

Joseph G. Odya (Brandy)
5019 E. Wyoming Ave.
Las Vegas, NV  89142

I was on board USS New Jersey as an LPO LI-2 in the Printshop around January 1982.  I transferred to USS Midway Printshop in Japan for three years as LPO LI-1 in the Printshop.

Kirk DeQuila

I was on the USS Guam off of Beirut.  I had the pleasure of flying over to the USS New Jersey and spend an over-night visit.  Had a great tour of the ship.  Visited an old classmate / shipmate in the ET shop.  Wayne Lundsford.

Marty B. Roethler
434 Morgan Ridge Rd.
Paradise, CA  95969

Lebanon 1984 I worked in the Machine Shop as an MRI.  Nothing but good memories.  The first time we fired the 16-inchers I thought we took a hit!  I was assured that we didn't and that we had fired our guns!  Top side I went only to witness the awesome sight of about 10 more rounds, 600 lbs of black powder, 2,000 lb projectile, 2,700 feet per second, and a range of 28 miles...  What a gun!  Indescribable!!  Well I could talk all day.  David W. Curry, MR1 from Los Angeles, CA area, does anyone know his whereabouts?  If you want to talk BB call (530) 533 0505 - Marty.

Jack Haughn
34 Tuttle Ave.
Eastport, NY  11941

Served aboard the New Jersey during the Korean War starting in May of 1951.  Worked in Engineering Log Room, under Cdr. Fryer and the last Officer Cdr. Brittan.  Captain Tyree was in charge when I went aboard.

Charles Grimes

I was on board New Jersey from March 1968 to December 1969.  Put her in commission and out of commission.  I was an E4 Boilerman.  Remember seeing Bob Hope, Rosie Greer, Ann Margaret and Ding-a-Ling Sisters on Christmas Day, 1968.  Wish I had the video of it now.  They played it over and over on Ship TV.  I was sick of it then but would love to see it now.

Felicia Jefferies
Shelby, NC

Looking for Charles Burns.  Last known station was in NAS Pensacola, FL back in June 1996.  He reenlisted for a third term during that year.  Please contact me if you know where he may be.  Born in February.

Taylor Reynolds

Please add to Mailing List.

Dave Ross

'09 update for all you decomm FM Div guys.  I have found Steve Ness and Walter Ritchie, Mark e-mail me again don't know if you got mine.  Getting closer at finding you guys.  Keep in touch.  New Jersey forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edward Betson

I'm looking for Junior Booth Betson.  He was stationed on the New Jersey during the 2nd World War.

Conrad Peter Johnson
678 Bateman St.
Galesburg, IL  61401

Would like to hear from people serving during Korea.


I was 2nd Class Boatswains Mate in 1st Division from 1981 to 1984.  Been there, Done that, is what we us to say in first Division.  After that all the rest is history.

Buzz Adams
San Marino, CA  91108

In 1968 I was the Marine spotter at the Oceanview tower.  We were one of the northern most outposts in Vietnam.  I was the first to spot the New Jersey.  I was on top of the small 25 ft. tower and looked out to sea.  I saw this large, low ship with a huge crane on the stern and knew it had to be her.  I alerted the others in the tower.  We fired the New Jersey at many targets inside the DMZ over the coming months.  I have heard the rounds come over, they sounded like little jets.  She was awesome and the North Vietnamese backed away pretty quickly.  Shortly after I left; the New Jersey fired over 1,000 rounds defending the tiny tower and the 25 marines there.  There were no roads to Oceanview and it was in such a remote spot, all would have been lost if not for the New Jersey.  So, from the Marines on the ground who were your eyes, a big thank you.

Carl Osterberg

My father Joel R. Osterberg, served aboard her in WWII and Korea War.  He said he used to help the Marines out from getting in trouble coming off of liberty.  He was a radar man / observer / electronics.  I was in the Marine Corps, but never got to serve on BB-62 which would have been awesome.

Terri Yanick
673 Ben Franklin Hwy. W.
Douglassvlle, PA  19518

My grandfather, Richard K. Gardner, served on the New Jersey as a fireman during Korea.  He passed in August of 1996.  I am looking for anyone who knew him, who could share some stories and possibly pictures of him during his time on the ship.  Please contact me if you can help.  God Bless our Troops!

Julian Dowd
Wherever the Navy sends me

My dad served aboard the New Jersey for years and everytime he ever told his sea stories it was always about the Jersey or the Kennedy...  My dad loved being in the military and when he was forced to retire due to medical reasons after only being in for 14 years he fought like hell to stay...  My daddy has since past just recently and I have found myself in the Navy following in daddy's footsteps just as I always intended...  There was never a day that I could have imagined my dad being more proud of me then the day I graduated boot camp... he cried...  I've been in for almost a year and with any luck hope to be stationed in Mayport or Virginia when I get orders as soon as I'm through with ET'A' school...  My dad was an inspiration to many...  teacher to others...  and a pain to some, but most of all he was a good man who loved serving in the U.S. military.  For any one who may have known him he was BM1 (SW) Lebahn, Roger...  He passed away on March 16th of 2009. 

Susan Sifonte
Kissimmee, FL

My dad, Robert "Bobby" Phelps served in 1952.  He said he was in the main fire control Engine Room #2.  He said he remembers an Admiral Connors.  If this triggers a memory, e-mail be.  I'm trying to find his photos to post.

John Hindman FCCM (ret.)

Served onboard from October 1967 to December 1969.  I was in FA Division as a FTG2.

Kenneth W. Smith
Williamsburg, VA

I served on the Big J from 1988 to 1991 decommissioning crew.  At that time I was a young GMG3 in G-2 Division, left gun turret 2, the best duty a gunnersmate could ever have.  Love to hear from any gunner who remembers GMG3 Smith, aka Smitty.

Walter Stubbs
Ilion, NY  13357

A Memory

Hey Sailors of the "Big J"
Let's hear what you have to say
The years are going by so fast
So don't let your message be the last
The ship gave us the U.S. Pride
She'll always be at our side
Even though the "Big J" has been "decommissioned"
She left our eyes with a mist
The honor to have served still swells in me

Walter Stubbs
Ilion, NY  13357

I served on the "Big J" several months in 1969.  I was the Steward, Officer's Wardroom and met few of the crew.  There were many officers, but I served Captain Snyder, who impressed me as a real personal and dedicated leader of the ship.

Gary Wyatt

My father was aboard the Big J in 1946 and 1947, his name is George (Earl) Wyatt.  He never talked much about what his job was on the ship and he didn't bring or send home any photos so if anyone is out there who can let me know how to find out anything about him please let me know.  I'm an only son and my dad passed away 7/17/94 in Asheville, NC.  I would like to get some photos and info to put on my wall to honor him...  Thanks

Jim Searles
43 Brown St.
Kennebunk, ME  04043

Looking for anyone from 1982 - 1986 6th Division, would like to hear from all.


Bob Shoemaker
Burlington, KS  66829

I served aboard New Jersey ET3, OE Division, 1955 - January 1957 (released from active duty Jan 31, 1957 in Brooklyn).  I made the last Med Cruise and the 1956 NATO/Midshipman Cruise...  Lisbon, Portsmouth, Greenock, Oslo.  Battle station was SPS-6 space on O6 level.  I remember watching the 1956 World Series in the ET shack; last compartment aft on the starboard side.  Lots of fond memories...  Hope to get to the ship in the near future.  Fair winds and following seas to Big J and all shipmates.

Alvin Callaway

Ships Cook.

Dennis P. Downey
Ventura, CA  93003

I was a Shipserviceman 3rd Ships Barber / Ships Laundry January 1969 to August 1969.  After being on a Destroyer for 3 years the Big J was a Cadillac on the Sea.  Old e-mail address no good anymore.

John C. Boyd  LIP/3

Found this by accident.  I served aboard from October 1950 - 1952 in the print shop.  Recommissioned on November 20, 1950.  We were hit by shore batteries on my 24th birthday, May 21, 1951.  One I will never forget.

Joe D. Snoddy
245 Montauk Ln.
Richmond Hill, GA  31324-4922

S-1 Division. 01/68 (Philadelphia) - 10/69 (Bremerton).  Please add to Mailing List.

Jeffery Gentry
828 Larkspur Dr.
Sandy, UT  84094

I served on the Big J from 1983 - 1986.  I arrived in Beirut the day before the Marine Corps Compound was blown up on October 23, 1983.  I spent several days ashore with the clean-up crew before I finally got to the Big J, what a thrill and an honor to serve on this ship.  I am a historian and am working on a book about the Big J.  I would love to hear from anyone who served on this ship.

Earl Bigelow

MM1 during Vietnam, #2 Engine Room.

Louis A. Kaiser III

My grandfather, Louis A Kaiser, was the commanding officer of the USS New Jersey during the 1915 - 1920 circa.  I served aboard the USS Altair AK-32 and was a submarine sailor during the 1960s.

BM3 Mark Rutenber

Hello, looking for a gunners mate who I met in East Brady, PA,  Mark Hillwig.  Regards, Mark Rutenber, USS Iowa '88 - '89.  God Bless the 47!

Pat Rogers

Machinist's Mates - I'm a fourth plank owner from #2 engine room.  After the bombing of the Beirut Hilton in '83, Scott Porter painted a memorial in honor of the Marines killed there of Snoopy dictating for Sarge of "Beetle Bailey".  We also put the names of the guys in that space on the stairs down to the space in order of rank from top to bottom, changing them as men left or were promoted.  The SSTGs were named Hoss and Heather by myself and Marty Fortney and were painted on the tops of the generators.  Harold the Duck was my (our) mascot and was painted on the lockers on the lower level.  Does anyone know if any of this still exists or when you saw it last?  I left in 1984.  Thanks, Pat Rogers.

Tess Lebahn
3108 North 97th St. #117

On March 15, 2009, 6th Division (1986-2000) lost a true Shipmate, BM1 (SW) (Ret) Roger F. Lebahn, passed away in Omaha, NE.  Roger was never more proud of his time in the Navy then he was during his time aboard the USS New Jersey.  He always felt that it was a privilege to have served aboard such a wonderful command.  His ability to mentor the young men under his watch is one of many things that he will be remembered for, along with his zest for life, devotion to his family and that unstoppable smile.  For those of us who have had the opportunity to have known him, know that his sprit will live on thru all of us.

Troy Ball
205 Marrett Farm Rd.
Union, OH  45322

I would like a copy of the Video FamilyGram that is on YouTube from WestPac '86.  Anyone know where I can get it, on DVD preferably.   I was on that Cruise, and it really brings back a lot of memories.  I didn't know it even existed.  I was an IC3 in E-Division.

Sue Singleton

I remember the first time I saw her, in all her glory.  What a magnificent sight she was.  I never realized how beautiful a Battleship could be.  At that time she was visiting my beautiful Australia.  The streets of Kings Cross, in Sydney were aligned with American sailors.  How handsome and proud these men looked in there blues.  Little did I know that I would end up being one of many young Australian women that would follow the ship home from this WestPac tour and become the wife of a New Jersey sailor.  The year was 1988, a year I will never forget.  A year later I was married, a year after that our daughter was born.  Much of my first few years in the USA revolved around the New Jersey.  I have many wonderful memories, of the ship, and friends gone by.... I wonder where you are these days, are you married, do you have children.  I hope your life has been happy and fulfilled.  I hope you are safe where ever you are.  To Charles Burns, the handsome young sailor that gave me away on my wedding day at the Long Beach Naval Chapel on May 21, 1989, where are you, and where is Larry Johnson?  My good friends I owe you both so much for the wonderful life I have had. You are always remembered and if you are out there, my family and I would love to hear from you. Thank you BB-62 for everything you have meant to me...  I am truly proud to have been the wife of a New Jersey sailor... 

Sue Singleton

Donald Maxwell
2491 Betlo Ave.
Mountain View, CA  94043

Please add to Mailing List.

Stephen Leftwich
1012 Pleasant Valley
Chapmansboro, TN 37035-5321

I am a Plankowner, Shellback, Jerseyman Editor 1982 Precom through 1985.  I was in theatre Beirut, Grenada, and Panama as well as President Reagan's project.  Would like to get in touch with former PAO personnel among others.  Remember, rest well, yet, sleep silent, until the call again comes for Firepower for Freedom.  jo2L

Aaron L. Thompkins
P.O. Box 851
Norwalk, CT  06852

I served on the Battleship from 83-86 as a HM2. I was there for Beirut when we were deployed for 11 months. The Big J shot her guns while we were there in support of the Marines and I have Nothing but good thoughts and praises for my experiences on her.  Hope to get a chance to visit this summer. 

Hm2 Aaron L. Thompkins 83-86

Jack Cleary
644 Spring St.
Philadelphia, PA  19128

I served onboard 1983 - 1984 and made the entire cruise working in Engine Room 4.  I live in Philadelphia, PA and I see her everyday.  I go onboard often and she is still in fighting shape.

Allen Henderzahs

I was a BM3 in First Division August 1982 - March 1984.  Was onboard while in dry dock, recommissioning and Beirut.  Looking for Kevin Fleener, Marty Wallace and Roger Hughes.

Robb Sawin
2777 Lynwood Hills Dr. #2
Cape Girardeau, MO  63701

Greetings shipmates.  I would love to hear from those of you who served in 6th Division or anyone on board from 1986 - 1990.  I was on board from 1987 - 1989.  WestPac "88 veteran.

Victor King MS2
2049 Sequoyah Ave.
Maryville, TN

I served on the Big J from 1983 - 1990, it was the best duty a sailor could have and I still to this day say that only a Battleship Sailor is a true Sailor.  :-)

Greg Paauwe
617 Michigan St.
Leavenworth, KS  66048

My Dad Louis N. Paauwe was one of the first crew members.  I can probably get some pictures from my mom to be posted if interested, please e-mail me if interested.

Charles Szetela
Petty Officer 1st Class (Ret)

I am looking for any info on my uncle who served on this ship and was in combat in Korea and ashore in Vietnam mapping the shore line.  He was wounded on a 40mm gun AA mount in battle, I believe in Korea.  His shipmates called him Zeke, he was a Printers Mate, I'm sure you would remember him.  He had many scars on his face, hands, head and legs.   He retired from the Portsmouth Navy Prison in the late 60's or early 70's as a prison guard after 20 years.  He died of a coronary in 1975 at 42.  Thanks, Mark Darsch.

John Garcia
Virginia Beach, VA

I just recently visited (March 07, 2009) the USS new Jersey and what a sight it was being back on her decks.  The last time I was onboard it was in December 1988 and wow... it was an awesome feeling seeing her again.  I want to say THANKS to Bruce Haegley for allowing me to see my paintings in 3rd Division.

John Garcia BMC (Ret)
3rd Division
1983 - 1988

Christian Rankin

I was on the ship from 1984 - 1989.  I was in supply.  I worked in the ships store and barber shop.  I was a little brother to some and a bother to all, probably.  I had a blast!  Came out of Beirut with more medals than my company commander in boot camp, ha ha!  I used to skateboard on the Tomahawk decks!  Anyone who remembers that 18 year old punk rocker that filled up soda machines, give me a shout!  Miss all of you and not a day goes by that I do not remember the best ship in the world!  Bet you didn't know we had surfboards on that ship!  Take care to all my brothers.

Kenneth J. "Jim" Schrader
4831 Snowcap Run
Loves Park, Il  61111

I'm a Vietnam veteran.  Served on Big J from March 1968 to September 1969, 5th Division, BM3.  Loved every minute.  I just joined the New Jersey Veterans and last fall attended my first reunion in Cherry Hill, NJ.  I was the only Fightin Fifth shipmate there.  I cannot begin to tell you how great it was to walk the decks that 40 years ago I served on with joy and great satisfaction.  I would love to hear from anyone, and especially those who were in the Fightin Fifth Division, to go back and remember those great days.

Mike Rizzuto
68 Petunia Cir.
Matteson, IL  60443

I was a shipfitter second class on the commissioning crew in WWII.  Would love to hear from any of my former shipmates.

Todd Napolitano

Served aboard the Battleship during 1982 to 1985 longest deployment since Vietnam.  I would just like to say hello.

Donald G. Hauser
663 41st St.
Des Moines, IA  50312-2747

I was a member of the 4th Division in 1951 and was assigned as first loader on #8 twin 5"-38 mount.  We fired the 5 inch guns once during my days in ship's company and that was in target practice.  My most lingering memory is cleaning the teakwood deck by holy stones, sand, lye and water.  Newly assigned Capt. Francis McCorkle created another memory when on our return to the states from Japan/Korea he ordered everyone off the decks and took the ship to flank speed.  Can you imagine a 45,000 ton vessel going through the Pacific Ocean at 35+ MPH?  I was proud to be a member of ship's company on the USS New Jersey.

Charles R. Hamilton PH3

Served proudly on the Big "J" in 1955 until my discharge.  It was the best time of my life.  After my discharge, I contributed photos and stories to the publication of the book "New Jersey", U.S. Naval Institute Press.  It is the history of the Jersey.  Author, Paul Stillwell.

BT2 Stanley Ott
318 Linda
Deer Park, TX

I served on board from 1988 - 1991 (decom) as a BT2 in #2 Fireroom "the Cadillac".  I read that there was a lot of pushin and pullin going on in #3 Fireroom.  We was just steamin' haze gray and underway, WETSU.  Anyway, I am in contact with some of the #2 Fireroom crew and it has been great to hear and chat with these shipmates.  Trivia - BT3 Stewart, myself, BT3 Parks, BT2 Hinojos secured fires to the last two boilers to steam on the Big "J", #3 and #4 Boilers in #2 Fireroom.  It was a moment in time I will never forget.  Thanks, I hope to visit someday and see the boilers we steamed.

BT2 Stanley Ott
318 Linda
Deer Park, TX

Hey fellow hole snipes, I was a BT2 in #2 Fireroom "the Cadillac" from Jan. 3, 1988 to Decom in 1991.  You guys in #3 Fireroom might have done some pushin and pullin back there but we was steamin haze gray and under way.  It was all good, we were the best BTs that ship ever had.  Anybody remember Deutsch, Parks, Trump, Fiveash, Bestland, Red, Chief Smith and Senior Chief Olson, god so many more I can't remember.  I didn't make it into either cruise book, don't know why.  You guys look me up.  I am in contact with "Jay" Hinojosa, Stewart, "Scrappy" Flores, and Wayne Wright.

Troy Ball

I was an IC3 in E Division aboard the USS New Jersey during '85 - '89, and loved every minute of it.  Shout out if you were on board at that time.  I reminisce often of the two WESTPAC cruises we did during my time aboard.

Daniel Bauk
40934 Lake and Breton View Dr.
Leonardtown, MD  20650

Dear BB-62 Veterans, it is with great sorrow that I write to let you know that John V. Baggett, who served as a Quartermaster from 1943 - 1946, passed away on 1/30/09.  He was originally from Baltimore, MD.  He was buried today with a Navy Honor Guard in Leonardtown, MD.  he spoke proudly to me and my family of his service on your ship, and he went on to be an outstanding public servant and community leader.  He and his wife Marilyn, who survives him, also became an extra set of grandparents for my children.  If anyone would like me to pass on any messages or memories to his wife, who is not computer savvy, please feel free to contact me at the above address.

Mike Rizzuto

I served aboard the USS New Jersey on the commissioning crew in 1943.  I would love to correspond with anyone who served on the ship during that time.

Chris Jensen

I served onboard from February 1987 to late January 1990, left the ship in Subic Bay.  I was in 3rd Division Deck, Flight Crew, Turret 3 Powder Magazines, and Refueling Rig.

BM3 Jeff Lange

Served aboard '84 - '88, 1st Division, with a great crew.  I am looking for a roster for 1st Division during those dates or a cruise book, if anyone can help that would be great.  Still keep in touch with Smitty and look forward to hearing from anyone that was there.  I really enjoy the posts from all the Big J vets.  Take care and have a great New Year.

R/S Andrew Adams (SCPO Ret.)
Ingleside, TX  78362

I served onboard from 1950 - 1951, in Roger Division.  I am a retired Master Diver, my GQ Station was Repair Locker #5.   I would like to correspond with anyone who served on the New Jersey during 1950 - 1951, especially men in Roger Division.

Oscar Gonzalez

OI Division '87 - '90, then onto USS Missouri (Misery).  Obando, Gomez I remember.  If there are any OSs or EWs from that time period drop me a line.  Would like to do a little get together.  Maybe go over the formula for a target angle and a scouting problem on a maneuvering board.  BB-62 CEC - TACTICAL EXCELLENCE!!


OS3 Gonzalez here.  Obando, remember Marina, in Sydney?  Anyone from OI or OZ Divisions?

David Kondracki

I am a veterans service coordinator for the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 631.  I have a client who served on the Jersey back in 1968 and we are trying to locate records of gunnery practice where the 16-inchers were fired.  We have been to, but the area for gunnery practice cannot be accessed.  Can you help or know of someone who can help?  We are trying to help this man with a VA Claim.

Jim Weber
218 Hinkle Mountain Rd.
Richwood, WV  26261

I attended the reunion in Cherry Hill, NJ this past September, and toured the New Jersey on Friday.  My wife, sister-in-law and brother-in-law also accompanied me.  We all had a great time, and would really look forward to having the reunion on the ship again in the near future.  I think that means more to us former crewmembers and shipmates that traveling around the country taking tours.  EVERYONE loves to see the ship.  I will definitely attend the next reunion that is held in NJ or Philadelphia so we can go onboard the ship.

Tony Alessandro
520 Orchardridge Ct.
Cincinnati, OH  45239

I was wondering what significant awards BB-62 earned during WW II.  I'm getting this info for a crew member of BB-62, I'm helping him get on the Navy Log.

CDR Edwin Keeshan

Cut my teeth as a new ensign onboard '86 - '89.  Had a lot to learn - I owe a great deal to this ship and to her crew.  Now it's time to retire - hard to believe neither of us will ever go to sea again.

Rick Warren

Hi there OS3 Obando!  I was also onboard The Jersey from '87 to '89 - and looking for others as well from those years to exchange pictures / videos and keep in touch.  I've got a great collection from that incredible period.


I am looking for Carlo Angione (DOB 1968??) who was originally from West Palm Beach, FL.  Served on the USS New Jersey approximately 1988 to ??.  The NJ docked in Brisbane, Australia that year.  If anybody knows where he might be living right now and has an e-mail address, would love to hear from you.  Thanks.

Calvin Quinn
Athens. GA

I was a boiler technician third class in #3 Fireroom from 1984 to 1988. I stood messenger, checks, lower levelman, saturated burnerman, pumpman, superheater burnerman, and BTOW.  I miss those times and the people, hey you guys were like borthers, Blayloch, Gillman, Scott, Isbill, Grizzard, Schimmel, Hopper, Hampton, Big Slice, Kaiser (#2 Fireroom), Mayer, Farnsworth, Payne, Jacobs, Brown (#2 Fireroom), Kaveney (Oil Lab) and to anybody else I forgot.  Oh yeah - Pushing 1 & 2 and Pulling 4.  (18-in !!!)  Remember when we ran aground in Pearl and we had that Full Back Bell and were the only ones that stayed on the line?  Man that was steaming.  (Balls to The Wall)

Walter Obando
224a 21st St.
Brooklyn, NY  11232

I served on the NJ from '87 - '90.  Looking for the fellas from OI Division and anyone else who remembers me.  I remember those fond watches up in CIC and CEC and my stint on the MAA force.

Danny Fielder
5198 Bethesda Rd.
Crystal Springs, MS  39059

I was a MM3 #4 Engine Room and M Division Storeroom.  Served on board from March 1982 - November 1984.  I attended this past reunion and really had a blast.  I have been elected ERA Director for the Lebanon time frame.  You can contact me any time.  There was only 3 from this time frame at the reunion, we need to get more involved.  This was a great lady and she does not need to be forgotten.  Me and my wife were adopted by some of the electricians from the Vietnam ERA.  Home # (601) 892-6086, Cell # (601) 955-8233.  I do want to hear from you.

Brad Bradburn

Marine detachment from Aug '84 - '86.  Would love to hear from others during the same era.

Donald M. Phlegar
1752 Gyro Dr.
Winston-Salem, NC  27812

I served on the New Jersey from 1952 - 1956.  I was an MM2 in #2 Fire Room.  My son and I saw her in Camden in 2003, it brought back a ton of memories.

Clifford Knudsen
30 Creek Rd.
High Falls, NY  12440

My name is Christopher Williams.  I am the Grandson of Clifford Knudsen.  He served on the New Jersey during WW II.  He worked in the boiler room.  He is alive and spunky at the young age of 87.  He tells me all the time about his war years.  The gentlemen that served during that period of time are hero's.  I can never imagine doing what they did.  Please e-mail me anytime.  I would love to hear stories.

Paul Derby
Cadillac, MI

I discovered the USS New Jersey had been turned into a scout encampment while reading a recent issue of Scouting Magazine.  I have had great interest in the USS new Jersey for many years and it's great to see that "Grandpa's Battleship" lives on.  My Grandfather was James J. Hackett USN onboard the New Jersey from 1941 - 1944.

Robert F. Randall

I served aboard the USS New Jersey 1953 - 1954 and was aboard her when the Korean War ended.  At General Quarters I was in the powder magazine under Turret 1.  Subsequently I served on the USS Des Moines.  In 2003 I published a book on my experiences, titled "Grand Tour".  The book is based on my experiences in the U.S. Navy contrasted with my great grandfather's service in the U.S. Civil War.

Neal Greene
1601 Nabal
La Habra Heights, CA  90631

I was going through a box of old New Jersey items and found a menu with Bob Hope's autograph.  If anyone is interested I can scan and e-mail a copy.  Served aboard during the New Jersey's Vietnam tour as one of the XO's yeomen.

Brad Haese
315 Tiffany Dr.
Hastings, MN  55033

Served from 1984 - 1989 in Engine Room #1.  The best time was becoming a Golden Shellback on the New Jersey.

Charles Erlandson III
Austin, TX

I am the grandson of Charles Erlandson the first, who served on the New Jersey during World War II, and would like to be contacted by anyone who remembers my grandfather and/or the ring he forged on the deck of the New Jersey out of a silver spoon, which I proudly wear to this day.  I have encountered another of these rings and wondered how many crewman made them.  All my best to the bravest generation of Heroes this country ever produced.

Paul Ehrman

I was aboard from Oct '85 - June '89.  I was in 6th Division for 2 years and finished in the Chaplain's office.  Looking for e-mail for RP3 Joel E. Slack.  I would be happy to hear from anyone that does remember me.

Pierre (Perry) Grizzard
2705 Brady Place
El Paso, TX  79935

I was in "B" Division from June of '85 until June of '89.  Pushing 1 & 2 and Pulling 4, Number 3 Fire Room has the load.  O'Connor and Barnes send me a note.  You too Earl.

Paul Busher
100 Goldsturm Ln.

Please add to Mailing List.

John P. May
2202 School Dr.
Rolling Meadows, IL  60008

Was stationed aboard during the Atlantic front and into the Pacific.  Did tour in one of the 16-inch gun turrets.  If anyone remembers a little skirmish during one of the elongated shellings with a crewmember getting busted in the chops for dragging around a torn powder bag please look me up on my sons e-mail address.  I am now 83 living alone and would love to hear from my old shipmates.  Oldest son taking a trip to view the New Jersey  September 13 - 15, 2008.  Thanks.

Ann Webster Jesus

My dad R.G. Webster served aboard this great Lady 1950 - 1951 during Korea.  I grew up hearing about this ship.  I did get a chance to go aboard her during her last tour of duty when she visited San Francisco.  I hope to make a trip to see her again some day.

PFC Loyde P. Snake Arender USMC
455 Forest Oaks Rd.
Monroe, LA  71202-7535

The "Guns" of the USS New Jersey "Saved our Tails" at least 3 different times in Vietnam between 10 Jan 1969 to 18 Mar 1969.  The ship's Call-Sign was "On Rush" and she bombarded the Batangan Peninsula near Chu Lai before we hit the beach on Operation Bold Mariner / Russell Beach which was the largest joint services combat operation of the entire Vietnam War.  Visit our webpage at: www/

Ronald W. Boyer
36 South Main St., P.O. Box 27
Yeagertown, PA  17099-0027

Was in the Quartermaster gang.

Tim Cutsforth
1641 West 2nd St.
Waterloo, IA  50701

Looking for any crew members from the Big J, 1982 - 1986, 6th Division - Go Boats!

Stanley S. Gilbert II

Onboard from 1985 - 1989 in 3rd Division.  Assigned to Turret #3 Powder Magazines.

R.E. Miller
Canton, OH

Cannot believe the detail of restoration to this fine lady!  I am planning a trip to visit her this summer ('08) with my son.  Having been a "Navy Brat" Dad, Kenneth L. Miller, USNA Class of '56 was my father.  I remember as a small boy his ship coming in to port and the junior officers grabbing my sister and me and feeding us milk and cookies in the wardroom.  Dad served on the USS New (DD-919) until '60 I believe in charge of engineering or boilers.  Recently while on the way to Biloxi to volunteer after Katrina, stopped in Mobile, AL and walked the decks and passageways of the USS Alabama, she was awesome but not as impressive as the restoration shown in your photos of your lady.  I cannot wait to step onto the deck of this warship.  Seeing the work, and reading the ships log online, I am awestruck by the continuing love affair with her crew and their ship, from WW II duty to present.  Maybe a few of you might have served with my Dad.  I have always felt a kinship as a Navy kid, lived in Norfolk and San Diego and would like my son to know more about his grandfather, Dad passed away 09-09-2005.  Having my son see the environment Dad experience in his young adult life may give him a closer kinship with Dad.  Your work on the 'Jersey will undoubtedly instill a pride in a job well done.  I am looking forward to seeing your word firsthand.  best wishes, God Bless, and Thank You for your service and sacrifices.

Phillips Lyons

I was on the New Jersey from November 1984 to November 1985.  I was in Number 2 Fireroom BTFR Lyons.  I then left for A-school.  That was one of the best days I had in the Navy.  It's time for me to say goodbye, I'm retiring after 24 years, living in San Diego, CA.

Pat Williams
831 Beacon St., #273
Newton Centre, MA  02459

I liked your site.

Dawson P. Todd

Please add to Mailing List.

Dennis Oberhelman, USMC (Ret)
2936 Old Santa Fe Trail
P.O. Box 162
Napoleon, MO  64074

While ashore with the Marines on the beach in Beirut, at the airport; I will never forget the following event.  One late afternoon and evening, the first week in February, 1984; the USS New Jersey fired 325 rounds of continuous fire from her 16" guns over the Marine Compound into Syria.  It was one of the most impressive / awesome displays of firepower I have ever seen.  Job Well Done to the Sailors and Marines who served aboard her!

Tim Nahan
703 2nd Ave., NE
Sartell, MN  56377

MARDET '89 - '90.


Plank Owner 1981 - 1984 A Division.  Hydraulic Shop.

Tim Flynn

Plank Owner 1982 - 1985.

David J. Falkenstein
Keene, NH  03431

This is an update for me; note the new e-mail address.  Forth Commissioning Crew and Plank Owner.  Served 1982 - 1984.  EW1 - OI Division. Beirut.

John Carey
Virginia Beach, VA  23451

She was a GREAT ride!  Being part of her crew is something that I will never forget and will cherish.  The Big J had good times and bad times (ETC Gor), overall, I can say the good out weighed the bad.  OI Division (1982 - 1985)

Mark Neeson

I served on the New Jersey from 1985 to 1989 as a signalman / OS Division.  Came aboard as a SR, and departed the Navy as SM2.  Made 2 WEST PACs.  I'm trying to locate SM2 Vandine since I just recently discovered I have his Shellback card in my possession and would like to get it back to him.  3 1/2 years on the Jersey was some of the best times.  Would love to see those 16 inch guns fire one last time.  Any SMs out there?  Drop me an e-mail.  Hammond - Peck - Miller, I would love to hear from any of the signalman.

Ted Victor Baker

Big Thunder Down Under, WEST PAC 88.  Master at Arms 2nd Class.  Best years of my life, now that I look back.  Did not realize it then.  Take Care Big "J".

Chris Adams
Yamhill, OR  97148

I am looking for an old friend who served on the New Jersey during the first Iraq War, he was in the CIC as the Missile System Supervisor.  His name is Alex Schandl.  If anyone has an e-mail for him or a way to contact him I would greatly appreciate the help in getting word to him that I am trying to locate him.  Many thanks for your help and all that you have done for our country.

Sam Cesario
2756 Leoleta Way
Carmichael, CA  95608

I am a Plank Owner, 1943 - 1945, L Division.  Proud to have served with a great bunch of guys and the most decorated wagon in the fleet.

Dennis Callanan
4120 109th St. SW, Apt #10
Lakewood  98499

Please add to Mailing List.

David McFerren

I was in Lebanon November '83 to April '84 working with the Lebanese Army.  I think it was march of '84 we positioned a Naval Gunfire Team North and East of Beirut to watch a Syrian ZSU 23-4 position.  The AA gun fired at an F4 overflight and we called in a fire mission.  We were given 5" adjustments and the 16" guns in effect.  The Syrians did not have a chance.  I need to verify the date of that fire mission.  Anyone out there who can help direct me to the correct Log Entries of the New Jersey would be forever in my debt.

Bob Dingman, EM2, 67 - 69

Happy 40th Anniversary to all the Vietnam Era crewmembers who were onboard in Philadelphia that Friday, April 6, 1968.  It was a great day and an even greater experience serving on the worlds only active Battleship.  We will all remember our time together, the good times and the hard times.  Enjoy today and remember your shipmates, those of us who are still keeping her memory live and those who have passed away.  I hope to see many of you again, and some of you for the first time in nearly 40 years, at the reunion this September in Philadelphia.  It will be a special day, for all of us Vietnam Era crewmembers, when we step aboard her once again.

Jarvis Ray Everett
Greenville, NC  27858

I was aboard the USS New Jersey from March, 1947, made the Midshipman cruise to the Med., stayed aboard until it was scheduled to be decommissioned, transferred to the USS Little Rock CL-124.  Would like to hear from any shipmates.  Thanks Ray.

Donald E. Tracy
4716 Brown Ave.
Manchester , NH   03013

I served on the New Jersey from April 1955 right after boot camp as a striker engineering division.  First assignment B Division then M and last A Division, which I was assigned to the boat shop as an engine man, great duty.  Crew member on the 30' motor launches, then the #2 officers boat and finally the Captains gig until the Big J was decommissioned in 1957.  I told the recruiter I wanted to travel and did I ever!  Great time and ship.  I will visit her soon, let me know when the next reunion is.

Andrew Adams
3200 Susan Cir. W.
Ingleside, TX  78362

I'm not AWOL, just checking in.  I was on the Big J during the Korean conflict along with my younger Bro.  He was in the 1st Division as a GMSN.  Later transferred to Roger Division, I only made one trip to Korea.  My WW II duty was in the Seabees.  When the Korean conflict started my kid Bro joined and I transferred to USN.  Quite a change for me but there was a crew of old WW II Reservists aboard that whipped me into combat shape in time for our arrival into the war area.  I'm 81 now still in good health.  I came from N.C. but now live in South Texas.  Sure would like to hear from anyone that was on the Big J at that time.  R/S Andrew Adams, USN Ret.  SCPO (Master Diver)

Joe Wozniak

Crew member 1967 - 1969, Plankowner and became a Shellback.  BT2 to BT1 and L.P.O. #4 Fireroom.  I understand that there is no BT (Boiler Technician) rate anymore, is that correct? Can you believe it's going on 40 years since we recommissioned the Big "J"  April 6, 1968, to sail to Vietnam.  That makes us 40 years older, Wow, where has the time gone? Well, the USS New Jersey BB-62 was my first tour of duty in Vietnam, 1968 - 1969, but not my last.  The memories of duty in USS New Jersey BB-62 will always be the best.  The crew was prime, and they were primed.  Whatever action there was in Nam, or any other theatre in the world, the crew was ready.  There was, is, and always will be, a bond that only Battleship Sailors could understand. In my 30 year career I had been blessed with what I consider really good duty.  With the Lord's help I managed to advance up the ranks.  E-1 to Master Chief Boiler Technician, Command Master Chief, then retiring as Chief Warrant Officer December 4, 1988. So I say to all battleship Sailors, "When this sailor dies he is going straight to Heaven because he put his time in Hell." I hope to see all of you someday at the big reunion in the sky. God Bless, may you have Fair Winds and a Following Sea.

Allen R. Smith

To all Crew.  I had the up most pleasure to sail under BB-62 and call her my home for 4 years.  What a West Pac 88 it was.  Those Australian women are wonderful.  Any crew from that time frame give me a yell.  I was working in the SH Dept.  I was in the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Departments.

Mark Wade
Glen Burnie, MD

Stationed onboard from '85 to Decom in 1991 as an FC in Main Battery.  Would do it again if I could.

Dave Goodwin
368 Leesville Rd.
Jackson, NJ  08527

Served onboard from 1983 - 1987 in OI Division and am proud to be one of the few that made the entire 11 month deployment (Survivor photo).  Hope to hear from any of my old friends.

Tim Nahan
703 2nd Ave.
Sartell, MN  56377

Please add to Mailing List.

Mike Swanson
1531 Gehling Rd.
Foxboro  54836

I was on the Big J from 1987 - 1991 last decom crew.  I was in "M" division MM3 Swanson.  I'm looking for Kevin Thurston and Cecil Arzu.  If you're out there e-mail me.  Thanks.

Mark Ferguson

Good to see the old girl again, time has done her well!

Samuel Flener

I served on the mighty Big J from 1953 to 1955 in the Metalsmith Shop.  I got aboard her in the Korean Waters and I didn't get my rear end wet...  lol...  Some did...  She was a great ship.  I am hunting another shipmate John Bennett.  I found one by posting on the Deck Log.

Paul Ehrman

I served onboard from October 85 until June 89.  Just wondering if anyone here remembers me.  I spent 2 years in 6th Division and the last 2 with the Chaplains Office.

David Posey

I served onboard 1982 - 1985 E-Division Aft IC/Telex.  Really enjoyed "Lebanon Era" E-Division reunion a couple years ago.  We are in the early stages of planning another.  Any more 1980s E-Division Squids out there?

Bob Dingman

I served in E Division during Vietnam ('67 - '69).  Over the past few years myself and other E Division crewmembers have been very successful in contacting other former shipmates from E Division.  In September 2005, 24 of us reunited at the USS New Jersey Veterans Association reunion in Philadelphia and spent a very memorable 4 -5 days together.  We spent a day on the ship, had an E Division Party on Friday night, thanks to Steve Sheehan, at a local Irish Pub (Captain Snyder and his wife Mary Louise graciously accepted our invitation and attended their first E Division Party), attended the Association's daily tours of the area sites and attended the Saturday Night Dinner Dance.


In 2007 the reunion was in San Diego and we will be back in Philly this coming September.  Look at George Stavros' post below for more information on the Association.  


If you are a former Vietnam Era E Division shipmate, please contact me.  So far we've been in contact with over 80 of the 130+ former E Division crewmembers who served on this great ship during Vietnam.  Any former crewmember from any era should contact the Association to find your former buddies.  Please look through this website and the Association's website, you may recognize many of the names listed.  In September, we would like to increase our numbers of EMs and IC men getting together in Philly.  Remember "FFBBR"

OS1 Jimmy Graham
Carney, MD

Served on the Big J 1982 - 1984.

Ricky L. Black
614 5th St., NE
Montgomery, MN  56069

Was on her from 1984 - 1988, MM and attached to A-Gang.  Went to see her in Oct '07 but was not allowed to sleep over due to not having a boy with me (My son is 28 now), no solos.  Looking forward to the '08 Reunion.  Need Info.

Pat Gaskill

My father Charles J. Hrenchir, crewmember and plank owner, passed away 17 Nov 07.  He served 1943 - 1946.  He so loved talking about his ship.  He was a member of the 20mm gun group and Print Shop.  I visited the ship twice over the last 5 years.  That really brought a sparkle to his eye since he couldn't go.  To Rich Thrash, Bob Walters, Tom Helvig,....thanks for all your work you do for us and the ship.

P. Gaskill

Deogracias S. Fernandez
525 41st St.
San Diego, CA  92102

Can't get any better than this.  Once a Battleship Sailor, always a Battleship Sailor.

Teresa Sumner
803 A Doctors Dr.
Kinston, NC  28501

My dad served on the New Jersey when it was recommissioned in 1968 and was a "participant" in the shellback initiation as well as serving 2 tours in Vietnam.  Just yesterday we were looking at his Equator, Shellback and Plank Certificates for those times.  He retired after 20 years in the Navy.  I can remember being at Long Beach shipyard as a kid when the ship came back and all the sailors were standing on the deck.  Never will forget that.  My dad has always had a special place in his heart for the New Jersey and her crew.  His name is David W. Sumner and he was a Storekeeper.

anthony a
Anthony Mariano
1851 Richardson Dr.
St. Cloud, FL  34771

I just heard today a buddy named Bart Porporra had passed away.  If there are any shipmates on the NJ, here is the address you can write to.  Porporra Venditto, 33 Virginia Ave., Dobbs Ferry, New York 10522.  He was in the Engineering Department from 1952 - 1956.

Patrick Lovato

Crewmember from 1985 - 1988, BM3 5th Division.

Jay Stockwell
Kansas  66030

Just found this site...  Served from 1983 - 1987 on New Jersey.  I sent several e-mails to some who have posted on this log, but they all have been returned as undeliverable.  Any MS's out there???

George P. Rudolph
1435 South Charles St.
Baltimore, MD  21230

I served aboard BB-62 from 1982 - 1986 in B Division.  In my opinion we were the best crew in the U.S. Navy at that time.  Memories of friends and our expedition will be with me always.

GySgt Mark Googins USMC Ret

Served proudly with the MARDET on the Big J from 1984 - 1987.  Great Memories.  Awesome WestPac in 1986.  Fellow Marines who served during that time give me a shout.  Semper Fi.

Billy Brewer

I am a proud plank owner of this fine Lady and her legacy...  I recommissioned her in the early 80's and was a member of FA Division.  I have so many memories...  The refit, Recommissioning Day (President Reagan), Rough Trade, West Pac, The Equator, Secretary of State brings us news at sea, traversing the Ditch, Lebanon, Full Salvo's broadside, The Lottery, The longest time at sea a Naval record (at that time), The return to Long Beach, The celebration, The headlines... 

I am proud of all of those and many more memories...  I would love to hear from any of my old shipmates from the early 80's, until then I bid you all Fair Winds and Smooth Seas.

Cliff F. "Leo" Priset
43 Glazer Dr.
Rochester, NY  14625

I served on the Jersey 1967 - 1969 as a Damage Controlman First Class.  Have visited her twice and will go again.  I have hooked up with a couple of DC-men after more than 30 years, but the years didn't erase any of our good steaming times.  Thanks for the memories.

Jay Parkinson
Austin, TX

Just found this site.  Loved serving on-board for the short time I had, from 1989 - decom.  Was wondering if there are any more Lost Boys out there from G3 Turret 3.  One of the most fun things I got to do was get my Cannoncocker card.  Hope to hear from some of my old shipmates.

Juan Espanta
6902 Eage Cap St.
Bakersfield, CA  93313

Served from 1987 - 1991 in S-2 Division in the Galley.  Memories that will live forever.

Dale M. Prince
2203 Dry Valley Rd.
Charleston, TN  37310

I was a young Sailor in April 1968, had just reported aboard the USS Springfield CLG-7, tied up at Pier 7 in Norfolk, VA.  I woke up one morning and there she was in all her beauty tied up across from the Springfield.  I remember how I wished I was a member of her, but it was not to be.  I said all this to say, all former crew members should cherish, support, and love her for she is still available for you to see, visit, walk, and feel.  She is truly a Historical Landmark for our young generation to see for years to come.

Greg Jacobs
80 Sheep Hill Dr.
West Hartford, CT  06117

I am a member (#11675) of the USCS and have a number of New Jersey covers in my collection.  I hope to get down to Camden to see her in the near future.  For information on Navy Cover collecting go here.

Eddie L. Muller
9310 Running Bear Rd.
Aubrey, TX  76227

I would have liked to have seen the Jersey.  I left Subic Bay P.I. to come back to the states b/f it got there.  It was on the way.

Julie Evans (Jones)

I was an Ombudsman on the New Jersey from June 1989 to June 1990.

David Smith
Las Vegas, NV  89166

I went on a Tiger cruise back in 1984 with my brother Bill Smith, he was in Turret 2 in the Powder Room.  He was with the Big J from reactivation at Long Beach, CA until after the second WestPac.  I am currently in the United States Air Force for over 20 years but remember much about that 1 week Tiger cruise.  During the cruise the ship demonstrated firing of the 16" guns, 5" guns, 20mm Phalanx system... It was great.  Here is my brothers e-mail:

Conrad Pete Johnson
678 Bateman St.
Galesburg, IL  61401

I would be glad to hear from any crew members who served between October 1951 and March 1955.  I worked in the Operations Office and was in "Q" Division.

Earl Pheal

Pushing 1 & 2 and pulling 4, Number 3 Fireroom has the load.

Sally Kraus
198 Tremont St., Number 506
Boston, MA  02116

Cool site.

Dave Ross

What's Up, I sure do miss the ole girl, 1989 - 1991 decommissioning.  Still looking for some old shipmates, talked to a few.  Lee, Rick, Nick and Lisa (some parties at their house!!!) Larnard.  Looking for Ritchie and Ness, (miss them LA Rock Concerts) and Chief Garnett (you still owe me $75.00 ha ha ha).  Keep in touch old shipmates!  Someday I'll make it to New Jersey to see you ole gal.

Carl Hofelt
Long Beach, WA

I served on the 'Jersey from 1982 through 1986.  I was in OE Division.  I'd like to hear from any of my former shipmates.

Bob Baumann

Nice site.

Ernest (Ernie) Jones

Plank Owner CPO Ernest (Ernie) O. Jones of Pittsburgh, PA died in Garden City, MI in October 2006 at age 85.  Interesting Tale...  His Bother Harry was a Navy pilot.  He went aboard the USS Hornet at Ulithi on 2-1-45.  The Big J was also anchored at Ulithi.  Brother Harry went up to the Hornet's Signal Bridge and requested the Signalman to send a message to his bother Erne on the New Jersey.  Harry was advised that the New Jersey was Halsey's flagship and they would not accept personal messages, but he would try...  Harry was in luck, the signalman on the New Jersey was a personal friend of brother Ernie, and he would accept the message.  Very interesting.  Harry previously visited Ernie at the Philadelphia Navy Yard before the New Jersey was commissioned, Ernie predicted that he would meet Brother Harry, out in the Pacific in Mid February 1945.  Amazing, Ernie just missed his prediction by only a few weeks.  This is a true story...  Thanks to the New Jersey for the protection given to the Carriers and Flyers.

W. Thomas Bower
825 Milan Ct.
Marco Island, FL  34145

I would like to hear from anyone who served onboard the New Jersey from 1967 - 1969.  I was a BM3 in 3rd Division (Boat Division).  As you know Agent Orange was sprayed in and around the DMZ and we spent many days on the line in that area.  Agent Orange is a nasty thing and I feel that most of us Blue Water Sailors as the Veterans Administration calls us are entitled to benefits.  The VA says we did not touch ground therefore no benefits we are Blue Water Sailors BS!!  My contention is when Chernobyl exploded in Russia the fallout drifted 3,000 miles to the U.S. and Mt. St. Helen's blew its top and the ash landed on California 500 miles away.  We were 1,000 yards away on line in and around the DMZ where they sprayed the stuff!!  I have Diabetes and was just diagnosed with Prostate Cancer both from Agent Orange!!  The VA says no benefits at this time!  Someone took the VA to court in Arizona and won but the VA is taking it to a higher court.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

PS - Anyone who was topside or near the Big Boys and have hearing loss are entitled to hearing benefits, go for it, you deserve benefits!!

I would like to hear from anyone who has contracted Diabetes Type 2 or Prostate Cancer or any type of disease that they have.  We are entitled to benefits!  Let's get the benefits we deserve!

James Liberty
9 Library Ave.
Auburn, ME  04210

E-3 GMG, Gun Gang Turret #3 Center Gun, 1967 - 1969.  The best ship and the best bunch of guys.  It sure would be nice to get a photo and video exchange.  I never got enough photos.  Let me know if you could send me some.  The first time I was on the mess decks and Turret #3 started firing I thought we got hit.  The noise and pans and lose utensils helped.  I remember one day it seemed like the whole Port Side 5" guns sounded like machine guns.  I think the last gun mount fired around 1,700 hundred rounds.  Shell casings everywhere.  One time I was on the O4 level and Captain Snyder was next to me and I saw my first nine gun salvo and the captain lost his hat.  What a blast and flames like 75' of more and watching the shells spin in the air and wobble seconds after they left the barrels.  Going through the Panama Canal was nice and having women lined up holding signs saying "Give Em Hell Big J."  And many more to be added.

James Miller
4399 Agate Ct.
Middletown, MD  21769

MM Fireman, M Division, #4 Engine Room 1951 - 1955.  Onboard 3 years and 8 months, all spent in Engine Room #4, on a great ship with a great crew.  The best time of my life.  If you remember me, drop me a line.

Perry Roland
Dallas, GA  30132

E-4 Boatswains Mate, 5th Division, Mount 55 from 1989 to decommissioning.  Looking to find old shipmates.

Sally Kraus
198 Tremont St., Number 506
Boston, MA  02116

I enjoyed your site.

Paul G. Dixon
Pensacola, FL

In memory of my Father, Hugh Gregory Dixon, former crew member and plank owner.  Thoughts and Prayers with all who have served and are serving today, as we approach the Independence holiday. 

Robb Sawin
600 West Freeman St., #120
Carbondale, IL  62901

Would love to hear from former shipmates, mainly guys from the 6th Division 1987 - 1991 era.  A new website has been created for veterans of 6th Division and plans are now underway to try and get a 6th Division reunion going in July 2008 in Philadelphia.  contact me for web site address and reunion info!  I served in 6th Division from 1987 - 1989.

William O. (Bill) Feild
11700 Pine Creek Ct.
Aledo, TX  76008-3672

I proudly served onboard the Jersey from February 1968 (Precommissioning) to November 1969 (Decommissioning).  Would love to hear from any of my old "R" Division shipmates from the Vietnam conflict era.

Michael Brackin

1983 - 1986 a member of M Division, "A" Gang #4 Fireroom, and #4 Engine Room.

Timothy Cooper

I'm looking for anyone who was in A Gang from 1984 to 1987.  Would like to talk to them and find out what's been going on in their lives.  Thanks for the memories Big J.

Richard Schaniel

My father was on the New Jersey during the Korean War and received a Purple Heart while serving in the Navy.  I am very proud of him.

John Morgan
Standish, ME

Was onboard in Viet Nam era in S2 and then FA Division as FTG3.

Leon Tucker, Jr.
Jersey City, NJ  07304

Served from 9/1987 to 11/1990.  Assigned to G Division.  Turret One Gun Captain.  I do miss the underway periods.  I have visited the Big "J" in Camden twice.  For all of you who know me, write back.  WETSU!

Doug O. Mea
Modesto, CA  95356

Would love to hear from FM Division Vietnam era.

CWO4 Frederic P. Pokrant
USN (Ret)
1151 Comanche Path
Bandera, TX  78003-4212

Extremely Honored to Serve on the BIG "J" (The Battleship) from November 1981 to July 1983.

Brian Bendle

Semper Fi fellow jarheads, just found this site.  Great Duty, Great Ship, Better Marines!  Drop me an e-mail anytime at, would love to hear from the ol' gang and what you're up to.

M. Warheit

My father was on this ship during the Vietnam War, George Russel Warheit.

Andres Roman Delgado
4301 Gardenia Ave.
Long Beach, CA  90807

I served from 1987 to 1990 with the Marines.  I would like to hear from former shipmates.

Andres Roman Delgado
4301 Gardenia Ave.
Long Beach, CA  90807

I served with the MarDet from 1987 to 1990.  I retired from the Marine Corps last year.  Time has past but friendships like Frankie Marin and Antonio Gonzales, Jr. have lasted.  I would like to hear from former shipmates.

Glenn M. Woods
367 S. Watt St.
Chillicothe, OH  45601

Served aboard during the second tour of Korea in the FA Division, looking forward to visiting her this year.

Sally Kraus
198 Tremont St., Number 506
Boston, MA  02116

I liked your site.

Matt Reed
1445 Ridgeland
Sparks, NV  89434

In 24 years of the USN, never saw a better crew or ship.  BB-62 Dec 1982 - March 1986, and BB-64 June 1989 - Decom - 1991.  Retired out on June 3, 2003 ENCS (SW).

Mike Fisher

I was privileged to have served onboard the Big J from 1986 until 1989 in Turrets 1 and 3.  I was honored to have worked with some of the finest Gunners and Marines during that time.  She was the finest Battleship, with the finest crews to have ever served.  God Bless, and remember "Rest Well, yet sleep lightly.  So that when the alarm rings to provide Firepower for Freedom".  (I think that's how it went...)  I would like to hear from everyone.

Donald Brooks
880 S. Beach Blvd.
Anaheim, CA  92804

Served on the Big "J" from 11/84 - 2/88 as Engineering Log Room Yeoman.

Elmer Kohlhafer, Jr.
1306 Harbour View Dr.
Kill Devil Hills, NC  27948

Would like to hear from shipmates who served from 1950 - 1953.  I attended the reunions of 2003 and 2005.  Will share information of shipmates I have been in touch with and the ones I know have passed on.

Steve Tierney
221 Marry Ingles Hwy.
Melburne, KY  41059

Looking for Manual Trohealow and anyone in the 1st Division from 1985 - 1989.

Peter Jensen
2307 Church Rd.
Bowie, MD  20721

Onboard from 1967 - 1969, served in H Division.  Please add to Mailing List.

Jim Miller
4399 Agate Ct.
Middletown, MD  21769

I am a member of the New Jersey Vets.  I'm looking for Artie Downs of New York City.  If you see this, e-mail me, or call me at (301) 371-0749.

David Schill
132 Harding Ave.
Moorestown, NJ  08057-1014

Son of Battleship New Jersey Shipbuilder.  Would like to ensure that you have my father listed in your database because he helped build the USS New Jersey.  I suggest a department entitled Ship Builders and seek others who may still be alive who built this ship.  CAN DO!

Willam O. (Bill) Feild
11700 Pine Creek Court
Aledo, TX  76008-3672

I proudly served on USS New Jersey from March 1967 - decommissioning in November 1969.  Proud Plankholder.  Many great memories of my Viet Nam tour.  Served as SFP3 in R Division under W.O. "Bill" Partain.  I set up and maintained the pipefitter storeroom down on Broadway.  Would like to hear from any of my old shipmates.  Serving on New Jersey was one of my best tours in the Navy.  I'm planning a trip to visit her in 2008 and possibly making my first USS New Jersey reunion in 2008 as well.  Hope to hear from any old shipmates I served with in Nam.

Edward Marrerootero
874 Collinswood Dr.
Jacksonville, FL  32225

I had the honor to serve on the New Jersey from 1984 - 1989, Deck Department.  Today, 22 years later, I'm at Commander Navy Region Southeast as a BMCS.  All the great times are memories well kept.  God Bless.

Jorge Gonzales
198 Tremont St., Number 506
Boston, MA  02116

Please add to Mailing List.

William M. Lovenberg
19 N. Olympia Dr.
Waretown, NJ

Best time of my life.  I served as an EM-3 working in the Distribution Shop and Power Shop.  I served from late 1985 to 1987, I got onboard in Pusan, Korea.  finished out the WestPac, and rode her back to Long Beach.  We went in to the yards and I got off in November 1987.  I have a lot of great pictures.  I did attend the opening ceremonies in Camden.

Sally Kraus
198 Tremont St., Number 506
Boston, MA  02116

Cool Site.

Lee Raider  (EM3)
564 Waterford Dr.
Chico, CA  95973

I served onboard from 1987 - 1991 in E Division.  My GQ Station was AFT Fire Team for Boiler and Engine Rooms.  I would like to get in touch with any of the New Jersey Jokers Softball Team that played in the years 1988 - 1991.

James Larry Hicks
Texarkana, AR  78154

Served on Big J for a few months in 1968 - 1969.  Made the Midshipman's cruise to San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma, Pearl Harbor, San Diego and back to Long Beach.  Helped to onload powder and ammo at Seal Beach for the next WestPac, but it didn't happen, so helped to offload everything we had loaded.  Made the final cruise to Bremerton to help decommission the Grand Old Lady.  Got my next orders for a DDG.  What a step down in class.  I loved the Big J.  I was a gunners Mate assigned to Turret #1.  Antonio Appolonio from NYC, Doug Alley from Maine, and William Butler from Boston were my best buds.  Like to hear from any of them.

BM3 Alamos
San Diego, CA

I miss all my buddies that served with me onboard from 1985 - 1987, hope some of you read this and respond.  I would love to hear from you guys.  God Bless.

Bryan Fedor
Warrington, PA  18976

Served on the Big J from 1987 to Decommissioning, then moved on to the Mighty Mo.  Started in 3rd Division, cranked in the laundry, and struck into GM Division.  Anyone out there remember me?

Matthew McCann
481 Cooper Dr.
Warminster, PA  18974

Hi my name is Matt and my grandpa served on a minesweeper.  He would tell us about a time that his captain let him dock the ship, while doing this he hit the USS New Jersey and it was a big deal.  I was hoping that it would be written in one of the Ships Logs, if you could help me in any way I would greatly appreciate it.  You can reach me at (215) 672-7363.

Phillip D. the boot Wells
4703 Landis St.
San Diego, CA  92105-2807

I was on the New Jersey from November 1953 to February 1956 in the FM Division.  I visited the ship in November 2005.  It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Jim Dobson
198 Tremont St., #506
Boston, MA  02116

Please add to Mailing List.

Eddie Owsley
828 Snow Farm Rd.
Newbern, TN  38059

I have a friend that served on the USS NJ, BB-62.  His name is Alan Lybdal Hollingsworth.  I would be interested in knowing if anyone remembers him. I don't know exactly when he served on the ship.

CWO2 Russ Farmer
15453 Amber Pointe Dr.
Victorville, CA  92394-5531

Went aboard this Fine and Great Lady in December 1981, as an MS2 and member of the recommissioning crew.  After serving aboard "Tin Cans" the Big J rode like a Cadillac, even in rough seas.  So many memories, from the 90-day shakedown cruise that lasted 11 months, Beirut, and the pride in wearing our uniforms with the ships patch on the shoulder, "USS NEW JERSEY."  The camaraderie of the commissioning crew, I never experienced again in my Navy career.  Nothing ever matched my tour aboard her; Dec 1981 - July 1985.

John Scott
Cypress, CA

I was in Fireroom #3 between 1982 and 1988.  Anybody still out there?

Roy Gussman
North Hollywood, CA  91603

I am submitting this for our father who served during the Korean War period.  Irwin Gussman RDSN (1929 - 2001).  He knew how to play bridge so he ate and traveled very well with the bosses.  To a great man from your Three Kids.  2007

BM1 W.R. Posey
12568 Posey Hollow Rd.

Docked the New Jersey in Subic Bay during the Vietnam War.  Also hauled Ammo Barge to her for service.  I was on YTM 369.

Frederick Miller, PH1, USN Ret.
Ballston Spa, NY

The information below was posted on the guest book of


Name:  Tom Beitz CV-67 (1973 - 1975)
Comments:  Greetings all.  May the New Year be better than the last.  I am asking a question that has been asked before, but hopefully there will be some new answers.  I want to donate my darkroom to the USS New Jersey (BB-62) berthed in Camden, NJ.  They want to restore the lab to the 1981 - 1993 configuration.  I can guess from the plates on the electrical panel that there was a King Concept Processor and where an enlarger was, probably a D5, but I have no clue as to the office space or any other equipment that might have been there.  I really could use some photos of the spaces and any and all other information.  Were the spaces photographed for record purposes before it was mothballed?  Where might they be, who might have custody of the photos?  Thanks in advance for any information.


If there are any Photo Mates that served on the New Jersey, please go to the guest book and send Tom Beitz an e-mail - BTW - this was Entry 244.  

Chris Cook
Anderson, IN  46013

All Marines from 1982 to 1984 contact me.  Thanks Jarheads!

Robert Littlefield/Tammi Brown

I am looking to hear from anyone that knew of, or was involved in, the search and incident that took place in Naples, Italy in April of 1984.  Robert L. Littlefield, SH3, USS New Jersey (BB-62) was last seen in Naples, Italy.  The ship was enroute back to Long Beach, CA.  The family is still trying to solve this mystery.  Please e-mail!  We would like to hear any bit of information that anyone might remember.  Thanks, Tammi.

Clinton C. Hopkins
816 Prince St.
Bristol, VA  24201

Looking for information on J.B. Gossett.

Larry Cooper
198 Tremont St., #506
Boston, MA

Served in 1982, please add to Mailing List.

Charles Whatley
23423 Highway 59, Apt 2004
Kingwood, TX  77339

I am seeking information on a close friend of mine that passed away last year.  He told me stories of when he was sixteen years old and lied about his age to enlist in the Navy during WW II.  His name is Brian King and he was a gun director on the New Jersey.  If you know where I can view a crew list or find information on him I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you very much, C. Whatley.

Felix Pizzulli

Please add to Mailing List.

James Richard Anderson
New York, NY

I am submitting this for my father who passed away.  He was a "Plank-Owner" and served in the Pacific from 1942 - 1946.  He started loading the 16 inchers and ended up as a fire control man for the rear turret.  After the war he finished high school and went to college and law school and finished his career as a Judge.  Thought you would like to know.  I have a solid nickel ring that he said was made from a bolt from a watertight door.

BM2 Floyd W. Robinson
1512 Nicklaus Dr.
Fayetteville, NC  28303

I was onboard from 1985 to 1988 in the 6th Division.  BMC Lapid was our leading Chief.  I enjoyed working on the 40 foot utility boats, painting and preserving them.  Can't wait until the next reunion, I'll be there.

Bruce Marx
Las Vegas, NV

Served from May 1986 to May 1989, #1 Engine Room.  Would like to hear from those I served with.

Eric Heinen
113 Bates St.
Steele, MO  63877

I served aboard the New Jersey from June 1968 until December 1968.  While in Pearl Harbor September 10th, I received my Silver Star Medal for service in-country Vietnam, October 25, 1967, from Admiral John S. McCain.  I was a GMG3 and in 5th Division.

Larry Damigella

I was onboard from 1968 - 1969.  I recommissioned and decommissioned her.  I served in #4 Engine Room.  I'm still a good looking guy.

Nathan Baker
886 County Road 39
Fremont, OH  43420

My grandfather served on the New Jersey.  I never got to meet him, he died at a young age. I don't even have much of his stuff.  His name was Ray Habel.  For any of you that served with him or may have known him, please send me an e-mail or write me.  Meeting up with his old shipmates was something he was working hard on when he died.  Now I would like to hear from some of you who may have known him.  I never chose the military like he did, I felt my place was to serve in law Enforcement.

Ben Davis
10817 Stabler Ln.
Houston, TX  77076

Brother to former crewman Forrest H. Heck, Jr. (Korea).  Thank-you for including his name in taps, the New Jersey will always have a special space in my heart and for the brave crewman who served her.  Gods Speed, gy/sgt. B. Davis, USMC, retired.

Benjamin Pasgenski, BM2, USN

I boarded the USS Iowa on 2-23-1943.  All of 1943 was on the Atlantic, then 1-1-1944 with the New Jersey to the Pacific, then all the action except Iwo.  In 1946 the Jersey tied up to our Starboard side.  I left the Iowa in September for discharge 12-23-1946.

Bob Dingman ("Ding")
Laconia, NH  03246

I served in E Division during Vietnam ('67 - '69).  Over the past few years myself and other E Division crewmembers have been very successful in locating and contacting other former shipmates from E Division.  Last year (Sept 2005) 24 of us reunited at the USS New Jersey Veterans Association Reunion in Philadelphia and spent a very memorable 4-5 days together.  We spent a day on the ship, had an E Division Party on Friday night, thanks to Steve Sheehan, at a local Irish Pub (Captain Snyder and his wife Mary Louise, graciously accepted our invitation and attended their first E Division party), attended the Association's daily tours of the area sites and attended the Saturday night Dinner Dance.


The reunion next year will be in San Diego in August and in 2008, we will be back in Philly.  Look at George Stavros' post below for more information on the Association.


If you are a former Vietnam Era E Division shipmate, please contact me.  So far, we have been in contact with over 80 of the 130+ former E Division crewmembers who served on this great ship during Vietnam.  Any former crewmember from any era should contact the Association to find your former buddies.  Please look through this website and the Association's website, you may recognize many of the names listed.  In 2008, we would like to increase our numbers of EMs and IC men getting together in Philly.  Remember "FFBBR"

Mike Shellenberger, CWO3, USN
Munford, TN

My first tour of duty was onboard this great ship from October 1986 - September 1987 as an FN in #1 Fireroom, I only had 11 months onboard due to medical issues.  The first time I saw "her" was at Pier 6 in Long Beach.  "The Mighty Moe" was on one side and the "Big J" was on the other.  At 19 and green, I was in shock to see how big she was close-up.  She will always be the greatest ship I have ever served on in my Navy career.  Being able to see the massive power of the 16" guns firing will always be with me!  "Firepower for Freedom"!!!

Steve Sundes
Placentia, CA  92870

Proudly served from March 1985 to March 1989 in #1 Engine Room...  Would love to hear from some of my old buddies.

George J. Stavros
6046 SW 25th St. 
Portland, OR  97239-2081

Any NJ veteran is welcome to join the USS New Jersey Veterans Association.  The association has held annual reunions each year for the last 18 years and they are a blast.  Reunite with shipmates from WW II, Korea, Vietnam and Lebanon eras.  We meet again next August in San Diego and then in 2008 at THE SHIP!  Join the association today for $20 a year and reconnect with your shipmates!  Subscribe to The Jerseyman  and Jersey Bounce for free.  Info on

Allen Henderzahs

I was on board BB-62 from July 1982 until August 1984 in the First Division.  Looking for Marty Wallace, Kevin Fleener and Roger Hughes.

Margie Phillips

My brother, Shaun Myers, served on the "Jersey" during her time in Nam.  He was there when she got hit and we were all upset since we (family) did not know how badly she was hit for anything for some time.  He loved that ship as we all did.  We lived in Bremerton growing up and were always on the "Mighty Mo" almost every weekend we got the chance.  Since the shipyard was right there we got to go aboard other ships that would come in and have an open house.  I was fortunate that I had the privilege to go to Seattle-Tacoma and ride out to the ship as my brother's guest for lunch and a tour.  We all love the "Gray Ghost" and feel she could do a lot more for our country than be mothballed.  Cried when I found out she was leaving home (Bremerton), never the same she was always berthed next to the "Mo" and then they are both gone.  I wanted to represent my brother since  I was not able to find an entry from him.  He was a boilermaker or something like that and was in Nam with her until decommissioning I think.  So thank-you Great Lady from Margie and Shaun Myers.

Fred Denning

I served as a BT2 from 1987 - 1989.  What an honor and memory!  God Bless America!

Theodore R. Berry, Sr.
5553 Belmar Terrace
Philadelphia, PA  19143-4701

Please add to Mailing List.

Tim Parker
Portland, OR

I just wanted to express my appreciation to all who made the E-Division Reunion / Ships Tour such a pleasurable and memorable event this past Saturday, 8/5/2006!!  She looks Terrific, the Docents were Outstanding and so was the Ships Store, Bravo Zulu!!

Harold Fry
Toms River, NJ

I served aboard the USS New Jersey from January 1951 thru February 1953 as an Electronics Tech, then transferred to the Old Mississippi to finish my enlistment.  She was in Brooklyn Navy Yard when she was put back in service for Korea.  We did ground support for the Army and later were in Wonson Harbor when she got shelled.  I had photos but they have been lost over the years.  I haven't been to any of the reunions and have yet to visit the "Old Girl" in Camden even though I live in NJ.  Most of my shipmates were Reservists that had been called up and couldn't wait to get out.  The only one I ever heard from was Jim Reeve and he passed away last year.  This is a great site.

Bill Young

Served 1983 to 1985 in Engineering B Division, Boiler Repair Shop, with some of the hardest working men ever.  Haze, Gray and Underway!  Would love to hear from B Division.

731 N. County Road 575 East
Milan, IN  47301

I served aboard her from 1983 until 1986, and it was an honor to do so!

Seth Dotson

Dear New Jersey Volunteers,

I stayed onboard as a scout camper in 2004.  Most of the museum areas looked like they had just been completed and several areas of the ship were being restored.  I still fell in love with the ship though.  I check the website regularly for new photos of the ongoing work.  I'd just like to say that you guys are doing INCREDIBLE work.  There is a huge difference between how the ship looked during my stay and what I see in your photos.  I can't wait to see how the new deck will look.  I also hope to make a return trip soon so I can appreciate your progress in person, but until then keep the photos coming.

350 Glenview St.
Philadelphia, PA  19149

Please add to Mailing List.

Don Edwards
Johnson City, NY  13790

I was aboard the Big J from 1945 to 1946.  I was a Fireman 1st in Number 2 Fireroom, had a Great Time!!!

Cosmo Mirizio
612 Wire Mill Rd.
Stamford, CT  06903

Am looking for anyone who has any information regarding (Poncho) from Woodside Queens, NY.  He served 1952 - 1956, 6th Division, Gunners Mate.  Anyone who knows of him, please contact me by e-mail.

Charles R. Taliaferro

Don't throw that American Flag into the trash!


Do you have an old and frazzled flag lying around your home or office and you just don't know what to do with it?  Then send it to us!  We will properly dispose of it according to Federal laws.


Who are we?  Visit us at for details about the Gang, what we are doing to help veterans and our soldiers overseas and giving proper respect for Old Glory.


The Kitchen Table Gang Trust will retire your tattered, worn out and frayed American Flags with honor!  Anything else is desecration!  Just send your flags to the non-profit Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93638-8866 and we will dispose of your flags in a proper and dignified manner with full honors and dignity pursuant to the U.S. Flag Code, Section 8K (PL93-344).  The Kitchen Table Gang (formed 15 years ago) is a "rag-tag" bunch of patriotic military types helping hospitalized veterans and soldiers overseas.


Our flag retirement ceremonies are held Flag Day, June 14th each year and are conducted by GySgt Dan Kelley, USMC and an all Volunteer Military Honor Guard with Boy Scouts assisting.  The Kitchen Table Gang Trust also has a nationally recognized educational program for our young people and students, teaching them the history, traditions and respect for our national emblem.


When you send us a Flag, we'd sure appreciate it if you would enclose a tax deductible donation for this service which allows us to continue and expand our many programs.  We do good things with your contributions.  We are located at the junction of Highway 41 and Avenue 12, just down from the world famous Red, White and Blue Barn on the way to Yosemite National Park.  Send us your Flags!

Kenneth Little
1316 Windmoor Dr.
Katy, TX  77449

I reported aboard November 1981 and was assigned to #2 Engine Room.  I served aboard her until July 1985.  I miss her and the great bunch of guys I had the pleasure to serve with.  God Bless them all.

Brannon Wiggins
12541 Bundic Rd.
North Zulch, TX  77872

My husbands grandfather was named Roy Lee Pyle, nicknamed "RIP."  He was on the USS New Jersey during WW II from January 1946 to December 1947.  He was a Seamen First Class in the Navy.  We would like ANY information from this time period and if anyone has pictures OH MY GOSH!!!  We would love to have copies!!!  If anyone knew RIP during this time period PLEASE contact us!!!  RIP passed in 2002, and we are trying to put together memory books for the future generations!  Thank-you!!!

Benjamin Pasgenski, BM2 USN
248 Barmont Dr.
Greece, NY  14626-1605

I was on the USS Iowa from February 23, 1943 to December 23, 1946.  The BB-62 tied up to our Starboard side in 1946 so I got to go onboard a lot.  The crew had to board the Iowa to go ashore at that time.

Tom Lepone
4061 Higbee St.
Philadelphia, PA  19135

I was watching a History Channel show about the Big "J."  The Captain of the New Jersey was talking to a soldier, during the Vietnam War.  His unit had been under heavy attack, and he said, "if it hadn't been for the Big "J", they would have zapped our asses!!"  Battleships are obsolete?  I think not!!

Clifford E. Polley
Mooresville, IN

In 1959 I was stationed at Bayonne, NJ where the great Battle Wagon (New Jersey) laid in mothballs.  Sometimes we would go aboard to get supplies that were on board.  I went on to serve aboard the Newport News, but I'll always remember walking the wooden decks of #62.  I do have a few pictures from 1959 - 1960 if anyone is interested.

Joel Plunkett
11612 Norman Montion Dr.
El Paso, TX  79936

Served onboard from 1987 to 1991, was GM2 and worked on the 5" 38 Gun Mounts in G-4 Division.  I still talk to a few shipmates from the New Jersey, but would like to hear from more.  I retired as a Chief Gunners Mate in 2003, and the duty station I remember the most in my 20 years of service is the Jersey.  Hope to hear from some old shipmates soon.

Scott Miller, MR1 Ret.
Poquoson, VA

I served onboard from November 1984 - April 1989.  For most of my tour I was the LPO of the Machine Shop (EA09).  It was definitely the highlight of my career.  There are a lot of good memories there.  We had a saying in the shop "If We can't Fix It - It's Not Broke."  There were a lot of long days and short nights, but I would not have missed it for the world.  Thanks for the memories.

Jack Miles
1206 Beach Ln.
Manahawkin, NJ  08050

I was in the Machine Shop from 1952 - 1956, I would like to hear from my former shipmates.  One of my jobs was to gauge the size of the 16-inch guns.  I had a rope tied to my feet and one on my hand so they could pull me thru the barrel.

John J. Block
601 Feature Dr.
Sacramento, CA  

My father, who served proudly on the New Jersey during World War II (Quartermaster 3rd Class, 1944 - 1946), died May 31, 2006.  He so much enjoyed talking about the New Jersey and battles they were in.  He used to go to reunions, but as time went on he was the only one left.  I followed in my father's footsteps (inspired by my pride of him and his service) and joined the U.S. Navy as soon as I was legally of age to do so, but in the Submarine Service.  His entire family is proud of him, he will be missed.

Robert J. Block (son)

Allen Donald Tallman

I was aboard the New Jersey as a Staff Photographer to Vice Admiral J.J. (Jocko) Clark in 1953 until Wisconsin came to relieve New Jersey (Korean War).  I worked with the ships photographers.  Don Tallman, Ex PH1, U.S. Navy

Joseph E. Funk
3203 Devonshire Rd.
Waldorf, MD  20601

Onboard from September 1950 - January 1952.

Tony Mariano
1851 Richardson Dr.
St. Cloud, FL  34771

I am an old timer, I served on the NJ from 1952 - 1956.  I was in the Boiler Room for the first two years and as a 3rd Class I was in Engine Room #2.  I have been to see the ship about three years ago and they have a picture of me on the wall with a pile of other guys.  The ship still looks good to me, I wish I was 19 years old and could do it all over again.  It's a Great Ship.

Michael W. Knies
1715 Winding Hollow Dr.
Columbus, OH  43223

I served on the Big J in 1968 in G Division.  I was part of the gun crew of Turret One, Center Gun.  I hope to visit the Grand Old Lady one more time soon.

Ron Muir

I saw the New Jersey in Long Beach in the late 60s.  I was on the Ozborn, DD-846.

Steve Jackson

I served with the Marine Detachment on the New Jersey from 1986 to 1988.  Currently there is a Korean Defense Service Medal out there for those who served in Korea (retroactive to 28 July 1954) or within 12 miles of the shoreline to a date to be determined.  It seems this medal would be for those who served in that area after the Korean War period.  Those who served during the Korean War received a different medal.  The requirement is to be in the area of eligibility for 30 consecutive days or 60 non-consecutive, or meet other eligibility requirements I found at the link below.


I am trying to find out exactly when the USS New Jersey was in port Korea or within 12 miles of the shoreline during our WestPac deployment in 1986.  I know we made port calls in Inchon (twice) and Pusan, but I don't know if we were in the eligibility area for 30 consecutive days.  I know we were in the area for quite a while.  I could request a copy of the New Jersey's Decklog from the Ships History Branch in Washington, D.C., but it is expensive and time consuming.  Anyone who can verify our time there, please e-mail me.  Perhaps someone who worked in navigation, etc.  The source documentation needs to be in writing.

Charles W. Horton, Jr.
288 S.E. Dimick St.  #24
Dallas, Oregon  97338-1686

Hello sailors from my past.  I think that this is the best site from all of my searching.  I hope this will get a reply from my former Radio Central Gang.  I had spoken to RMCS Weldon Rye, retired two months ago.  I was informed about a former Radioman Hill and his unfortunate end.  I really would love to hear from someone that served with me in Radio Central from 1986 - 1988.  Best Wishes for you all out there!

John Schrader
Norman Shores, MI

Just want to say "Hello" to fellow shipmates.  Was aboard the Jersey in 1969 and was aboard through completion of the decommissioning in Bremerton, WA.  I was an FTGSN in FA Division.  Many great memories!  I must admit duty on Big "J" kinda spoiled me.  Went from there to a tin can, what a let-down!  I felt like I got demoted!  Hope to make a trip to NJ to visit her soon.

Kyle Ryan

Well, I'm currently 17 years old, meaning I've never served in the armed forces (yet) however perhaps some of you know my grandfather, H.M. Palmer, Fireman 1st Class.  He served from 1942 - 1945 on the USS Dyess, USS New York and USS New Jersey.  Perhaps someone old enough might remember him.  If any of you are interested in a war game that involves WW II Battleships, contact me.

Tommy L. Grant

I was a crew member from December 1984 until April 1989, the best tour of duty that I had in my 30 years of service, BZ to all.

Tom Lepone
4061 Higbee St.
Philadelphia, PA  19135

I was thinking that it would be really cool if one of the BIG" J" sites had an icon which produced the sound of it's 16-inch guns firing.  Maybe it would generate more interest in the ship.

Jamie Bryant
481 John C. Calhoun Dr.
Orangeburg  29115

My grandfather, Charles Augustus Howell Jr., was one of the first men to serve on the USS New Jersey in World War II and I was just wondering if anybody might have known him.  He was a Gyro from 1942 to 1945.

Robert Zuverink

I was aboard the Jersey from 1986 through 1989.  I was in #3 Engine Rom (Main Control).  I Learned a lot on that ship!!  We are the best trained people in the world!!  I've done the same job in a power plant for the past 14 years.  I also met my wife in Long Beach in 1989.  Hope to hear from some old crew mates!!!

Kevin Cooksey

My father (Duane Cooksey) served in the Korean conflict and spoke very highly of his tour on the New Jersey.  He was in Turret #1.  I would like to hear from anybody that knew him.

Brien Leslie
ZigZag, OR

I would like to say hello to my shipmates in A Gang!  I was on that awesome ship from 1982 - 1986, it was one hell of a ride!  One of the best times of my life!  I was one of 150 sailors who's name was not drawn from the lottery to get a flight home.  I saw every port.  I hope you guys are doing well!  Big B.

John Lane
44 Hawke Ln.
Danville, NH  03819

Onboard 1968 - 1969, GQ station was #2 Fireroom.  I'm doing all right, but those days will be with me forever.

02/15/2006  or
Bruce Collins
6634 Frankenberger Dr.
Indianapolis, IN  46237

I was one of the crew members when President Reagan commissioned the New Jersey in December 1982.  Onboard from 1982 - 1985, GQ station was 5/38" Mount.

Tony Mariano
1851 Richardson Dr.
St. Cloud, FL  34771

I have a new e-mail address now.  I'm sill looking for an old shipmate named Nick Cagnino.  We went aboard the ship in 2003 - Thanks for the memories, Tony M.

Gusto Caluza
21 N. Riley Ave.
Indianapolis, IN  46201

Please add to Mailing List.

Darrell Easterbrook, Jr.
123 Plum St.
Bolivar, NY  16915

I was wondering if anybody knew my father, Darrell Easterbrook.  He was on the USS New Jersey, I think around 1968, can anybody help me?

Leonard LaViscount

Greetings to my fellow shipmates.  I served on the grand old lady from 1953 to 1955.  I was an Electrician's Mate Second Class.  Any of you guys who used to get in trouble with me in Japan's Harbor Light Bar out there?  I would like to hear from anyone who was onboard during that time and chat about the old days in the Med... Spain, France, Turkey.  Ralph McQuade, Frank Moletti and my Eskimo buddy Chibitinoy, who got caught sleeping in the Admiral's quarters on the O8 level... are you out there?

Tim Reardon

Hope all is well, great to hear all the former crew members stories.  Everyone have a safe and happy New Year!

Kelly Lassiter
Edenton, NC

I'd like to know any information about George Reid Lane who served on the New Jersey in WW II.  I'd like any information about him at all.

IC2 Felix Bautista
Yukon, OH

E-Division Reunion for Early 1980's Crew - My name is IC Felix Bautista.  I served onboard the Big J from 1982 to 1985 in the Forward IC Shop, Aft IC Shop and Sound Power Shop.  Serving onboard the New Jersey was one of the greatest times of my life.  I am trying to locate any IC or EM from E-Division that served onboard the New Jersey in the early 1980's.  We are going to be having a reunion for E-Division in August of 2006.  If you were a part of that E-Division crew and are interested in attending the reunion, please contact me for more information.

Dick Wunderlinn
9962 V Ave.
Schoolcraft, MI  49087

Onboard from November 1950 through December 1951, worked in the Laundry and Ice Cream Store.  I'm looking for the book on our cruise "Salvo", Cheap!

Michael Pappas
New York

My father Gus Pappas served on the New Jersey in WW II.  He passed away in 1993.  Any fellow shipmates that remember him, and care to write back, we would love it.  Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Jerry Barker
301 VZCR 2621
Wills Point, TX  75169

I served with the Marine Detachment from 1987 - 1989.

Mark W. Roman USMC (Ret)
405 Sugarberry Ct.
Edgewood, MD  21040

While serving in the Marine Corps from 1980 - 2000 I tried in vain to be assigned to sea duty aboard Big J.  Once President Reagan unveiled his plan to recommission the Iowa Class BBs, I wanted badly to serve in a Marine Detachment aboard one, specifically the New Jersey.  But, to my disappointment, my requests to attend Sea Duty School were never approved.  I regret not having the opportunity to experience that part of Marine duty, so storied in our history.  Semper Fi!!

Blair Laackman
3820 Whispering Way, Apt 203
Grand Rapids, MI  49546

Onboard in 1969, served in 4th Division, Deck Port Side.  I would like to find others from my time onboard.  I would also like to tour the Battleship now that she has a home in New Jersey.  Please send information and write to me.  Thanks

Harley Bledsoe

RM3 - USS New Jersey (BB-62)  1989 - 1990
RM3 - USS Missouri (BB-63)  1990 - Decommissioning
RM2 - NAFAC Widbey Island, WA
RM1 - Plankowner USS McFaul

Out of the Navy Network Engineer BellSouth.  WETSU Battleship Sailors, a breed apart!  E-mail me.

Tenney Boyer
5019 Hidden Oaks Ln.
Arlington, TX  76017

Onboard from 1956 - 1957, served in FA Division.  I really enjoy The Jerseyman, keep up the great work.  I was drafted into the Navy November 20, 1955 and only served 21 months.  Served 18 months on the Big J and am proud to have been a very small part of her history.  I have been to both shipboard reunions and will keep coming back as long as possible.

Bill Groulx
90 Hicks Hill Rd.
Ashland, NH  03217

I served on the New Jersey when it was put back into commission for the Vietnam War.  I worked in the Print Shop as a lithographer.  I saw the write-up recently on the New Jersey in the Weirs Times which is published in the Lakes Region (Winnipesaukee) of New Hampshire.

Tim Flynn
6834 Magnolia
St. Louis, MO  63143

Served aboard NJBB from 1981 - 1985.  Came aboard as SR and left an SM2 when I reenlisted.  Sure would like to find some of the old SMs that were aboard during that time.  I found Hammond, Covell, and Shields, but can't seem to find anyone else.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of Eddie Moore, Chief Newell, Marty Blackman, Jerry Stewart or Mike D'Angelo please get ahold of me.  Also, please add me to the Mailing List.  And remember...  AD28!!!  (The SMs will know what that is!)

Fred Foster
Chardon, OH

Onboard from 1985 - 1988, served in 6th Division, Boats / Captains Gig.  Just wanted to say hey to any fellow shipmates out there!!  Firepower for Freedom!!

63 Pine Ave.
Mt. Gretna, PA  17064

Onboard from 1951 - 1955, served in FA Division and worked in Secondary Plot.  Please add to Mailing List.

Gary Palmer

My father H.M. Paul Palmer (Buzz) served on the New Jersey during WW II.  Prior to serving on the New Jersey, he served on the USS New York.  After the New Jersey he served at the Escort Repair Base, Trinidad British West Indies.  He was also a Plank Owner on the USS Dyess.

He passed away in 1989.  I continued the Navy tradition and served on the USS Newport News (CA-148) from 1971 - 1972.  If anyone remembers my father, I'd love to hear from you.  I'm writing a book that is based on a lot of the stories my dad told me.  Thanks.

Roger Lockwood
248 Hamilton Rd.
Mt. Morris, MI  48458

I recently visited "MY" old ship, on which I served from 1950 - 1952 as 1stSgt of the Marine Detachment.  What memories the visit brought back.  The experience of once again walking the decks (above and below) was a great thrill for my wife and me.  The gentleman that greeted us on the quarterdeck was very polite and helpful and, even though I can't remember his name, I wish to thank him.  At the age of 86 (my wife 84) we climbed ladders to remembered spaces, even though there have been many changes to the "Jersey Bounce".  I logged in and now I wish to offer best wishes to all who have served on the ship and those who have passed on.  I not only am proud of having been a Marine but also very proud to be a part of the heritage of the New Jersey.

ICC Brian L. King (Ret)

Sound Power Shop and Forward IC as IC-1.

J. Miles Cary
Knoxville, TN

Served as a PH-2 from February of 1968 to December of 1969.  Best Ship, Best Crew and Best Commanding Officer in the Navy, Capt. J. Edward Snyder, Jr.

Thomas Grau

Please add to Mailing List.

Andrew Gale
Levittown, PA

It was a great experience.  I never expected it to be so big.  I think I may ask for a sleepover for my Birthday.

ENC Bobby R. Smith (Ret.)
Hot Springs, AR

Wonderful memories, so much so I did it one more time on the USS Wisconsin (BB-64).  Retired in `94, after 30 years....

David Andino
Milton, PA

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my shipmates that were on the USS New Jersey with me from 1983 to 86...  It was a memorable tour while fighting in Beirut, Lebanon.  The pride on this ship is second to none and I am proud to have served in the United States Navy and on the Best Ship in the Fleet...  Memories are true and special in my heart...  I have a lot of photos during those times...  It will always be treasured and I will never forget BB-62.

Arturo Ortiz
1292 Beaver Way
La Verne, CA  91750

I was an MS3 from 1989 - 1991.  I'm proud to have served on the great New Jersey.  To this day it hurts me to know she is no longer in service.  I was part of the last crew of the Battleship New Jersey, BB-62.

BM1 SW Charles Brown

Shipmates of the Big J.  I served with you guys during the Beirut deployment.  On loan from your sister USS Iowa, BB-61.  As a matter of fact, a lot of us BB-61 shipmates served with you guys during that time.  Wish I could tell you what's going on with BB-61.  First its San Francisco, CA now its Stockton, CA.  Form more info on this go to  Fair Winds and Following Seas shipmates.


Joe Dusza
6141 Fairhaven Dr.
Toledo, OH  43623

Although I was only onboard for 5 months, I will always remember, with pride, the times spent aboard.  The Midshipmen's cruise that took us to San Francisco, Tacoma, Pearl Harbor, San Diego and back to Long Beach.  Had a good liberty at those places.  Holy stoning the wooden decks with the deck force because some Gunner's Mate spilled Hydraulic fluid on the decks.  Spending 3 days at Seal Beach, working many hours loading ammo for the next WESTPAC cruise that never happened.  Going back to Seal Beach to offload all the ammo before we went to Bremerton.


The people I will never forget - Paul Tessier, Paul Sanchez, Harry Shaw, Pete Laureano, "Andy" Anderson, Lt. Ghiarducci (sorry about the spelling Lt.), GM3 Wellman, Dean Stout, Pappy Gray and my good buddy Hank Rioux (Lurch).  Thanks, Big J and guys, for all the memories.

1065 N. Atlantic Ave.
Daytona Beach, FL  32118

Please add to Mailing List.

Charles Gavett
54 Smith St.
South Portland, ME  04106

Worked as a Cook (3rd Class) in the Spudlocker/Galley.  I was on the New Jersey when she was commissioned on April 6, 1968.  I am a Plankowner and became a Shellback while serving onboard.  She is the best ship and the cleanest ship that I have served on, before I was transferred from her in 1969.

Robert J. Radcliffe, QM 1 C
1804 Seaman St.
Toledo, OH  43605-1835

I was on the New Jersey from late 1943 until it was decommissioned.  I was QM 2 C with Combat Division 7.  Anyone from the Signal Division or anyone else on the ship at this time can e-mail my daughter's address.

Bob Whynot
Apex, NC

Served on the Big J from 1985 - 1988, G-4 Division, I hope to visit her soon, keep up the great work!

Bob Dingman
1215 Old North Main St.
Laconia, NH  03246

I served on BB-62 from September 1967 - December 1969, nucleus recommissioning crew in Philly until decommissioning in Bremerton.  She was the best duty in the Navy during Vietnam, but then again, all Battleship Sailors will say that!!  I'd like to hear from any E Division shipmates from the 60's or any other era.  I worked in Distribution, Engine/Fire Rooms #3 and later, Fore and Aft Diesels.  I am in the process of compiling a list of E Division shipmates with addresses and e-mails.  We have 58 so far.  I can e-mail my current list to anyone who would like it.  "FFBBR"

Paul Mackey

I served aboard the USS Iowa (BB-61) 1986 -1990.  The reason for this letter is my wife and I got new neighbors last summer and it turns out the neighbors wife's grandfather was a plank owner on the New Jersey's original crew.  His name is Robert P. Paulus, I'm not sure what division he was in, but his son would like to maybe hear from some of his old shipmates.  For those who might know him, send e-mail to

Denis "Buck" P. Bolduc
8 New St.
Webster, MA  01570

Served onboard from 1952 - 1953, assigned to M Division.  Worked in ships firerooms and shaft alley.  Lost my discharge in a fire.  Had a DD-214, lost it.  Sent for a new one, records were lost in the big St. Louis fire, thus hazy on exact dates.  I was there for the treaty as you no doubt know.  Fire is not my friend!  Ser #436 44 46.  She was a great ship, proud to have served with the best!  Best wishes.

Ron Barnette, Jr.
621 N. Paca St.
Baltimore, MD  21201

I served as an Operations Specialist from 1988 to 1991 onboard the New Jersey.

Ray Petkosh
63 Pine Ave., Box 687
Mt. Gretna, PA  17064

Served in FA Division from 1951 - 1955.  Please add to Mailing List.

Art Sabetta
1184 Grovewood Dr.
Tallmadge, OH  44278

Onboard from 1968 - 1969 in the 5th Division.  Had a great time on the Big "J", can't wait to take the grandsons to see that magnificent ship!!!!!

2530 West Atchison St.
San Bernardino, CA  92410

Served onboard from 1968 - 1969 as Bugler, "N" Division.  Another GREAT "Jerseyman" Chief!  (April issue...Tom Helvig).  I couldn't wait to get my "hands on it" (via the internet).  As always I save the PDF file to print out and add to my collection.  Thanks for all the hard work Chief!  BTW: I'll be posting updates to my website next week.  Lots of new photos, etc.  Bravo Zulu!  Thanks!!!!

Robert T. Brown
Kingston, NY  12401

I served on the New Jersey from August 1955 until she was decommissioned in Bayonne, NJ in 1957.  I was assigned to the 2nd Division as a deck hand.  I learned to Holy Stone a deck and paint an anchor chain as it was moving.  I played on the ship's basketball team and we had a great time playing other ships and teams ashore.  But, one of my great lessons in life came from my experience as a team member on a ship that had already seen a lot of action.  I served during peace time so I could only imagine what kind of team work and discipline was needed during a major sea battle.  One of my fondest memories was having Captain E.J. O'Donald confer on me and several shipmates a meritorious mast for rescuing his Gig off of a stone reef in Leghorn, Italy.  Years later when our paths crossed he mentioned it to me in our discussion.  I completed my tour on the ship as a YN3 in the gunnery office.  My family and I visited the ship when it was recommissioned in the 1960's

Amey Burt
Zavalla, TX  75980

Please add to Mailing List.

Lewis Suiter
901 Englewood Pkwy., L210
Englewood, CO  80110

Onboard from 1944 - 1945, Chief Yeoman in Operations Office for Commander 3rd Fleet.  Please send schedule for next reunion.

James Miller
4399 Agate Ct.
Middletown, MD  21769

Fireman in Engine Room #4 from 1951 - 1955.  I love this ship!

Arthur W. Gott, Jr.
135 Tenney St.
Georgetown, MA  01833

My father Arthur W. Gott passed away 2/14/05.  He served in the S-2 Division during Korea 1951 - 1952.  He spoke fondly of his tour and said it was the best time of his life.  He even won a singing contest aboard the ship that took him to Paris for a week!  I have his yearbook, class ring and crew photo taken in 1952 hanging in my living room.  What a great picture.  If anyone served with him I'd like to hear from you.

Terry L. Esler

IC3 Vietnam 1968 - 1969.  Looking forward to seeing old shipmates at the 2005 Reunion at the ship.

Kenneth Loveless
Ithaca, NY

Served onboard from 1944 - 1945.  Please add to Mailing List.

LaVern Bacon
Hawley, MN

I am the grandson of Vern Bacon.  He was aboard the USS New Jersey during WW II.  He passed away today.  In my eyes he was an American hero, along with all former and current military that have served our great nation.  He was a father figure to me since I grew up with a single parent.  He went with me the day that I signed up to join the military myself in 1989.  He passed on a lot of stories to me about his experiences aboard "his girl" as he so fondly called the ship.  He will be greatly missed by our family.  I thought that I should write someone about his passing since he was a veteran of this fine vessel.  I have always wanted to come and see the ship that my grandfather served on.  Now I know that I must.

Jeanette Emi

I am looking for Ronnie R. Ladao.  He was with the S-4 Div., Disbursing Office.  If anyone knows him or where he is please contact me.  Thank you for the tour of USS New Jersey back in '87.

Sue Gervais
14 Fernwood St.
Plainfield, CT  06374

It is with deep sorrow that I announce the passing of my father, Frenchy on Jan 5th.  We sent dad back to the Lord on his 75th birthday, Jan 10th.  My father was extremely proud of his service on the USS New Jersey.  I experienced it first hand when I brought him down to the reunion in Sept 2002, and with tears in our eyes and holding hands we stepped onto this beautiful lady together, and always hearing and watching him tell all his stories was a treat.  Our deepest sympathy to all his shipmates.  On April 2nd at 10:00 am, wherever you are, please take a moment to make a final salute as we lay dad to rest with full Military Honors.  May God Bless You All.

Judy Gorchinski
Sacramento, CA

I'm looking for the Chief that came to the Navy Lodge, Long Beach the day before the last decommissioning to present me with the portrait of ETC Gorchinski which hung in the CPO Mess - dedicated during the long "Beirut" cruise of 1983 - 1984.  Please contact me if you have any information.

Roger J. Lockwood
248 Hamilton Rd.
Mt. Morris, MI  48458

I was 1stSgt of the Marine Detachment, 1951 - 1953.  Previous log entry has former e-mail address and is in error.  Would love to hear from any former Marines from the above period, or even some Navy crewmates.  I am 85 and still perky, but love to talk about my best tour of duty aboard the "Jersey Bounce."

77 S. Washington St.
Seattle, WA  98104

Please add to Mailing List.

Don Edwards
21 Brewster St.
Johnson City, NY  13790

I was aboard the Big J from 1945 to 1946.  We were anchored in Tokyo Bay.  We headed for home in the Spring of 1946 when we ran into the typhoon that was in the area at that time, boy what a ride that was!  I was a Fireman 1st Class in #2 Fireroom.  My battle station was the #3 five-inch gun mount.  I still regret leaving the Navy.

Tom Kane

My dad helped build the Big J prior to his service in the Navy (Seabees) during WW II.  He has since passed (Nov 12, 1998) but my siblings and I are proud of his service at the Navy Yard, as well as his service in the Navy.

Norman Wright
14477 Texas Hwy 8
Douglassville, TX  75560

I served aboard the "Worlds Best" USS New Jersey 1989 - 1991 along with some of the Best BT's and Sailor's ever, in Fireroom #2 and in B Division.

Hey Papo Martinez!  Frick & Frack, I've got your back...  "Broadway", I was in awe the first time I walked down it, another world down below.

Jarvis Ray Everett
5057 Eastern Pines Rd.
Greenville  27858

I went aboard the New Jersey in 1947 before it made the midshipman's cruise to the Mediterranean.  I think we docked in Naples and Oslo, Norway.  I recall I almost drowned in Oslo Bay while swimming, another Sailor saved my life, don't remember his name, but we were friends at the time.  If anyone remembers this I would like to hear from you.  Would like to hear from anyone aboard in 1947.

John F. Russo
277 Sylvan Knoll Rd.
Stanford, CT  06902

Onboard from 1967 - 1969, S2 Division, Phone Talker 5" Mount Magazine.  I served aboard the USS New, Jersey BB-62, during the Vietnam conflict under Captain Edward J. Snyder, Commanding Officer.  Once I was discharged in late 1969, I was never informed about anything re: "The Jersey" such as reunions, get togethers, etc.  Please let me know if anything will ever transpire and keep me updated re: "The Jersey."

Charles Shedd
308 W. 5th
Waverly, KS  66871

Onboard from 1989 - 1991, 6th Division, Projectile Man on Mount 55.  Looking for old friends/shipmates.  Thanks for the memories Big J!

Randy Watts
709 Gertrude
Benton, AR  72015

I served aboard from 1982 - 1985.  I am looking to get in touch with some shipmates and old friends.  I have a lot of fond memories and I am wondering how all the guys have been.  I was in Third Division.

Pat Lovato
708 Sabena
Aztec, NM  87410

I proudly served on her from 1985 - 1988, in 5th Division.  Best Deck Division onboard.  Didn't even know this site was around.  It was cool to see some familiar names, and hear about old memories.  Keep up the good work.

Richard Demint
Sherrard, IL

Served Pre-Commissioning December 1967 - August 1969, Turret #3 Electrician.  Went to Nam 1968 - 1969, was in E Division.  Would love to hear from some of my old shipmates.

Cynthia Corpuz
Long Beach, CA

My dad was a Master Chief for the USS New Jersey when she was last decommissioned in February 1991.  His name is Benvenido M. Corpuz, and I am his daughter.  I'm hoping that through this post maybe some of you out there might remember him and would like to maybe share some funny or interesting stories about my dad when you knew him.  Thanks, and bless all our veterans out there!

430 High St.
Bellevue, OH  44811

Please add to Mailing List.

Maurice Howard
5313 Forge Rd.
White Marsh, MD  21162

Looking for any info on a D.R. Sobieck.  He was onboard middle 50s to early 60s.  I served four years with him on the USS New, DDE-818 (1948-1952).  Thanks.  I went aboard the New Jersey last summer.  Was a very nice experience.  Made me proud to be an ex-sailor.

Ray Marinko
710 N. Verona
La Habra, CA  90631

Hi guys from 1968 - 1969, Nam.  Coming to see the ship in April or May '05.  Looking for all 4th Division guys.  Lets see the ship then go out to dinner with the wives.  (Maybe after that, we'll jump on a flight to Subic Bay and get a table at Pan Am's or the California Club).  Give me a write or call...  (323) 956-5099, 9AM - 5PM West Coast time.  Thanks everyone!

Lee Sturgell
5219 Wynnefield Ave., Apt 104
Philadelphia, PA  19131

I do volunteer work on the Big J in the Brass group.  I was in the Navy from 1983 - 1987.  I wish I had known about her then, I would have volunteered to be part of her crew.  That would have been the highest honor I could have had, to serve onboard the Big J.  Well, I have my chance now to maintain her for future generations.  By the way, your website is awesome.

USN Veteran 1983 - 1987
USS Clifton Sprague (FFG-16)

Elliott Cates

I was onboard from 1952 - 1955, most significant duty, 4th Division Officer.  Would like to hear from any of the gang in the 4th or 5th, or the FA guys who were in Sky 1 with me.

John C. Boyd  LIP/3
17 Miami Pkwy.
Cheektowaga, NY  14225-4216

Served aboard from October 1950 until July 1952.  I was a Lithographer in the Print Shop during this time.  I was a retread from WW II.  I printed maps for General Ridgeway's Command which the Jersey's helicopter pilot, Lt. Taucherelli would fly over to Kimpo Airfield.  I was also a Fire Team Leader in the ships Landing Force of Marines.  I have memorabilia and pictures no one has ever seen.  I received commendation with 5 other printers from Admiral Holloway.

Michael Palmaffy
USN (SS) Ret.

My brother Christopher Palmaffy MM2 (deceased) was a plank owner in the recommissioning crew in Philadelphia.

Gunther Ziesmann

Served onboard from 1951 - 1956 in the 5th Division.

Lester Olson

BTCS Olson USN Retired.  New E-Mail address  Served from September 1981 to November 1984 and again February 1988 to March 1990.

Conrad Pete Johnson
678 Bateman St.
Galesburg, IL   61401

Please add to Mailing List.

Christopher Coles

Served as part of the Marine Detachment from 1985 - 1987 under Captain Foley and Gunny Brown.  Looking to hear from other Marines who were part of the MARDET during that time.  Semper Fi.

Tony Mariano
1851 Richardson Dr.
St. Cloud, FL  34771

I served aboard the New Jersey from 1952 - 1956.  I'm still in contact with some of the guys who were on the ship.  I'll never forget the Big J.  I'm 71 now and hope to make one more trip to see the ship.

Dotty Miller
1107 North Taylor Rd.
Garrett, IN  46738

My father, Emerson Miller, EM3c, served on the Big J 1944 - 1945.  He was from the Pittsburgh District.  I have his old log, loads of pictures, so many stories from him about the time spent on the old girl... however, he has been gone since 1996.  Would love to hear from anyone who knew him back then...  Malcolm Lind, Whitey Moore, Jim "Happy Days" Matthews, Mason Mencar, "Happy Hour Hannula, too many names to mention.  Please tell me about him since I wasn't born until 1958!  I'm happy to share what photos / documents I have.  Thanks for keeping us free!

Daniel Aiello
1164 S Boulder St., Unit C
Gilbert, AZ  85296-3791

Please add to Mailing List.

Tim Right
San Diego, CA

Was on BB-62 1984 to 1988.  RET/USN 1999.  DKC (SW) 1979 to 1999.

William Myers (EM2 1968 - 69)
4021 Vernon Ave.
Omaha, NE  68111-1017

Looking forward to seeing shipmates from 1968 - 1969 in D.C. this September.  In particular E Division members.  See you in D.C.!

Gus Denecamp
Vista, CA

I was the ships Electrical Officer from 1981 to 1983.  Not only a great ship but the greatest crew I ever served with.  Currently retired.  I retired in 1998 as a Commander and finished my career on the USS Peleliu as Chief Engineer.  I am currently living in Vista, CA and working as the Assistant Director of Engineering at Four Seasons Resort Aviara in Carlsbad, California.  Add my name to the log and I would be happy to hear from any of the crew members from those years.  I still have lots of memorabilia including the game ball from the intramural championship softball team - E Division.

Reach me at

Bill Dier
700 SW 1st Ave.
Florida  33426

I was onboard the New Jersey in 1955 and 1956 in the "E" Division as an EM2.  This posting has helped me locate several guys I served with.  We were all just young kids for the most part, but having served aboard such a great ship will always be one of the highlights of my life.  I've read some great stories off this website concerning bravery and heroism.  In the years I served the world was rather calm and just made Med Cruises.  The worst thing that I experienced while aboard ship... got shocked with 440 volts twice.  The "E" Division is planning a reunion aboard ship next year, 2005.  Look forward to seeing old friends.

Eric Schindler
Tomah, WI

My husband (Eric) was on the USS New Jersey 1986 - 1990.  We have kept in contact with one of his friends from the New Jersey.  I would like to find more of them.  Maybe do a reunion with them.  Eric is not one to go out and find people, I am.  If anyone out there remembers him, please e-mail me.  We had a lot of gatherings at our apartment in Long Beach.  I am also looking for Bob and Tina.

Randolph M. Doe

Served for three months aboard USS New Jersey during Summer Midshipman's Cruise in 1947.  Was a student at St. Paul's School in Baltimore when I enlisted in the Reserves in order to get on this cruise.  On the way to Norfolk to go aboard ship we went to the Naval Academy to pick up uniforms.  Went to Scotland, Norway, England and Gitmo.  Was supposed to go to France but was cancelled due to trouble in Cuba.  Stood starboard lifebuoy watches and acted as loader for quad 40 mm gun during GQ and shooting at drones.  Was in "B" Deck Division.  Chief Bosn's mate was "Sammy"  Skipper was Menocal.  I expected the regulars would give me a hard time but my only "problem" was Sammy.  Big guns fired on island of Culebra.  I was on lifebuoy watch, standing to right rear of #2 turret (the targets were on the starboard beam) when, after a salvo, a lot of the glass windows on the bridge broke and showered down on to the deck around me!  This has always puzzled me.  It was fun watching the projectiles on their way to the targets.  I was an Apprentice Seaman, the lowest of the low.  I earned my holystone driver's license.  My pay was $70 a month.  It was a great experience.  I've felt a great affection for the New Jersey ever since.

Gracie Schultz
Wallingford, CT  06492

Looking for anyone with information on Frederick Romano.  Also would like to know if there are any photos of him.  He was the Ships Radio DJ.  Any help out there?

Richard Glaser
Jefferson City, MO

Was an OS2 onboard the New Jersey from June 1982 to February 1984.  Recently toured the ship and it brought back memories.  Took the Firepower Tour and sat in CEC for the first time in 20 years.  When I told them I was a former crew member they let me go to places that were off limits to others.  Saw where I slept and can still remember the 5-inch 38s mount above my head shooting and the 16-inch 50s in 1983 - 1984, how it woke me up and it was awesome power.  Something you never forget.  Wondered if someone still has a copy of the comic strip Sammi the Unsat Sailor that circulated in the Ships Paper.

Edward J. Stetka
1831 Harbor Dr.
Chester, MD  21619

Korea, E-Division 1952 - 1955.

George J. Stavros
6046 SW 25th Ave.
Portland, OR  97239-2081

Hey, All.  I just now discovered this website 35 years after serving 1967 - 1969.  Always ready to chew the fat and talk to shipmates, answer questions, etc.  So glad Big J is resting in honor back home in NJ.

Floyd Robinson
1512 Nicklaus Dr.
Fayetteville, NC  28303

I was in the 6th Division in 1985 through 1988, we worked on the small boats.  I was BM3 Robinson then, CPO Lapid was our Chief.  Anyone who remembers me or was on there during that time please e-mail so we can talk about old times.  Thanks!

Michael Tindel
2004 S. Whipple Rd.
Spokane, WA  99206

I served on the BB-62 from 1986 - 1992.  I was a BM2 and for a while served as Postal Clerk.  I would love to see information from the crew at my time period there.

William Hanna
12536 Parkmeadow Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA  70816

I was assigned to the New Jersey from 1986 - 1989.

Keena Crone
Lakin, KS  67860

Please add to Mailing List.

CWO3 Steve Jackson

Served with the New Jersey Marine Detachment from 1986 - 1988.  It was the best duty station of my whole career in the Marines, which is almost finished.  I will never forget my time onboard.  From Mount 55 to running Security Alerts in the passageways (GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!).  Got to visit the ship back in October 2003, she is in great shape, including our former spaces down by Turret #3.  Remembering WestPac 1986 and our October 1986 "21" Gun Broadside well.  Hope to hear from former MarDet Marines.


On April 21, 2004 I was at a local bank and happened to run into a vet that was wearing a hat with the USS New Jersey on it.  I did not get his name but what did occur that day I called out sir, and this older gentleman with big blue eyes turned to me and walked over to me with all due respect, and I asked him if he had served on the ship that was on his hat.  He replied and said, yes I served on that ship and at that moment I had a feeling that overcame me.  I told the gentleman my father served in the Navy and I just laid him to rest in 1999 on the 30th of October.  He now rests in the Saratoga National Cemetery.  As we spoke he did the same job as my father, they were both gunners mates on the same type gun.  After this short encounter I looked into his eyes and as I explained to him I never served but I had to tell him THANK YOU!  And this pleasant gentleman grabbed my hand and looking at me to say thank you for realizing that I did my job and as of today my job still stands, and that job as of today was still being done by the men and women of our armed forces.  I was just wondering if you would be able to post this letter at the next reunion, this gentleman said he still goes and see his old ship.  I would also like to mention that he is from the Fulton County area, and may I say he has a wonderful wife who I also met and had the honor of speaking to.  We had a brief encounter but this gentleman made a lasting impression on me now as we both discussed that day that I enjoy the history and the stories that I have heard and have a deep appreciation for anyone that has served.  All I can tell you is that he comes to the reunions and he was 19 at the time he was on this wonderful ship that brought him home safe, and he was a gunners mate.  To the gentleman who I met, Thank You and your crew for what you and all have given to us.  To end this letter one thing he said "Freedom Isn't Free."  No it's not and now I know we are free because of men like him.

God Bless

Christopher Sotta
103 E. Williams, Apt #5

Please add to Mailing List.

Steve Estep
7797 N. Olivia Way
Brazil, IN  47834

I'm looking for GMCM D.E. Davis that served on the New Jersey.  The last place that I knew he was living was Millington, TN.  Thank you for your help if you have an address or phone number.

Scott Martinek
6 Lower Hampden Rd.
Monson, MA  01057

I miss my friends from the Oil Lab and Water Side.  We spent a lot of time laughing.  Well with guys like Horan, Stovall, Martinek, Red Billy, Bedford, Wade, Nyguard, Demacouse, who would steal our dirty laundry?  We were quite a lot!

James Mallon
P.O. Box 213
Shadyside, MD  20764

In 1968 - 69 the USS Waller and the New Jersey were doing Yankee Station somewhere between Qui Nhon and Phan Thiet.   I think we were kicking butt for the 173rd Airborne anyway you were there.  Hey, by the way, you guys were one hell of a show, glad you were on our side!

James W. McDonough
1125 Peak Rd.
Lantana, FL  33462

Just updating my new e-mail, take care shipmates.  Served onboard New Jersey 1985 - 1986, S-2 Division.

111 Gray Pl.
Marshall, MN  56258

My dad Jarrod Barker was on the Big J in 1987 to 1991.  He made the big girl run with the boilers, he was a boiler operator.  I am looking for pictures to give him from when he was on the ship.  E-mail if you knew my dad or have some pictures.

Kenneth W. Smith

I served aboard the "BIG J" from September 1989 to her last day in February 1991.  I was in G-2 Division left gun Turret #2.  I would love to hear from anyone who shares in the same sense of pride that I have for this great lady.


Steve Thompson
Coos Bay, OR

I served aboard as an OS1 (E-6) from just after she returned from Beirut until my retirement in August of 1987.  Someday I will have to see the old gal one more time.

Amel C. Dominigo, MMC (SW/AW)

I was stationed onboard the Big "J" in 1969 as the leading Petty Officer of MP4.  I was a BT1 then and I took pride in being a Battleship Sailor.  The long passageway we called "Broadway" that connects engine rooms and firerooms was our snipe territory.  I was deeply saddened when they announced that she was being decommissioned, especially that I was one of the crewman who laid her to rest.  I will treasure all the fond memories onboard that mighty ship as I conclude my 24 years of faithful service to our nation.  I will always remember the heat generated by her 8 boilers which gave life to her.  I will try to pay her a visit someday when I get back stateside.  Until then, long live the most decorated ship in our Navy!

George W. Grom
20 Eunice Pkwy.
Stratford, CT  06615

Member of the Jersey Cats Korea - Great group of shipmates - Love you all!

Greg Massie
Middletown, NY

#1 Engine Room - Vietnam, best group of guys that anyone wanted to be associated with.  God Bless and Have a Great One!

Albert R. Malinowski
19 Weston Place
Shenandoah, PA  17976

If anyone out there was in the Navy at Pearl from 1961 to 1964 just toss & let me know what ship you were on, thanks.

Arthur Price

I am the son of Arthur W. Price, EM3.  I have photos my dad took while serving on the USS New Jersey in the 1950s.  If you are interested in copies of them please e-mail me at the above address.  Also, I am looking for any information on my dad while he served on the USS New Jersey, he died December 1993.  I also have his year book from when he served.

Brian Varroney

The New Jersey represents not only the pride and great tradition of the U.S. Navy, but of a grateful Country that is full of tradition.

Gordon E. Smith
30 Tower Ln.
Darien, CT  06820

So great to find this website!  I served on the New Jersey 1947 - 1948 and recall the Midshipman's cruise to England, Scotland, Norway etc.  Wonderful to look back on.  I was the only Photographer's Mate onboard.  I would photograph any and all events I saw fit.  They included: 16" guns firing at night; sea planes taking off and landing; Captain Menocal; refueling at sea; King Haakon of Norway visiting the ship; rough seas and sailors trying to avoid them to get down to a lower deck.  Fond memories.  I would love to hear from any "Old Salts" that might still be around and were on the ship when I was.

Dan Shields SM1(SW) Ret.
CS/OC Div. 7/82 - 9/84

20 years ago today, we fired 288 16" rounds at hostile positions in Beirut, Lebanon.  Remembrance and BZ's to the Gunners of Turrets 1, 2 and 3 for being on target that day!

Michael Childers
1080 W. Kaibab 24 B
Flagstaff, AZ  86001

I have been onboard this great ship in the 1980's when it was recommissioned under the Reagan administration.  Would love to go on it again.

Frank Chiacchio

The first time I saw her, she was only 16, and I was only 18.  It was love at first sight for me, but she surely noticed me, not at all.  She had met the enemy even at so tender an age, already twice.  As for me, again not at all.  I became a Tin Can Sailor, while she rested.  Later she would meet the enemy twice again and so would I, but at two different times and two different places, so I saw her not again, 'till just last year.  In this old sailor's eyes, she looked not even one day older.  These lady warriors somehow remain the secret rivals of any others we might ever know.  Although her enemies came to know her as the Black Dragon, those really close to her, came to know her, only as The Big J, and I am one of those.  I get to spend much time with her now, and get to tell her story to all who come to see her, for now I am a proud volunteer, a Docent, aboard this proud lady warrior, who somehow never grew older, while the rest of us did.  Come and see her soon, and you'll walk in the footsteps of those men who with this great ship, were part of our history, and did in fact, help change that history.

Robert K. Miller (CS-3)
1979 N.E. 171 St. #2
North Miami Beach, FL  33162

Hello to All.  This opened a floodgate of wonderful memories.  I served aboard the finest ship in the Seventh Fleet.  It was such an honor and a privilege to serve my country in that manner.  I look forward to communicating with my former shipmates.  Take care and my best to everyone.

Scott Emrich
3621 Stormbird Loop
Virginia Beach, VA  23453

My father served onboard during the Korean conflict.  His name is John Emrich, Gunners Mate.  I would love to hear from any crewmember who remembers him.  Thanks!

Scott Baughn
P.O. Box 701347
Dallas, TX

My father and one of my nephews served onboard the Jersey.

Chuck Hobbs
19 Tranquility Ct.
South Hampton, NJ  08088

I just went through some entries, saw a lot of old friends.  Joel Plunkett, remember our trip to Rosarita?  Dan Good, don't be dumb!  Fortunately I live about 15 miles from the Jersey, it's really kind of eerie.  I feel like I'm safe with the old girl tied up right there!  WETSU all you squids!

Melissa Trainer
129 Melissa Ct.
Lakewood, NJ  08701

I'm trying to help my stepfather who served on this ship from 1951 - 1955.  He is trying to look up some of his shipmates that were on at this time.  His name is Hasvil Douglas Crowder and if you have any information can you please send send it to my stepfather.  His address is 4400 Crockett Ave., Pulaski, VA  24301.  I know that he would really be grateful if you can help in any way.

John Jenkins

I was on the USS Cacapon (AO-52) during Vietnam.  I took part in refueling the "Jersey" a few times.  I was aboard her while she was in San Diego enroute to Vietnam.  Observed her fire  broadsides night and day.  An impressive sight!

Bruce S. Taylor
3 Marland St.
Andover, MA  01810

What a treat to visit after 49 years.  The tour was great and the work done by the volunteers was outstanding.  My son and grandchildren now realize the size of the New Jersey and what I was always talking about.  What a thrill to find my picture in the onboard museum of the crew taken in 1952.  I hope to visit again next year.  Is there anyone around from the Radar Division between 1952 and 1954?

Joseph Mahosky
5200 East Henrietta Rd.
Henrietta, NY  14467

I was on the USS New Jersey from 1982 - 1986.  I worked in Fireroom #4.  I would like to hear from anyone who was in and worked in Fireroom #4, or anyone who served on the ship at that time.

Richard G. Whitworty

Please add to Mailing List.

James L. Sturdevant

Like the site and enjoy the newsletters.  I served on the precom and commissioned the ship for Vietnam.  I was assigned to the Log Room as a YN2.

John J. Gildea
5-30 Wilde Ave.
Drexel Hill, PA  19026

I'd like to hear from any shipmates from the first Korean cruise, from November of 1950 to November of 1952.  I was in Third Division.

Freddie Baker
Los Angeles, CA  90044

I served on the USS New Jersey, BB-62, from 1983 - 1986.  I was in Engine Room #4, just loved it.  MMOW E-4, Haze, Gray and Underway.  Freddie B.

Samuel L. Artau
2459 N. Oaks St., Space 95
Tulare, CA  93274

Please add to Mailing List.

James Hooper

As a military journalist and author on a unit history of the Army's 220th Reconnaissance Company "Catkillers," I am hoping to find USS New Jersey logs for October 25, 1968.  It was on that date that the New Jersey fired her guns in support of the 1st Bn 61st Infantry under the direction of Captain Charles Finch, Catkiller 19.  Finch visited New Jersey in December 1968 for the Bob Hope Show and remembers reading a transcript of his actions that day in the DMZ.  It was apparently the first time New Jersey's main batteries were used to support troops in contact.  Can you tell me how to access those records, please?

Rob Welch
16715 Washington Sq.
Clinton Twp.  48035

I was a crewman onboard the Big J from 1983 - 1985.  We did our tour in Beirut when a truck bomb killed the 23rd MAU (Marine Amphibious Unit).  That was the true beginning of modern day terrorism, on that October morning I saw 241 men die at the hands of that truck bomber.  I believe that was the very last time the New Jersey ever fired her mighty 16-inchers in anger, because we leveled Beirut after president Reagan called the ship.  It was the safest place to be while doing peacekeeping missions in the Middle East.  I was so very proud to be a part of such a great ships crew.  She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen when I cam aboard, and I miss her greatly.

To all the great crewman, I say thank-you.
Take Care and May God Bless
Rob Welch HTFN

Kenneth Burkhart
5342 Vanguard Ave.
Garden Grove, CA  92845

Served onboard from 1987 - 1990.  I would like to hear from anyone.  My son leaves tomorrow for boot camp, it's a shame he won't get the chance to serve on a great ship like the New Jersey.

Walter R. Jones
367 E. Main St.
Batesville, AR  72501

Served aboard 1955 - 1957.  Was on the crew that put her out in Bayonne, NJ.  EM3.  Would like to hear from any and all.  Great website and a credit to all involved.

Mike Kelley
1000 Parkway Dr.
Baytown, TX  77520

Anyone in A Gang between 1986 - 1991, please e-mail.

Gusto (Gus) Caluza

Looking for the 1952 USS New Jersey yearbook.

Bob "Ding" Dingman
Lanconia, NH

I served on BB-62 from September 1967 - December 1969, nucleus recommissioning crew in Philly until decommissioning in Bremerton.  She was the best duty in the Navy during Vietnam, but then again, all Battleship sailors will say that!!  I'd like to hear from any E Division shipmates from the 60's or any other era.  I worked in distribution, #3 Engine/Fire Rooms and later Fore and Aft Diesels.  I am in the process of compiling a list of E Division shipmates with addresses and e-mails in hope of organizing a get together in Camden, NJ in September 2005.  I can mail my current list to anyone who would like it.  "FFBBR"

Louis F. Chiccone (Chick)
Brick, NJ  08723

Onboard from 1955 - 1957, served in the S1 Division.  My GQ station was Main Bridge Lookout.  I would like to hear from any former shipmates.

Terry Esler
5103 Killarney Dr.
Holt, 48842

Served aboard 1968 - 1969 in "E" Division, IC3.  I went to New Jersey last summer to see her for the first time.  It was great and I plan to return for the next reunion.  I would enjoy hearing from any former shipmates.  This is my new e-mail address:

Thomas Ryan

Served onboard August 1984 - March 1987 as an EM3 assigned to the Distribution Shop.  Still remember the monorail rides up and down Broadway.  Also keep looking at the photo which was taken West Pac 1986.  Who remembers BATTLE GROUP ROMEO?  Will visit Big J summer 2004, Cruise Book in hand.

Sam Barnes
1741-12 S Clearview Ave.
Mesa, AZ  85208-4005

I reported aboard for my first sea duty on Christmas Eve 1954 and can hardly believe how naive and dumb I was.  I'm one of those gullible guys who stood mail buoy watch off Cape Hatteras while heading to Gtmo for underway refresher training.  My first job was working for Chaplain Ed Fay in the Ship's Library.  Was lucky enough to get to go to PN"A" school and made PN3 on the Big J before swapping over to the USS Aucilla (AO-56) while we were in Barcelona.  I was Sky Aft Lookout over Turret 3 and I still shudder every time I hear a buzzer ring twice, half expecting to hear that third buzzer and the tremendous roar of a salvo.  I retired as a CWO-3 in 1974 and consider the Big J as my most memorable and meaningful Naval experience along with a tour in Vietnam.  Hope to be able to tour the Big J this year with my two grandsons.  I'll always remember the great lessons learned from Lt. E.E. Flowers, Personnel Officer and CWO-4 Alex Pupkin, Captain's Writer.

Sgt. Timothy Brown
6520 Newman Circle East
Lakeland, FL  33811

I wish she was still in action.  We will face a major Naval battle soon in our modern time and I feel we still need the firepower of these great ships in time of need.  USMC(R)  Semper Fidelis!

Rocco Anthony Ward, Jr.
56 South Broadway
Pitman, NJ  08071

I'm Proud to be an American.

LeRoy A. Short
136 Pasadena Ave.
Oxnard, CA  93035

I am Delores Short, former spouse of LeRoy A. Short.  His second spouse passed away.  I read about the reunion and would like to represent LeRoy.  He had a pretty bad stroke in 2002 and is in a rehab home in Oxnard.  I go to visit him every day and told him about the reunion.  I know that he would love to be there and talk with some of the men.  He served on BB-62 in 1967 and in 1980.  I sure would love to have some pictures of the men who knew him that I could show them to him.  He still remembers a lot, but just can't communicate very well.  I have been on the Mighty J when she was commissioned in Philly and that was a great day.  Roy was ever so proud of the ship so that he asked to reenlist in the 80's.  Please, if there is anyone who remembers him contact me via e-mail or phone (805) 340-6012.  I know Roy would be ever so happy to hear from you.

Wayne Slaughter
24 Penfield Ave.
Croton on Hudson, NY  10520

I was on the ship from 1986 - 1989.  Is there a list of people I can e-mail who might have been on the ship with me?

Dominic Buffo, Jr.
Plano, TX  75023

Reported aboard BB-62 Summer of 1969, just out of FT'A" school.  New Jersey was to return to Vietnam in September, but instead we headed for Bremerton for decommissioning.  Always hold a special place in my heart, even if I only cruised from Long Beach to Bremerton and never heard or saw the 16" guns fire.

Peter A. Manic

I have been to the New Jersey a couple of times and I enjoyed each tour very much.  Good Luck and God Bless.

Leon Tucker, Jr.
8 Erie St.
Jersey City, NJ  07032

WETSU:  Onboard September 1987 to November 1990, G1 Division Turret berthing.  Loved every moment onboard, the down under trip, Seafare and Rose Festival, including the Gulf trip.  Working now as local law enforcement, hope to hear from all of you.

James W. McDonough
1125 Peak Rd.
Lantana, FL  33462

Just updating from last year, new e-mail  Just enjoying the sun in sunny Florida, yes I'm back with AOL, 9.0 is cool, heheheh.

Scott Henson
2307 NW Stimpson Ln.
Portland, OR  97229

There has been nothing in my life more important or more special than my five years aboard the New Jersey.  I grew up there, saw much of the world and learned all that I needed to about service and sacrifice, people and pride.  I still remember the day in 1990 when I heard the ship would be decommissioned, completely crushed.  Then I promptly submitted a request chit to be the last person to re-enlist onboard.  I was able to do that as part of the decommissioning ceremony.  On my wall are two pictures of the Ship, one from our visit to Sydney in 1988, the bicentennial year for Australia, and the second being the final crew picture taken pierside in San Diego, which I collected hundreds of signatures on.  I had it taped to the wall of the personnel office in the months leading to the decommissioning.  I have my shellback card, cannoncocker card, loads of pictures and great memories from the best ship to ever put to sea.  I had the pleasure of serving with three great captains, and many great leaders of lesser rank,... many of which I still talk with today.


This April I finally visited the New Jersey, I had made the trip to Bremerton previously to see it in mothball, but this would be the first time I'd step onboard in more than 10 years.  It was magical; smelled the same, felt the same... I even found my rack and my lockers, name still stenciled on them.


One request I would make is to have the reunions there in Philadelphia/Camden instead of other places.  If my former shipmates feel as I do, the only place for a New Jersey reunion is onboard the ship itself.  I would love to help in any way I can.


Thank you to all who have gone to such lengths on the restoration, to the tour guides and all the shipmates who have served the ship so well.


I will always remember how I felt following Boot Camp in San Diego, I had made my choice for my first duty station and asked for a "Big Ship" in Long Beach.  I scored the biggest!

Janell Green (Moody)
Wheat Ridge, CO

My grandfather served on the Big J from January 1943 and was discharged on January 25, 1946.  He never told any of us his experiences or the horrors he saw, just that he saw them.  I am very interested in learning of his time onboard and speak with anyone whom might have served with him.  I am very proud of my grandfather and I miss him dearly.  His name is Boone H. Moody and he was a Seaman 1st Class.  That is about all the information that I received from the Navy.  Thank you to anyone who can help me.

Kurt Greiner

If anyone is looking for the 1945 BB-62 Cruise Book, I have it on CD.  Price is $14.99 + $2.00 S/H in the U.S., $3.00 anywhere else in the world.   For more information, please see my page on this.

Ashley Gottschall
279 Frieden Manor
Schuylkill Haven, PA  17972

I am the granddaughter of Paul Gottschall.  If any crewman from the ship read this please write to me.  I am tracing my genealogy and I need some information about my grandfather who passed away a little while ago.  Please write to me.

Tom Harwood
San Diego, CA  92123

I was a Boatswain Mate 3rd Class in the 2nd Division in 1982.

Stephen P. Baltimore
3600 Dahlia Ln.
Baltimore, MD

I first saw the Big J from afar while I was aboard the USS Bonn Homme Richard (CVA-31) in Japan around 1970.  She was awesome looking then and I am planning to see this great ship again in August '03.  See you soon.

Joe Limauro
Huntington Beach, CA

Please add to Mailing List.

Richard (Rich) J. Logan
167 First Ave.
Gloversville, NY  12078

Recommissioning to Decommissioning 1967 - 1969.  Started in San Diego right out of Boot Camp, placed in 1st Division BM up on the Forecastle and was advanced to FA Division as a 3rd Class FT during the Vietnam tour.  So much to remember but mostly all great memories.


Does anyone remember the Typhoon leaving Yacuska(sp), Japan heading back to the gun line.  We took green water over the bridge and the 1st Division GM berth area started to flood through the air vents.  We also lost the vehicles that were tied down on the fantail / helo deck.  The accommodation ladder was ripped off the bulkhead and moved about 100 feet aft.  Oh yes, the General Alarm going off at 10:30 pm, when the Quarter Deck door was ripped off and the alarm shorted out...  No way was I going down 5 decks in that storm!


Great memories, the best of which are of my fellow shipmates, damn we had a good time!  I am headed down to visit in about a week, really looking forward to it.  

Jim Weber
Radioman 1st Class
OR Division
Richwood, WV  26261

Please add to Mailing List.


I remember vividly the tour in Vietnam.  I also remember being 1100 miles from Long Beach on the way home, and being on duty in communications when the "Flash" "Top Secret" message came across sending us in the other direction.  I took the message to Captain Snyder, who calmly called the O.D. to his stateroom, and gave him the order to turn the ship around.  He also gave an order to the Signal Bridge to simply say "Goodbye", and that was all.  Then Captain Snyder drafted a message and told me to send it to CincPac, acknowledging receipt of the Flash message.  The next morning at chow, I overheard one of the Boatswain's mates ask which direction is the sun supposed to come up?  The crew was not told what was going on until Quarters.  We were headed back to Japan, what a night and day!


I was on the New Jersey from August 1967, until we pulled into Bremerton, Washington for decommissioning.  I would like to hear from any of my old shipmates from that time.  I seem to remember "Paz"?

Ken Kreeger
Greeneville, TN

I served as a Fire Controlman in the aft main battery and in Spot 2 from 1987 - 1989.  The West Pac cruise was the most fun I ever had in my ten-year Navy career.  I went on to be an Aegis Technician on the USS Cowpens (CG-63) and later became an Aegis Instructor in Dahlgren, VA.  I flipped a coin and got out in 1996 and I now work as a manufacturing engineer in East Tennessee.  Old shipmates look me up.

Michael J. Pazienza

Please add to Mailing List.

Edward L. Kaywork
Fernandina Beach, FL  32034

As a squad leader in Vietnam I directed fire from the New Jersey on enemy positions.

Raymond Galasso
1 Daned Rd.
Emerson, NJ

Congratulations to everyone involved in the restoration, she looks beautiful!

N.C. Benson

Went aboard while in drydock in 1943 at 17 years old and was discharged in 1946 after spending 6 months in the occupation of Japan.

John L. Wentling
8450 Flatcar Cir.
Cicero, NY  13039

I was a member of the recommissioning crew in 1982, in the Operations Dept., OS2.

Lori Schol
506 164th St., SW G208
Lynnwood, WA  98037

I was in the Naval Sea Cadets in Encino, California in the Betsy Ross Unit.  We had toured the ship and taken a cruise.  I got the chance to steer the ship and that will be the best memory I can share with my kids.  Thank you for having this site around so I can share with my kids and hope to get them into the Naval Sea Cadets when they get older.

Craig Martin
6 Longwood Dr.
Stratford, NJ  08084

While in Junior High School and High School, I was a member of the Sea Cadet Unit that was assigned to SAMAR 4-3.  We were there when it was drydocked and we were part of the commissioning for Vietnam.

Doug Fritz

As a former BB-62 crewmember (aboard 1987 to 1990) I am so appreciative of all you guys have done on the New Jersey.  I love that ship, and I love what you all have done!  God Bless you All!

MR3 Tom "Zach" Zachwieja
Corona, CA

Hi all, I served from November 1986 - November 1989 as a Machinery Repairman (MR).  I wouldn't have changed a thing and still have friends I keep in touch with daily.  God Bless.

Dominic J. Bossetto
201 Marie
Collinsville, IL  62243

I served onboard the Jersey from precommissioning in 1967 to November of 1968.  I was part of a "handpicked" crew, yes I did volunteer.  Went onboard as MM3 and left as MM2.  Worked in #4 Engine Room.  Sure wish I had a handrail to sit on.  Spent many a watch under the blower with Wayne Neighbauer, John Lyons, Steve Scheckles and Nick.  I was told not to try and get duty on the New Jersey, that it would be a showboat and no fun.  Anyone who has been able to look at the books or pictures of life onboard knows it was better than average.  I have not been able to make any of the reunions but plan to someday.  I was given the nickname Barney on my first ship and it carried over to the New Jersey.  Although they called us F Troop, in #4 we had fun.  I miss the guys.

Scott Yatchyshyn
36 Hicory Ln.
Bernville, PA  19506

I served onboard BB-62 from 1985 - 1988 and I am not sure if I you know, but she is haunted.  I was a machinist Mate assigned to #1 Engine Room.  When first reporting aboard I was assigned to the Shaft Alley watch which ensures the proper operation of the lube oil system for the Kingsbury Thrust Bearing at the end of the shaft.  It is many decks down (I can't remember the exact number of decks) and you are all by yourself with nothing but a headset to keep you attached to the EOW.  Adjacent to the Shaft Alley is what they call the "CATS", short for catacombs.  There is nothing in them but steel support beams and there is only one way down and one way out.  Many nights I heard Morse code like tapping coming from in the CATS and every once in a while you would catch a flash of someone moving through the hatches.  This is no joke, I know of several other crewmembers who spoke of this after I had seen and heard what I did, even after I left the ship.  One last thing, I Love this Ship, it holds many memories for me, both good and tough!


I was wondering when the Sea Cadets are onboard the ship?  Are they there every day?  Do you have any pictures of them?  I went to the Girl Scout sleepover, did you happen to take any pictures then?  Thanks for your time and I hope to receive an e-mail!

Chris Prutzman
Cherrystone St. Apt C
Norman, OK  73072

WETSU to all the men that served from 1988 until Decommissioning.  I was an FC3 (SW) that served in GM Division and worked with the Tomahawks, Harpoons and CIWS.  Without a doubt the best days of my 34-years here on the planet.  If anyone recognizes me feel free to contact me.  Fair Winds and Following Seas Old Girl!

Kevin Maynard
936 N. Routiers
Indianapolis, IN  46219

I served aboard her from October 1987 until skeleton crew (just didn't want to put her down), left for the Cruiser Princeton (CG-59), Huge Mistake!!!  Live and Learn, got out in May 1991 anyway.  Does anyone remember the writing on the inside panel of #3 Switchboard down in #3 Engine Room?  I want to say it was something about decommissioning her from the time before.  Anyone with information or if you just remember, e-mail me.  I was an ICman in E Division.  ICC Folks / Lt. Polk, and does anyone remember the crotch-scratchin EMCS?  NO joke, the man was ALWAYS digging, it was a long running joke!



Chris M. Arceneaux
702 Prospect St.
Crawfordsville  47933

I was on the USS New Jersey from 1983 to 1987.  I was on the 331-day deployment and I get mad every time I hear CNN or MSNBC say that the USS Abraham Lincoln's deployment is the longest since Vietnam.

Reginald E. Bednar

What really happened to the Battleship Maine -- The Philippines and Cuba want to know.

L.B. Gaines
Gibsonville, NC

Looking forward to the reunion - have never been to one previously - served on the New Jersey during WW II - see you guys in Las Vegas.  If any of you old foggies remember me, e-mail me.

ENC (SW) Joel Sermeno
1213 Okinawa Rd.
Coronado, CA  92118

I am Engine Chief Joel Sermeno.  I served onboard New Jersey from 1989 to Decommissioning.  I was part of the last crew of the Big J.  I am very proud to have served on such a fine ship.

Randolph M. Doe
2208 Wales Dr.
Cardiff by the Sea, CA  92007

I served aboard the New Jersey during the 1947 Midshipman's Cruise to Scotland, Norway, England Guantanamo Bay and Norfolk.  See Melvin L. Young's entry on 3/11/2003.  The Skipper's name was Menocal and we had Arleigh Burke onboard.  We also had Doc Blanchard of the Naval Academy Football Team.  I was in a Port Side Deck Division and a Loader for one of the 40mm guns on the Port Side.  My Duty Station when underway was the Starboard Life Buoy watch.  I remember target practice with the big guns on the island of Culebra, where we broke nearly every pane of glass out of the bridge during a nine-gun (?) salvo.  I was on Life Buoy watch at the time, standing behind Turret #2 and watching the shells lob toward old WW II tanks onshore.

Jody Patchett
224 South Seventh St.
Upper Sandusky, OH  43351

I was a BM3 from 1st Division, 1982 - 1986.

David S. Ross
6983 M.5 Ln.
Escanaba, MI  49829

Made one entry before but have a new e-mail address.  Served onboard from 1987 - decommissioning in 1991.  Was an FC in Aft Main Battery for the 16-inch guns, what a job!!  Looking for some old shipmates out there to see how we're all doing, hope to hear from some.

Roy Deaton, Jr.
5147 Rogers St.
Lafitte, FL  70067

Please add to Mailing List.

Terry Smay
8048 Ellenbogen St.
Sunland, CA  91040

Served onboard the New Jersey from early 1969 until decommissioning in December 1969.  I was an Electrician's Mate 3rd Class assigned to the Power Shop.  The New Jersey is a great ship and it is the best experience of my 4 years in the Navy.  I was stationed onboard two other ships as an EM2 that made 6-month deployments to Vietnam, USS Decatur (DDG-31) in 1970, and USS Ramsey (DEG-2) in 1971.  Would love to hear from any of my former shipmates.

Charles J. Mack
119 Carver Ln.
Limerick, PA

Escorted the 9/11 Flag on March 29th from Independence Hall to the USS New Jersey as a member of Rolling Thunder Chapter 1, PA.  It was a very nice ceremony, we are going to look into volunteering, as a group, to help with the work.  Looking forward to coming back to take the full tour.

A. Moczarnik

Served on the N.J. from 1955 - 1957 as 2nd Class EM2.

Brian P. Bishop
Norfolk, VA

Was stationed aboard May 1987 to August 1988 in 2nd Division.  I can't wait to get up the coast and see her.

P.S.  Tom Tierney, your feeling of returning after a weekend of liberty brought back some fond memories!!

Paul Gomez

I served from 1988 - 1991 as an Operations Specialist.

Romeo Gramazio
1920 Mason Ave.
Daytona Beach, FL  32217

An Original Plankowner, onboard the New Jersey from March 1943 through 1945.  Served in the 2nd Division as a Shipfitter, GQ Station was Damage Control-Repair 1 Aft.  I used to receive a BB-62 newsletter and am still interested in getting one, however, it isn't being sent to my new address (above).  Could you please send me information so I can continue to receive the newsletter?

GMC (SW) Joel A. Plunkett
4736 Loma Bonita
El Paso, TX  79934

I served onboard the Big J from 1987 through 1991, going on two deployments to include Australia for four months.  This was the highlight of my career, I enjoyed every day onboard and made many friends.  My primary job was the upkeep and operation of the 5"/38 gun mounts.

BT3 Scott Kindler

I served on the Jersey from March 1986 to September 1989 in B Division, Fireroom #1.  To all of you snipes out there remember we worked the longest and the hardest, first onboard last on liberty.

Thomas M. Bell
Moorestown, NJ  08057

Plankowner USS Constellation (CVA-64) 1961 - 1963.  AO-3, G Division.  Historian USS Constellation CVA/CV-64 Association.

Melvin L Young
139 Turkey Ln.
Cold Spring Harbor, NY  11724

I served on the ship in 1947 (can't remember the exact dates) and boarded in Washington state.  We traveled through the Panama Canal which was a wonderful experience.  The ship scraped the sides of the locks and barely fit in length.  We washed the ship down in the fresh water lakes before entering the East coast locks.  We then prepared for a friendship tour picking up the Midshipmen at the Academy.  We visited England, Scotland, Sweden and then on to Cuba and New York.  I was discharged shortly after this great experience.  Wish I had the exact dates.

Howie Slinger - BMCS(SW) Retired

Served on the USS New Jersey 1981 - 1985... you should have seen the jaws drop when I mentioned the 11 month cruise we did at my retirement speech - if they only knew.  Went to visit the ship while being renovated about 2 years ago to bring some "momentos" for them but the guy wasn't there that day - I guess they have enough stuff as it is.

Ray Marinko
650 Tamarack Ave. #103
Brea, CA  92821

Hello Nam Gang!  God have the years flown by?  What do you say we all go back to Subic and Olongapo City some Saturday night and over to the "Paramount" bar for some brew?  Maybe listen to "Hey Jude" or "Mony Mony."  If we only had a penny for each time we heard those songs, huh?!  My GQ station was Mount 52, 5"/38, left gun projectileman.  That 2nd Turret used to train and fire right near our ears!  How did we ever sleep through that, I'll never know.  But we had to and we did (and using another guys foot as your pillow.)  How about working up on deck while those 16's were firing when we were not at GQ.  We were so many frames away but we would always be looking for those big guns training out over the life lines and wishing that we hear those darn two horn warnings!  Impossible to this day to try and explain that to someone.  Be well my friends, God Bless you and all of our troops today around the globe.  God Bless America!!

David D'Arcy
P.O. Box 450004
Harrison Twp.  48

I served in the Weapons Department as their Leading Yeoman from July 1986 to May 1987.  For a Yeoman, the Weapons Department was the only place to serve.  I served in the Navy for 8 years and I will always see this tour as my best.

Cowboy Fes
9460 US 62
Hillsboro, OH  45133

Hey, I love the USS Missouri, it is the best ship to hit the sea.  All of the Iowa class battleships are awesome!

Fes's Pimp Shop
9460 US 62
Hillsboro, OH  45133

Hey, I really love this ship even though my dad served on the Mighty Mo.  I love the Battleships we had back in the day and what we have today.  I also work on the USS Kitty Hawk right now, and we are in the Persian Gulf.

Lloyd Wilson Richards Sr.
Bastrop, LA  71220

My father was a Water Tender on the USS New Jersey during WW II.  He was always proud of the Ship and got to be on the decks again during the decommissioning February 8, 1991.  My father is now deceased but his Navy career is being carried on by his great great grandson, James Joseph Simmons.  (I realize this is not exactly what you requested, but I thought it might interest you.)


I am doing my Social Studies Fair project on the USS New Jersey.  It is a lot of fun to learn about it!

Sam Cesario
2756 Leoleta Way

Carmichael, CA  95608

I am an original Plankowner, Seaman 1st Class in the L Division.  Station, Bridge and Lookout 1, 1943 - 1945.

Shane Broughten
5569 520th St.
Kenyon, MN  55946

Served aboard 1984 through 1987, BM2, 2nd Division Weapons Dept.  GQ Station, Turret #2, was a Primerman/Powder Hoist operator.  Underway Watch BMOW.

Manny Caralivanos
USN Ret./ETCS/30 yrs
4 Leavering Mill Ln.
Marlton, NJ  08053-2707

I served on the USS Iowa from 1951 to 1954.  I was an ETSN/ET3 onboard while we were in Korea in 1952.  My wife Diane and I got to see the Jersey being towed up and over to the shipyard.  We will be getting up to visit her some time in the future... after the snow leaves.  I retired after 30 years in 1980, and then "called it quits" in May 1997, the year that I moved up to Jersey from Virginia Beach, VA.  If there are any Ex Iowa Shipmates that were aboard the Iowa in the '50s, give me a growl at  LATER, Manny "C".

Lonnie Creacy
Garden City, KS  67846

I served on board from 1988 - 1990, SH3.  I was in the Barber Shop, Laundry / Dry Cleaning and the Soda Machines.  She is to date the most amazing vessel I've ever seen or been on.

William Wallace III (RM1 Ret)
1115 Cove Landing Dr.
Atlantic Beach, FL  32233-6375

I was onboard from December 1981 thru July 1984, I was a RM2 at the time.  My favorite memory was the day we got the go ahead to shell Beirut, it was my birthday.  It was also a tough time when the embassy was blown up, ETC (SW) Ski was a close friend, and killed in the bombing.  I was the Tech-Control / Radio Watch Supervisor while onboard.  It was the best time of my Navy career.

William McCaskey
5075 W. Richland Ln.
Homossassa, FL  34464

Served onboard Big J from 1982 - 1986 on Mount 56, 2nd Division.  I would like to know about the ring and I would also like to hear from other shipmates who served at that time.

George R. Dailey
P.O. Box 752
Harriman, TN  37748

Boarded ship May 1943, left February 1946.  Served as a 20mm Gunner in the 8th Division.

Eric Smith
Revere, MA  02151

On September 30, 1968 the first fire mission within sight and sound of the Marines came in support of the 2nd Battalion, 26th Marines.  At the time we were "closing in" on the Ben Hai River area.  This was where NVA Route 1022 crossed into the Southern part of the DMZ on the NVA "Underwater Bridges."


In any event, all I can say is "Semper Fi and Anchors Aweigh," and I am sure that "2/26" wasn't the only USMC Battalion that got some serious help from the USS New Jersey in those days.


SEMPER FIDELIS, Gung Ho, ANCHORS AWEIGH (Anytime with you guys) and LAST said, but MOST felt: GOD BLESS!

Gilbert Wolford

I served onboard the USS New Jersey from 1952 to 1954 during the Korean War.  I was in the 3rd Division.  I enjoyed the time I served on the Jersey.  I think it is a wonderful ship.

Tom McQuade
Newington, NH  03801

Great Site!!  Son of a crewman who served I think from 1952 until either 1953 or 1954.  His name was Tom McQuade, and he was from Staten Island, NY.  If anyone remembers him, I would love to hear from you.

Craig Barreuther

Is there an avenue for a former crew member to get a more custom tour?  I have my ESWS pin if it matters.

James Hendricks
3344 Bea Hackman Ct.
Stockton, CA  95206

I served onboard the Jersey from 1986 - 1990 in Repair Division as a DC-2, had the greatest time onboard and made some great friends.  Hope to visit the Big J one more time.

Paul Hackney
8429 Daisey Dallas Rd.
Hixon, TN  37343

Was onboard from 1982 - 1985.  Sure do miss her!  Would like to try to locate friends from the Beirut time.

Robert Simonelli

I slept on the Battleship on December 6th into the 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) of 2002.  I was there with Boy Scout Troop 84.  The tour was nice, the guide was nice and we had a nice time.  Boy Scout Troop 84 would like to thank the hard working staff, Thank You!!  From the boys of Troop 84.

Roger J. Lockwood
248 Hamilton Rd.
Mt. Morris, MI  48458

Served as 1st Sergeant of the Marine Detachment from 1951 to 1953.  Would love to hear from any crew members that remembered me then.

Tony Mariano
Saint Cloud, FL  34771

Served on the Big J from May 1952 to 1956.  Put two years in Fireroom #1 and two years in Engine Room #2 when I made third class machinist mate.  Would like to hear from some of you guys, hope to hear soon.  

Donald Louth
1114 Thalia St.
San Diego, CA  92154  

Served on board from 1968 to her decommissioning in 1969 as a Seamen Apprentice assigned to Turret #1.  I was one of the last crew members to crawl through the 16-inch barrels placing a preservative on the barrel riflings during her mothball period in Bremerton, WA

Rick McDonough
Baldwinville, MA

Served from 1981 until 1985.  Made many friends and had a great experience in my 4 years.  Here's my new e-mail address.

Harry I Doremus, Jr.
Eustis, FL  32736

My brother was killed on the New Jersey on August 24, 1943.  His name was Irving S. Doremus (nickname - Jerry).  We would like very much to hear from someone that knew him.  Please contact us if you have any information.

Romeo "Frenchy" Frenette
160 Oak St.
Berlin, NH  03570-2025

Looking to say "Hi" to Roy Spencer, R Division Officer, LTJG Stocking and LTJG Bills...  Korea Duty and the finest human beings that you could serve with...  From the Damage Control Office - Come in and sign the 1700 Report!!!!!

Tom Tierney
Hudson, NH  03051

I was onboard 1985 - 1988 in 1st Division.  Just went and toured the ship with Jay and Felix.  Us three walking towards the ship was just like we were going back after a weekend leave.  A weird but very good feeling!  Looking back on the days that I spent onboard I am very proud to be a part of history!

James A. Ryan
33 Morris St.
Albany, NY  12208

I was aboard from 1967 - 1969.

James Lamar Wakefield
5595 Eminence Pk.
Shelbyville, KY  40065
(502) 633-5541

I will show this to my dad, he was an Electrician or "Sparky" on Big J.  Dad might also have been known as "Bud" or "Buddy."  I know he'd love to help as well as hear from another of the Big J's greatest generation.

Fred Andrews
P.O. Box 1953
Bridge City, TX  77611

I sent numerous items from the Korean War to the Ships Archives as a donation, along with several editions of the ships "Jerseyman Newspapers" for the museum.  The newspapers were of important battles and bombardments from 1951 - 1953.

John C. Schrader
550 Tournament Circle
Muskegon, MI  49444

Just want to say "Hello" to fellow shipmates.  Was aboard the Jersey in 1969 and was aboard through completion of the decommissioning in Bremerton, WA.  I was an FTGSN in FA Division.  Many great memories.  I must admit duty on Big "J" kinda spoiled me.  Went from there to a tin can, What a let-down!  I felt like I got demoted.  Hope to make a trip to NJ to visit her soon.

Terry Esler
5103 Killarney Dr.
Holt, MI  48842

Served aboard during 1968 - 1969 in E Division as an IC3.  Plan to go out East and see her again.  Would enjoy hearing from anyone that served aboard during that time.

Charles Shedd
Burlington, KS

Onboard from 1989 until decommissioning in 1991, last crew of the Mighty J.  WETSU any old shipmates out there that remember me please send an e-mail.

Bertrand R. Trottier, Jr.
2530 West Atchison St.
San Bernardino, CA  92410-1912

The New Jersey BB-62 and its crew afforded me some of the most wonderful memories of my life.  I served aboard from early 1969, through the Vietnam conflict, to the day I played Taps for her in late 1969 in Bremerton, WA.  I'll never, ever forget that mournful day.  Then Capt. J. Edward Snyder wanted a live bugler and I got the gig along with Bob Boling.  It was truly an honor and a privilege to serve aboard such a magnificent ship.

W.B. Andersondoccar
Okeechobee, FL

I attended the 15th Annual Reunion at Cherry Hill, NJ, went aboard the Grand Lady.  Still awesome, stuck my head in Mount one of the 5"/38 guns, my old battle station as well as my watch station.  I was hot caseman on the right gun.  Since 1946 I've never heard from or about 1st Loader Hennegan, or Powder Man Peeples.  I do know that Spademan Alexander (B.M.) has passed away.  Can't remember any names on the left gun.  I believe the Gun Captains name was Pappas.  I would like to thank everyone that had a part in restoring this great ship and saving her.  I served aboard 1943 - 1946.

Ted Speer
517 Delanco Rd.
Edgewater Park, NJ  08010

Whether you are a former crew member or have never been in the service at all, if you are looking for a worthwhile cause to volunteer some of your time to, come join us aboard the Big J.  We have a great group of men and women who work aboard the ship and try to make it enjoyable for our guests.  The ship will train you, provide uniforms and help you become a member of the crew.

Clyde G. Johnson
P.O. Box 223
Georgetown, MD  21390

Just wanted to say hello to all my Shipmates.

Doug Warczynski

Ran across your site on a search... pulled out my dad's War Log from the Big J's WW II days and thought I'd look for more info.  Got his copy of the Bluejackets Manual around somewhere.  Now that I see where the ship is, I hope to make a trip there someday.  Unfortunately, dad passed away in 1982.  I would've loved to take him there.  By the way, his name was Virgil J. Warczynski, Boatswain's Mate, I believe.

Bob Westcott - Plankowner
17 Button Mill Rd.
Bridgeton, NJ  08302

Can be found in the Radio Room most Saturdays.

Frederick M. Andrews
P.O. Box 1953
Bridge City, TX  77611

Former crewmember, 3rd & R Division, Rate DC2.  Attended Camden, NJ 9/11 - 9/15 Reunion.  Forever grateful to the coordinators hard work for this tremendous success.

Everette Corley
Pensacola, FL


I was one of the first guys to go aboard the New Jersey when it was being recommissioned at Bayonne, NJ.  We had to sleep and eat aboard an aircraft carrier anchored just forward of the Battleship until BB-62 was ready for us to move aboard.  My rate was SKG1C.  I was assigned to the Supply Department and was given the job of being in charge of all general stores and storerooms.


After Commissioning and our shakedown cruise we sailed for Korea.  I was aboard until the ship returned to the states.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone that remembers me.

Sue Gervais
14 Fernwood St.
Plainfield, CT  06374

To all you fine men that served on the "Big J" I proudly salute you and thank-you for serving!  I will be attending the reunion with my father, Donald "Frenchy" Gervais this year.  My dad talks very highly of his years on this beautiful lady as well as all the friends he made.  I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible during our stay.  My highlight will be the moment I set foot on this beautiful ship holding my dad's hand and watching the pride on his face.  An emotional moment it will be for us as I am sure it will be for many of you!  So, until we meet, one final salute and see you soon.

Mike Sala
Ellensburg, WA  98296

I never served onboard but I was in the Navy in the early 90s and wanted so much to see the big girl but never got the chance.  Since the service I have tried to study as much as I could about this class of warship and begun to admire and respect them.  Someday I hope very much to get to see her.  Thank-you for everything you and everyone else have done to save her and her sisters from the scrap pile. 

Eugene Bowersox

I was a crew member from November 1985 - December 1989.  I worked on all the 5"/38 mounts and in the ships Armory.  I was a Gunners Mate 2nd Class (SW) and took 3 WestPac cruises.  The time that I spent onboard was a time that I will never forget as a young man of 20 years old and spent my 21st birthday aboard out at sea.  Not all times were great, but the friendships made and when we had gunfire missions that went off without a miss fire and anyone hurt were times to remember.


I toured the New Jersey on June 14th of this year and wished that Broadway and the Sick Bay area would have been open for tour.  Thank you and have a great day.

Elmer Kohlhafer, Jr.
1306 Harbour View Dr.
Kill Devil Hills, NC  27948-9136

I served on the New Jersey from 1950 - 1953.  I was a GM/3c in the FM Division.  I am going to the reunion in Cherry Hill, NJ.  I am hoping to meet some of the guys I served with.  Please contact me to share memories and information about our former shipmates.  I lived in Baltimore, MD then, now live in Kill Devil Hills, NC.

PFC Ralph Ivie
2903 Borowick Cir.
LaGrange, KY  40031

I was proud to serve on this great ship from 1946 to 1948.  I went through high school in Bremerton, WA (where she was mothballed) and settled in New Jersey when she was decommissioned in 1948.  So I have had a personal tie with the ship for many a year.  As a member of the Marine detachment we helped sharpen the image of the ship in the eyes of all the foreign countries we visited and to the guests that were brought onboard.  Long live the Jersey!

Matthew Schumacher
24 North Shore Blvd.
Helmetta, NJ  08828

She is a fine ship and you guys are doing a great job with her (oh and by the way, the entrance to the decks below in the aft boys bathroom should have a camera in it) ha ha ha.  The Engine Room Looks nice.

Jerry Jones
245 Beason Rd.
Orangeburg, SC  29115

I was stationed on Destroyers.  I had the chance to visit the USS New Jersey one time, boy was she something else.  I now do volunteer work at Patriot's Point Naval Museum and hope one day to visit the USS New Jersey again.  Y'all please get all the volunteers you can for the upkeep of the ship, it's going to take a lot of love and work to keep her looking nice.

Brian Mallow
13627 Sycamore Tree Ln.
Poway, CA  92064

Served in Engine Room #1, LPO, Beirut, Lebanon, MMCS (SW) Retired.

Robert F. Bransford, Jr.

Served on USS New Jersey in the 5th Division, 1952 - 1953, GM3.

MS3 James W. McDonough
1125 Peak Rd.
Lantana, FL  33462