Deck Tour Photos -  August 10, 2000

I was among the estimated 11,000 lucky people who took the opportunity to stroll around the main deck of the Battleship New Jersey when she was opened to the public, August 9th & 10th.  I arrived in Camden at 8:20 on Thursday morning, following a three hour drive from the suburbs of Washington, DC.  The shuttle buses were suppose to start running at 9:00, but there was a bus loading when I got there, and we left shortly thereafter.  I was among the first group of visitors to go aboard that morning and took the pictures you see below.  It was truly an awesome experience to roam her decks, but it only whet my appetite for more.  I look forward to being involved in her restoration in whatever way possible, and seeing her displayed proudly, on Camden's historic Delaware River waterfront next year.

  Deck Tour Picture #1
  Early in the morning, before all the crowds made it on deck.
She looks a little strange, like she got a buzz cut, with over
30 feet missing from the top of her superstructure.

Deck Tour Photo #2

  Another shot of the those big 16-inchers.  I thought she looked a
little worn in some places, but overall in much better shape than
I had expected.  Can't wait to see what $7.3 Million can do, that's
the estimated cost of the facelift she is about to receive.
  Deck Tour Photo #3  
Didn't take the crowds long to fill the main deck, and they
were all after one thing, to get their picture taken next
to the star attractions, those big guns.
Deck Tour Photo #4
  Deck Tour Photo #5  

There's lots of rust to sand off, and it'll take 
thousands of gallons of Navy Haze Grey
paint before it's all over, but the important
thing is, she's home where she belongs, and
the restoration is about to begin.

Deck Tour Photo #6
It was really an eerie experience walking on deck,
sort of like she was asleep, and we, the visitors
needed to be quiet, so as not to wake her.
If only those teak planks could talk, what
a story they'd have to tell.  When the deck
is replaced, I'd really like to see them cut
those old planks into mementos to be sold
for fund raising purposes or presented to
crewman who are Plank Holders. 
  Deck Tour Photo #7  
  Standing on the dock next to this ship, that's when you begin to get
an idea of how big she really is.  To say she's 887 feet long is one thing, the true realization comes when you look at here from this perspective!!  Welcome home BB-62!!
  Deck Tour Photo #8  
  No deck tour would be complete without getting your picture taken next to these big guns.  Here is the webmaster of this site, yours
truly, striking a pose.
  Deck Tour Photo #9  
As we departed the ship that day, the Home Port Alliance presented everyone with a Certificate like this one, celebrating the fact that we were among the first to board the Battleship at her new home, Camden, in the year 2000.  It's a nice memento of my visit!
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