Grand Opening Celebration Photos - October 14, 2001


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Grand Opening Photo #12
Security was high, and Police Officers were very visible on
 top of the turrets and up high on the superstructure of the ship. 

Grand Opening Photo #13

The bow was jammed full during the Grand Opening. 
Grand Opening Photo #14
The Admiral, his wife and the ships 
Volunteer Coordinator strike a pose on deck.
Grand Opening Photo #15
New Jersey politicians meet and greet
under Big J's big 16-inch guns.
Grand Opening Photo #16

Captain James P. Nickols, the Chaplain who offered a
prayer at the ships final decommissioning in 1991, said
the Invocation for the USS New Jersey
as a museum.

Grand Opening Photo #17
A couple of members of the Brass Team pose with
 the Admiral in one of the tents set up on the fantail.
By the way, the little crab cakes were awesome!
Grand Opening Photo #18

On the left, S1/C Frank Carfioli, served on the New Jersey
from 1950 - 1952.   Reported aboard in Bayonne, NJ, while
it was still in its mothball berth.  Left the ship when she
returned from her first tour in Korea.  On the right, Frank
Scrocca, a welder in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard,
 who helped lay the keel in 1940.

Grand Opening Photo #19

From left to right, Frank Scrocca, Frank Carfioli’s wife,
Emily, and Frank Scrocca’s wife, Pauline.

Grand Opening Photo #20

 Pauline, Frank and Emily leaving on the aft starboard
main deck, after spending a very wonderful,
memorable and exciting day at the Rebirth
 of the USS New Jersey as a museum.

Grand Opening Photo #21

Frank Scrocca, Emily Carfioli and Pauline Scrocca
are enjoying refreshments
under a canopy
on the fantail after the ceremonies.

Grand Opening Photo #22

Frank Scrocca proudly displays a model of the USS
New Jersey he built.  Note the mirror in back of the
case, which gives the illusion of two USS New Jerseys.

Grand Opening Photo #23
A model of Big J that sits in the ships
wardroom, the detail on it is superb!

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Line Drawing of Big J

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