Photos of Big J at Her New Home



New Home Photo #1
With the early morning sun glinting off the fresh coat 
of Battleship Gray, she looks ready for battle.
New Home Photo #2
Almost 2 years to the day since she passed through
the Panama Canal for the final time, she now sits
proudly on the Delaware River ready to greet visitors.
New Home Photo #3
Home at her final Berth Big J embarks
on her new mission as a museum.
New Home Photo #4
Her Pier is still under construction,
but who came to see the pier anyway?
New Home Photo #5
The truck sitting on the pier is dwarfed by the Battleship.
New Home Photo #6
View forward from O5 in front
of Fire Control, a stop on the tour.
New Home Photo #7
The Flying Bridge with the skyline of Philadelphia in
the Background, tours won't get up to this level though.
New Home Photo #8
Another view forward with the 
Ben Franklin Bridge ahead.
New Home Photo #9
Hey look, the Ships Wheel has
finally been put in its place!
New Home Photo #10
This manikin of Admiral Halsey on the
bridge looks pretty spooky when viewed
from the main deck, it looks very lifelike!
New Home Photo #11
Shot off the Port side with
Philadelphia Skyline in background.
New Home Photo #12
The tours Main Attractions!
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Line Drawing of Big J

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