Delaware River Trip Photos  -  November 11, 1999

I arrived at Marcus Hook Memorial Park, PA at 9:30 on Thursday morning to wait for Big J's arrival.   It was cloudy and cold all morning long and a brisk breeze was blowing.  By 11:30, the crowd was huge, and Big J was late, but the sun was starting to break through the clouds.  Then, just before noon, we got our first glimpse of her approaching.   A loud cheer rang out as she first came into view and while she passed by.   She was impressive, and it was an awesome experience to witness this historic event with hundreds of other proud Americans gathered along the banks of the Delaware.  It was Veterans Day, and we were all there to welcome a distinguished veteran home, to New Jersey.  Here are photos taken there.

My Delaware River Photo #1
A Fireboat sprays water as Big J arrives
at the Marcus Hook Memorial Park Thursday
morning on the final leg of her journey home.
My Delaware River Photo #2
Big J moves silently up the Delaware River
Thursday on the final leg of her journey home.
My Delaware River Photo #3

After watching her pass Marcus Hook, it was to the car quick to
get to another viewing location recommended to me via e-mail.
I crossed the Commodore Barry Bridge and saw Big J, and the
flotilla of small boats accompanying her, moving slowly up the
river.  I only wish I could have stopped and taken a few photos
from the bridge, they would have been spectacular.  But, it was
on to Billingsport, NJ and the Del Rio Inn.  Once again there was
a huge crowd there and we were rewarded with a great view as 
she passed by.  I would like to thank Christina, her husband, the
Del Rio's owner Don and the rest of the gang at the Inn, I had a
great time!!  Here are several photos taken from the Inn's backyard.

My Delaware River Photo #4
My Delaware River Photo #5
My Delaware River Photo #6
My Delaware River Photo #7

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Line Drawing of Big J

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