Delaware River Trip Photos  -  November 11, 1999

Others Delaware River Photo #1

Big J is greeted by the Governor of New Jersey
and 1,000 guests onboard a River Ferry boat.

Others Delaware River Photo #2

The Battleship continues her way up the Delaware
after passing under the Delaware Memorial bridge.

Others Delaware River Photo #3

Hundreds of people line the shores at Marcus Hook
to welcome Big J home on Veterans Day.  I'm proud
to say I was among this crowd that waited patiently
for nearly two hours to witness this historic
event.  A Veterans Day to remember forever!

Others Delaware River Photo #4

Big J continues up the Delaware after passing
under the Commodore Barry Bridge.

Others Delaware River Photo #5

One of the many Fire Boats that accompanied
Big J up the river on Veterans Day.

Others Delaware River Photo #6

Members of the Sea Victory's crew were amazed at
the crowds of people assembled all along the river
to welcome the veteran Battleship home.

Others Delaware River Photo #7

The Camden Fire Dept was out in force to welcome
Big J home and hopes she will remain in Camden.

Others Delaware River Photo #8

A fireboat sprays a welcome for Big J as she is
turned to begin docking at the Navy Yard's Pier 4

Others Delaware River Photo #9

Sea Victory releases Big J for the final time as she
and several other tugs begin to nudge her into
place at Pier 4 late on Thursday afternoon.

Others Delaware River Photo #10

It's a pretty tricky operation to nudge a 45,000 ton
Battleship into place, these guys made it look easy.

Others Delaware River Photo #11

The Sea Victory, her job complete, makes one
last pass by the Battleship on the way to her dock.

Others Delaware River Photo #12

Big J's home, for now anyway, tied up at Pier 4
of the former Philadelphia Navy Yard until the
Navy decides where her permanent home will be.
Their decision is expected in January of 2000.  Her
Final Voyage took 61 days and covered some 6,700
Nautical Miles, but she is finally home on the Delaware!


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Line Drawing of Big J

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