December 30th Photos Page

I've been onboard three times this month, polishing brass and passing out 2007 Calendars to my fellow volunteers.  This was the 3rd year I put together a calendar for the volunteers, the theme for this years calendar was the Sailor Art found throughout the ship.  It features over 50 photos of individual pieces of Sailor Art and proved to be a very popular item!  I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to once again send out a call to all those who think they might be interested in joining the ships crew.  We can use all the help we can get, make your New Years Resolution to come on down and join the fun in 2007!  

Also, if you are interested, 2007 Battleship New Jersey Commemorative Ships Calendars are still available from the Museum Store, for more information contact the Museum Store at (856) 966-1652 ext. 112.  These aren't the same calendars I gave to the volunteers, but it is another one I designed and produced to sell in the Museum Store.  This one features photos and historical information covering each of the ships four active service periods and includes photos of her recent restoration and other events held onboard since she opened as a museum in 2001.


December 30th Photo #1

Santa was onboard on December 9th for breakfast with local children.
  He parked his other Red Sled on the pier, this beautiful vintage Fire
 Truck.  Ole Santa sure has a flair for cool rides!  Merry Christmas!

December 30th Photo #2

Along with Santa this happy Penguin was onboard to entertain the kids! 
December 30th Photo #3
Part of a Fire Valve Assembly some of the guys were putting 
a serious shine on before placing it back along the Tour Route.
December 30th Photo #4
Another part of the Fire Valve Assembly gets a fresh coat of paint.
December 30th Photo #5
Here both pieces are back together and in place along the Tour Route.
It's safe to come back now Frank.... The heavy lifting is over!!  :)
December 30th Photo #6
Another Valve Wheel and Ships Seal adjacent to the Fire Valve location.
December 30th Photo #7
This gun recently appeared on the pier.  I don't know too much
 about it yet, but I imagine it will likely become part of an exhibit
in the near future.  I'll let you know what I find out.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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