February 10th Photos Page

I've been onboard the last two Saturdays and it's been mighty cold down on the River!  The first photo below shows just how cold it's been as evidenced by the ice on the Delaware!  No matter how cold it gets though there are always Docents on hand in the morning to give visitors a guided tour.  Some of our regular Saturday crew have escaped to warmer locations for the Winter, I'm talking about you Dave, how's life in Pensacola??  All your Saturday buddies say hello, what's that, need some ice for your cocktail, I think we can fix you up!  Hope you are enjoying your time in the sun and looking forward to seeing you back here real soon!  Needless to say with as cold as it's been the Brass Team has found work below decks.  For the last two weeks we've been working in the Ships Bakery which is a look in stop on the main Tour Route.  Although there isn't a lot of brass to shine in that area we've been doing our best to spruce up the area and make it look good for our visitors.  In the not too distant future we are hoping to open more below deck spaces including the Barber Shop, Ships Laundry and a rebuilt Brig.  I know it's not the Engine Rooms and Broadway, but they are on the list of future attractions too, one of these days.  Well, that's it for this trip, I'm ready for Spring!!   


February 10th Photo #1
Surrounded by ice I bet she wishes to
be back in the South Pacific again...

February 10th Photo #2

Some of our dedicated Saturday docents on a cold windy morning.
  Keep up the good work guys, Spring is just around the corner!
February 10th Photo #3
Two of the Brass Team regulars working in the Bakery.
February 10th Photo #4
This guy has over 2,000 volunteer hours
onboard, he's here every Saturday! 
February 10th Photo #5
Look at that smile on his face, he's happier than a pig in sh--!  
Oh yeah, look at that copper piping shining too, we do it all!
February 10th Photo #6
A former "Swabie" who knows how
to swab the decks the Navy way!!
February 10th Photo #7
The result of a hard days work, looks pretty good eh?
February 10th Photo #8
Large mixing machine that received
a little TLC and some fresh paint.

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