February 24th Photos Page

Onboard again today and last Saturday too, that makes four Saturdays in a row!  Below are a few photos of the Saturday regulars out and about below decks.  The first two are some of the gang hanging out in the Ships Barber Shop and in another area that will soon be rebuilt into the Ships Brig.  These spaces, along with the Ships Laundry, are expected to be added to the tour route in the very near future.  The last one is two of my long time buddies manning the Quarterdeck, ready for action!!  My next day onboard should be March 10th, hope to see you there!


February 24th Photo #1
Anybody seen the Barber, these guys need a buzz cut, Navy style!

February 24th Photo #2

Some of the gang checking out an area that is going to be rebuilt into
the Ships Brig.  This space is down on Deck 3 next to the Barber Shop.
February 24th Photo #3

One of our Radio Club members setting up Radio Equipment in the original
WWII Radio Room space down on Deck 2, just aft of Sick Bay and Turret #2.

February 24th Photo #4
More Radio Equipment in another compartment off Broadway on Deck 3.
February 24th Photo #5
My favorite Quarterdeck Dynamic Duo, Ready for Action! 
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