March 17th Photos Page

Onboard the last two Saturdays in a row.  Today was the day after a late Winter storm blanketed the area with a light dusting of snow.  It made a lot of extra work for the ship's volunteers and also presented some unique photo opportunities.  Below are a bunch of photos of the ship covered in a blanket of fresh snow.  My next day onboard should be March 31st, come on down and join the fun!!


March 17th Photo #1
It was a cold windy morning, but the snow made it look so pretty.

March 17th Photo #2

View from across the empty public marina.  It won't be long until this 
area will be full of pleasure boats again, I'm ready for Spring!  
March 17th Photo #3
Shot from the promenade.
March 17th Photo #4
Looking down the pier.
March 17th Photo #5
On the forecastle.
March 17th Photo #6
One from a little further forward, nice blanket of fresh snow.
March 17th Photo #7
Shot from O5 looking forward across the snow covered forecastle.
March 17th Photo #8
A couple of the Saturday Quarterdeck regulars ready for action.
March 17th Photo #9
Shoveling the pier, a tough job, getting ready for visitors and campers.
March 17th Photo #10
The ships docents were pulling double duty, first shoveling snow from the
weatherdeck portions of the Tour Routes, then leading the tour groups.
March 17th Photo #11
More volunteers at work on the stairs and landing leading to the forward brow.
March 17th Photo #12
A couple of the Brass Team regulars enjoying the snow on the aft missile deck.

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