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I'm way behind on getting these photos posted and I apologize, just way too much going on lately with my day job!  I was onboard three Saturdays in a row in April, on this day once again one of our Brass Team regulars recruited a group of her Band members to come onboard and work for the day.  With so many helpers we were able to get a lot done, thanks to everyone who showed up and pitched in.  I'm looking forward to seeing many of them back onboard again on May 19th when they will be returning to play a concert on the Forecastle for Armed Forces Day.  Their performance will include a rendition of Echoing Taps at 11:11 am to mark the signing of the Armistice ending World War I.  We continue to work on an extension of the current below decks tour route and will soon begin work on the long awaited Engineering Tour Route which is slated to be ready sometime next year.  The ship also has a new Curator and I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome him onboard.  I met him recently and he said he likes to get his hands dirty, sounds like he'll fit right in with the Brass Team!  As a matter of fact he'll be working with the Team on Saturday May 5th, come on down and join the fun!  There will be plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty, that's for sure!  That's it for this visit, below are several photos of the Band members in action followed by a bunch for my friend Häken who is currently building a model of Big J and asked for a few photos of a specific area.  Hope to see you on the 5th!!


April 21st Photo #1
This guy was onboard a few months ago and now he's back for more.  Hey 
look, he's wearing the Brass Team T-Shirt too, sign him up!  It looks like he 
found a comfortable spot and is putting quite a shine on that wheel, Good Job!

April 21st Photo #2

Another of the Band members shining up one of the 
Powder Hoists in the Upper Handling Room for Mount 56.
April 21st Photo #3
He wanted this shot to be put online, so here it is. 
Look at that brass shining, Party On Dude!
April 21st Photo #4
Some more of the gang working on some periscopes up on O5.
April 21st Photo #5
A group shot under Turret #1, Bravo Zulu gang, Thanks for Your Help!!
April 21st Photo #6
OK Häken, the next 6 photos are for you.  They are of the area you
requested and I'll do my best to explain what you are looking at in each
one.  This one was taken on the O1 level, Starboard side, just outside Mount 55
(currently the last Mount on the Starboard side).  We are looking up at the O2 level,
the hatch on the left was once used to enter the Upper Handling Room for one
of the 5" Mounts that were removed during the ships 1980 reconfiguration
to add Tomahawk Missiles.  This photo clearly shows the steel beams
supporting the Aft Missile Deck above on the O3 level. 
April 21st Photo #7
This photo was taken from the same spot as the first, but it is rotated to
the left and upward looking at the location where the 5" Mount would have
stood.  Note the steel columns in place to support the Aft Missile Deck above. 
April 21st Photo #8
In this photo we have moved up to the O2 level, it is taken from the
platform visible in Photo #1 above the hatch marked "Do Not Enter Staff Only".
Here we are looking directly aft at the spot where the 5" Mount was removed
April 21st Photo #9
This photo was taken from the same spot as the one above,
just rotated to the right showing the layout of this area.
April 21st Photo #10
For this photo I have moved and am standing where the 5" Mount once
 stood.  On the far right the platform where photos 3 & 4 were taken from is
just out of sight.  A left once inside the open hatch visible in this photo will
take you to the Helicopter Control Tower, just aft of this area on this level. 
April 21st Photo #11
This photo completes the 180 degree swing, we are now looking forward
directly at the platform where photos 3 & 4 were taken.  Mount 55 is just
out of this photo on the right.  The wall where the fire hose is located is the
wall you had questions about, it is definitely not angled as shown in the photo 
of your model.  This area is the same on the Port side of the ship, just reversed
Hope these help with your model, let me know if you need anything else.
April 21st Photo #12
A piece of Sailor Art entitled "Bad to the Bone" found on a 
Workshop door at the base of the Aft Main Battery Director.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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