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I was onboard twice this week, I made a rare weekday appearance on Wednesday and was back onboard again today.  With the arrival of Spring the Brass Team is happy to be able to work outside again.  Recently we've been concentrating on polishing items on the weather deck along the tour routes including the Open Bridge area up on O5; the Periscopes and Covers on top of the Turrets and Main Fire Control; and also lacquering numerous small brass switch plates on the superstructure on the Main Deck.  Today we also had a couple guys working down in the Ships Laundry, part of a Tour Route extension scheduled to open later this Summer.  Today, along with others, I worked on polishing and lacquering 9 of the aforementioned switch plates and spent much of the rest of the day polishing the ships Magnetic Compass.  The Compass Deck is a stop on the Tour Route; it overlooks the Forward Missile Deck affording visitors a close-up look at one of the ships eight armored boxes for the Tomahawk Missiles.  One of those boxes is raised to the launch position simulating the launch of a missile, a great photo opportunity.  Keeping the compass shinning is a never ending job, but one the Brass Team happily accepts.  The compass is a very interesting piece, there is a brass plate on the front of it saying it was made by the Lionel Train Company in 1941, it just goes to show that in those days everybody did their part to contribute to the war effort.  The Brass Team had a promising new rookie working with us today, he is the ships new curator Jason Hall, a guy who likes to get his hands dirty.  That's our kind of guy!  I'd like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the entire Brass Team, to welcome Jason aboard and say thanks for coming out and working with us today.  We look forward to working with you a lot more in the future and wish you great success in your new position.  Great job Jason, you have an open invitation to come out and join the fun anytime, you know what we'll be doing on any given Saturday, getting dirty shinning brass!


May 5th Photo #1
Some of the guys working with me on the Magnetic Compass.

May 5th Photo #2

Shines up pretty nicely for being over 65 years old!
May 5th Photo #3
The ships new Curator, Jason Hall.  We gave him a Brass Team T-Shirt and
a rag and he was ready to get his hands dirty!  Welcome Aboard Jason!
May 5th Photo #4
The reward at the end of the day, a shining example of what
a few dedicated volunteers can accomplish in an afternoon!

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