May 12th Photos Page

Onboard today to do some polishing and visit the USS Winston Churchill (DDG-81) which was tied up at Penn's Landing across the river.  Below are a bunch of photos from today's trip, I plan to be onboard next Saturday for Armed Forces Day, hope to see you there!


May 12th Photo #1
USS Winston Churchill tied up at Penn's Landing.

May 12th Photo #2

Ships automatic 5" Deck Mount, vertical launch missile
tube doors are visible on the deck behind the gun mount.
May 12th Photo #3
There were numerous emplacements like this on the main deck
 and several more were visible on the upper decks too.
May 12th Photo #4
Some of the ships crew shining up the bell, 
after we teased them about it looking bad...
May 12th Photo #5
Shot from the main deck amidship looking forward at the superstructure.  Note
the prominent Aegis Radar Panel visible in this photo, one of 4 on the ship.
May 12th Photo #6
Another shot along the Port side as we left the ship via the after brow.
May 12th Photo #7
One more shot from dead astern as we boarded the ferry to cross the river.
May 12th Photo #8
Since the weather has improved we've been working topside again trying 
to clean up the many brass fixtures and plates found on the weather decks.
We are stripping them down and reapplying lacquer to them.  
May 12th Photo #9
Some more fixtures we did today, and look at that porthole shining,
I lacquered all of them three years ago now, still looking pretty good!

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