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I must apologize to those of you who visit regularly expecting new photos of our work onboard the Big J, I've just been swamped at work lately and working on this site has slid down the priority list.  That doesn't mean I haven't been onboard the ship working though, that is something that is always close to the top of the priority list!  I've been onboard the Battleship two Saturdays since my last posting, below are a few photos taken on those two days.  The first six photos below were taken onboard on Armed Forces Day (May 19th) and the last eight were taken on June 2nd.  For the next two Mondays in a row I'll be participating in Parts Raids on the USS Puget Sound (AD-38) so my next day onboard the Battleship will be June 23rd, hope to see you there! 


May 19th Photo #1
Armed Forces Day Services onboard the Battleship.

May 19th Photo #2

It was a beautiful Spring morning, there was a nice crowd on the Forecastle.
May 19th Photo #3
At 11:00 am these guys played an outstanding rendition of Echo Taps.
The band is a NJ Middle School band led by one of my Brass Team buddies.
In fact, several of the band members have been onboard shining brass, most
recently this Spring (See April 21st photos).  Great job gang, Bravo Zulu!
May 19th Photo #4
After playing Echo Tabs on the forecastle the band moved to the fantail
and performed a selection of songs for those onboard.  I never have good
luck taking photos under these tents during the day.  The bright sunshine
 outside messes with my camera and most of my photos turn out too dark.
Oh well, they sounded great, even if I couldn't get a good photo of them!
May 19th Photo #5
Newly welded steel decking in place repairing weak sections
in front of the Flag Bag on the Starboard side, level O3.
May 19th Photo #6
Another shot of the new steel decking.  I've posted photos of this 
area before what's different here now is that the new Teak planking
is in the very early stages of being replaced.
June 2nd Photo #1
This photo was taken two weeks later showing the work is progressing.
June 2nd Photo #2
Several large saws have been setup to perform the work onsite, allowing
visitors the opportunity to witness first hand one of our ongoing restoration
projects.  I think it's good to let visitors see these type of work going on,
it gives them a better understanding of the tremendous amount of work
that is required to keep the ship looking good for all who visit.  I can't wait
to see the finished product, after this section is done I imagine the next
two places would be down on O2 outside the Captain's and Admiral's cabins.
June 2nd Photo #3
All day long the ship was buzzing with activities, getting things ready
for a birthday party for Tom Clancy on the fantail.  They even rolled
out a red carpet on the deck, pretty cool!
June 2nd Photo #4
Before the guests arrived a band assembled on the pier, along with
a healthy contingent of Sea Cadets ready to perform escort duties.
June 2nd Photo #5
These next four photos show guests arriving for the party.  I couldn't tell
you who anyone is, just a few shots before heading back home to Virginia. 
June 2nd Photo #6
More guests arriving.
June 2nd Photo #7
Some more guests, check out those Sea Cadets, looking pretty Spiffy!
June 2nd Photo #8
OK, that's it for the guests arriving, time to go home!

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