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For the last two Mondays in a row I've been onboard the USS Puget Sound (AD-38) participating in Parts Raids.  As in the past the Philadelphia Navy Yard opened up a ship that is there awaiting final disposition, this time it was the Destroyer Tender USS Puget Sound.  We had a two week period during which we could send five guys each day to remove items we could use on the Battleship.  I was there on the first day, Monday the 11th and our mission was to disassemble and remove a printing press from the ships Print Shop.  In the near future we hope to open a Tour Route extension on the Battleship which will include our Barber Shop, Laundry, Rebuilt Brig and Print Shop.  When we received the Battleship the Print Shop was completely empty so we went onboard the Puget Sound to try and find the right pieces of vintage equipment to put in our Print Shop.  We weren't completely successful on Monday, but by Wednesday we had the Printing Press on a truck and heading to the Battleship.  Today I was onboard again, this time with three of my Brass Team buddies and we went in search of brass fixtures and other items we could use.  Below are a bunch of photos taken on those two days.   My next day onboard will be this Saturday, June 23rd, and I'll also be onboard the following Saturday to work during the day and party by night at the ships annual Fundraiser - The Battleship Blast!  I'd love to see as many of you there that night as possible, it's our 5th annual event and all proceeds go directly to support the ships ongoing maintenance and education programs.  For more information on this event call (856) 966-1652 x101.


June 18th Photo #1
Our Mission, which we chose to accept, was to disassemble this printing
press, drag it up on level, and get it off the ship and across the river to the
Battleship.  The disassembly went well, and we were able to get two-thirds of
it off the ship the first day, but that last third was a tough challenge.  It took
until Wednesday to get the last pieces off the ship, but we were successful!

June 18th Photo #2

Prior to disassembly we took a bunch of photos so we knew what it
should look like when it gets put back together later.  We were very
careful when we took it apart and feel confident we will not only
get it put back together, but actually put it to use, right Bill??
June 18th Photo #3
This is a progress shot with the cover panels and some other items removed. 
That's me whose arm and leg you can see working on taking the frame apart.
June 18th Photo #4
Here's another progress shot with the gang all getting into the action.
June 18th Photo #5
After several hours of intense disassembly we were down to the last piece,
and by far the heaviest component.  At this point we've already removed
the first two-thirds of the the press and we have the final piece secured
on the dolly and ready to move.  Lots of smiles, a good days work so far!
June 18th Photo #6
When we left on the first day there was an empty spot where that
printing press had stood in the morning.  This was a good first day
of our two-week window of opportunity to participate in these Raids.
June 18th Photo #7
The ship's new Curator was with us on this first day and he liked this
unique Photo Lab door featuring the oversize Nikon Camera model, so
off the hinges it came and it will find a new home on the Battleship.  A
good time was had by all today, and it was a very productive day too!
June 18th Photo #8
The next six photos (counting this one) show the amazing array
of machinery that was onboard in the ships main Machine Shop.
Truly an amazing place, and this was all in just one shop, there
were dozens more specialty shops located throughout the ship.
June 18th Photo #9
Main Machine Shop Photo #2.
June 18th Photo #10
Main Machine Shop Photo #3.
June 18th Photo #11
Main Machine Shop Photo #4.
Check out all the accessories still in their racks 
on the bulkhead, ready to go to work!
June 18th Photo #12
Main Machine Shop Photo #5.
June 18th Photo #13
Main Machine Shop Photo #6.
  The pedestal grinder seen in the right foreground of this photo now resides in
the Brass Team's workshop on the Battleship.  We'll put it to good use for sure!
June 18th Photo #14
This ship must have been on active duty during Operation Desert Shield and
Desert Storm as evidenced by this piece of Sailor Art in the Main Machine Shop.
June 18th Photo #15
Shot in the ships Boiler Room, looking at Boilers 1 through 3.
June 18th Photo #16
Power Control Panel in the Ships Engine Room
June 18th Photo #17
Main Engine Room Control Station.
June 18th Photo #18
Looking down at the Ships Engine from two decks above.
June 18th Photo #19
Ships Main Steering and Rudder Control Room.
June 18th Photo #20
My fellow Brass Team Raiders standing on what was once the ships heliport.
June 18th Photo #21
Shot looking aft from the bow at the ships Bridge.
June 18th Photo #22
Shot inside the Bridge, much roomier than the Navigation Bridge on the Battleship!
June 18th Photo #23
Equipment in the ships Combat Information Center, just off the Bridge.
June 18th Photo #24
Radio Equipment in the ships Radio Room, also just off the Bridge area.
June 18th Photo #25
Shot taken from the Starboard Bridge Wing looking aft at the array of cranes on deck.
June 18th Photo #26
Shot of outside Bridge Control area above the Bridge pictured previously.
June 18th Photo #27
A shot taken from the location shown in the previous photo looking 
forward at the USS Austin, tied up forward of the Puget Sound.  She is
an Amphibious Landing Support Ship, not certain what fate awaits her, but
being she is here in Philly at the Ship Disposal Facility, it can't be good...
June 18th Photo #28
Also here, and open to raiding parties from other Submarine museum ships, is the
 USS Trout.  Wish I could get a chance to roam around her decks for a few hours!
June 18th Photo #29
Several old destroyers are also lined in the basin, the good news is that there
are currently ongoing efforts by groups to adopt two of the three destroyers
pictured here.  The closest one in the photo is the USS Edson, in very good
 shape and up for adoption.  The farthest ship of the three is the USS Charles
Adams, she is being sought by a local New Jersey group trying to open her
as a museum in Gloucester.  I wish them both a lot of luck!
June 18th Photo #30
Finally, across the basin from the USS Austin is the USS Ticonderoga, I
wonder what her fate will be.  I would imagine she is also a candidate for
adoption too since she was the lead ship of her class, but I don't know 
anything for sure right now.  It's sad to see all these proud warships just
sitting here in the shape they are in, but I do enjoy having the occasional
opportunity to go aboard and explore them, just one of the perks from being
 a regular volunteer on the Battleship for the last six plus years, I love it
June 18th Photo #31
Just inside the Main Gate to the Navy yard is this 40mm Quad Mount. 
It was a great place to take a few photos after a hard days work.
These guys look like they are ready for action!
June 18th Photo #32
Hey, there I am again, and this time you 
can see more than just my arm and leg!
June 18th Photo #33
Rumor is that this 40 mm mount was removed from the New Jersey when
she was reactivated for service in Vietnam.  Now I have no idea if that is
true or not, but there are efforts currently underway to try and obtain
this mount and put it on display on the pier near the Battleship.  Don't let
these guys hear that though, they were ready to start hauling it away
today!  The end of another great day, and one where we collected a lot
of usable brass fixtures and other items for the Battleship.  I can't wait
until the next time we get to go back there on another Raid, I'm ready!

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