June 30th Photos Page

I was onboard today for a work day and then I got cleaned up and enjoyed the evening festivities at the Battleship Blast.  This was the 5th year for our annual fundraiser and it went well.  I have no idea how much money was raised, but a good time was certainly had by all.  Below are some photos of the days work areas followed by a few from the Blast.  If you are reading this, and live close by the ship, come on down some Saturday and spend the day working with us, we need all the help we can get!  We have a great bunch of volunteers and your efforts will certainly be appreciated.  My next day onboard should be July 14th, hope to see you there, ready to do some polishing!  


June 30th Photo #1
I spent a few hours up on O5 making things sparkle for the VIP guests
who will watch the fireworks from this vantage point later this evening.

June 30th Photo #2

I've adopted the ships Magnetic Compass so I try and give it a quick shine
whenever I'm onboard.  It looked pretty good when I was done with it today.
June 30th Photo #3
Over the last few months I've posted photos showing the ongoing deck
replacement work going on up on O3 around the Starboard side Flag Bag.
Above you can see the progress to date, the new decking looks awesome!!
June 30th Photo #4
Another shot of the ongoing deck replacement efforts.
June 30th Photo #5
This stack of teak planking sits just aft of the Starboard Flag Bag,
waiting for it's turn to be cut up and put into place.
June 30th Photo #6
Hey it's my buddy Dan, looking pretty sharp in uniform as
he greets guests arriving onboard for the Battleship Blast.
June 30th Photo #7
After working all day, all it took was a quick shower and a change of
clothes and I was ready for the festivities!  All I need now is one of
those fancy Rum drinks with an umbrella in it, which way to the bar?? 
June 30th Photo #8
This band provided the evening entertainment, they 
played a lot of 40s big band music and sounded great!
June 30th Photo #9
Dinner is over now, and the sun is going down, 
time to find a spot to watch the fireworks.
June 30th Photo #10
The band played right up until the fireworks started, then
there was a recorded soundtrack to accompany the display.
June 30th Photo #11
My shutter finger was a little off tonight and I didn't get any photos
 of the fireworks that I really liked.  So, I cheated and included this one,
which was actually taken by someone else this past New Years eve.  It is
a spectacular shot though, so I decided to include it for your enjoyment.
You'd have never known the difference if I hadn't told you though, right??
June 30th Photo #12
This time the shutter finger was too quick,  As I heard the announcement
"Fire the Port Gun" I hit the button, but I was just a fraction of a second
too soon.  As you can see, the gun is just about to fire in this photo, oh
well, what can I say...  It was a great event, and as always, the firing
of the guns was the highlight of the evening in my book!

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