July 14th Photos Page

A few photos from my most recent day onboard.  Today was the grand opening of some new areas on the Tour Route, including the Barber Shop, Brig and Laundry areas.  I know. it's not the Engineering Spaces, but we're making progress!  The photos below were taken before any of the tours visited the new Tour areas this morning, so you are getting the first look at these new display areas.  Also being added to the Tour Route in the near future is the ships Post Office on Deck 2.  My next day onboard will be July 21st, hope to see you there!


July 14th Photo #1
The view from the pier as I arrived this morning, it's going to be a good day! 

July 14th Photo #2

This photo was taken at the bottom of the ladder on Deck 3, the beginning
of the new Tour Route Extension.  The first stop is the Barber Shop on the
right, complete with an illuminated rotating Barber Pole!
July 14th Photo #3
The photo above was taken from this location.  The dogged hatch
 leads into berthing areas currently used for overnight encampments.
July 14th Photo #4
A look inside the Barber Shop, it looks great!  I heard a rumor that one
of the ships former Barbers wants to set up shop here and offer haircuts 
to visitors.  I'm not sure if that's true or not, but it would be pretty cool.
July 14th Photo #5
Across the passageway is the Dry Cleaners, complete with period uniforms.
July 14th Photo #6
A little further aft is the rebuilt Brig, this is amazing compared to how
this space looked a few months ago.  Click
Here to see photos of this
space taken back in February before the reconstruction.
July 14th Photo #7
Shot of one of three holding cells in the Brig.
July 14th Photo #8
Door leaving the Brig, prisoner processing desk is visible on the left.
July 14th Photo #9
Part of the Ships Laundry, lots of painting and
cleaning went into getting this area ready for the public!
July 14th Photo #10
A few more huge washing machines along the way.
July 14th Photo #11
Next stop, huge dryers all cleaned up and sporting a fresh coat of paint.
July 14th Photo #12
Last stop, Press Shop where uniforms 
received those all important military creases!
July 14th Photo #13
This area is outside the Press Shop and contains bins to store clean uniforms.
July 14th Photo #14
When I arrived this morning I noticed a lot of activity on the fantail.  It turns 
out the ships Sea Cadets were reporting onboard for their Summer Boot Camp.  
Starting today they will spend the next nine days onboard the ship learning about
Navy life.  Here a bunch of the Cadets are reporting onboard with Sea Bags in tow.
July 14th Photo #15
Getting signed in and bunk assignments for their "Cruise"
July 14th Photo #16
Another shot of the In-Processing Area.
July 14th Photo #17
Next the young recruits had to empty their bags on a table, where
they found out what the were allowed to keep, and what had to go.
July 14th Photo #18
Next stop, getting their first regulation buzz cut.  
Do you remember what that was like?  I sure do...
July 14th Photo #19
Standing at attention, not sure why this group was in this position, I'm guessing
 they messed up somewhere along the line and now they are paying the price.
July 14th Photo #20
Later in the day, after the in processing and stowing of gear, it was time for
formation on the fantail.  Welcome aboard Cadets, hope you enjoy your cruise!
July 14th Photo #21
We had our young volunteers from the Band onboard again today, I think
this is their third trip this year!  I'm very proud of these guys, they come
to work and put forth a great effort while they are onboard.  These are
future Brass Team members in action, thanks gang, great job once again!
July 14th Photo #22
These guys came ready to work, and they were in uniform too, I love it.  
Today we polished and lacquered seven brass rope stanchions on the 
main deck, definitely a good days work!

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