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I know it's been a while since I've posted any photos here, but that sure doesn't mean I haven't been onboard working!  I've been onboard 7 times since my last posting on July 14th, 4 times so far this month!  Below is one photo from each of those seven trips.  I'm hoping to be onboard again next Saturday, my 30th volunteer day this year, hope to see you there!


July 21st Photo #1
July 21st Photo
Today I spent the day polishing and lacquering brass plates on the weather
deck, Port side.  We're just about finished with all of them on the main deck.
I stopped on the forecastle and snapped this shot before heading home.

August 4th Photo #1

August 4th Photo
Today we worked on the Flag and Navigation Bridges polishing brass and 
cleaning up.  The phone pictured above is an original item removed from the
ship during preparations for the ships reactivation for service in 1981, I believe
it came from the Admirals stateroom, it was donated to the ship by a lady in
Virginia, I picked it up and delivered it to the ship today.  It is in great shape, a
very unusual piece of history, glad it is now back on the ship where it belongs!
August 11th Photo #1
August 11th Photo
Today the gang gave the ships helicopter a good bath followed by a
waxing and detailing.  We do this twice a year, my only regret is that we
couldn't take it for a spin after we were finished.  It looked great though
 and it should now be ready to weather the cold winter months ahead.
September 1st Photo #1
September 1st Photo
Today was another day of polishing onboard the ship, highlighted by a visit
 from my good friend and a former crewmember, pictured above in the ships
 rebuilt Brig.  He will be retiring at the end of the month and leaving his current
position on the ship as Artifacts Manager, he will be sorely missed.  He served
onboard the ship during the Korean War and is someone I've enjoyed working
with over the last six years.  Fair Winds and Following Seas my friend!
September 8th Photo #1
September 8th Photo
Another brass polishing day followed by a little exploring before heading home.
Anyone care to venture a guess as to where this photo was taken?  I thought
I had seen all the sailor art onboard, but this was the first time I saw this.  Just
a symbol from a by gone era, come on guys, who can tell me where this hatch is?
September 14th Photo #1
September 14th Photo
Onboard for another rare weekday, I was on vacation all week and
decided why not make the trip.  The open bridge area up on O5 is being
prepared to be painted and is currently closed to visitors.  This gave us a
prime opportunity to remove many of the brass items up there and polish
and lacquer them.  Pictured above are just three of those items, freshly 
lacquered and ready to be put back in place once that area is painted. 
September 15th Photo #1
September 15th Photo
Today was a continuation of the work I started yesterday up on O5.  We
managed to remove and lacquer all but one brass fixture from up there, and
I'm hoping we can finish up everything and have it all ready for visitors on my
next visit this Saturday.  Pictured above is another progress shot of the work
going on up on O3 where the teak decking is being replaced.  This guy is doing
a great job, to see how this area has changed over the past 15 months, click
on these links - December 30, 2005, June 17, 2006 & August 19, 2006).

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