December 29th Photos Page

OK, I'm making some progress, below are six photos taken since my last posting in September.  I've been onboard 10 times since September 15th, where did the Summer go?  Today was my 39th Volunteer day this year, that means another 12,500 miles of driving back and forth to the ship in 2007, I've got to move closer!!  Now that the holidays are behind us, and the 2008 Battleship Calendar has been distributed, things will hopefully settle back to normal and I'll be posting new photos more regularly.  I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and once again encourage you to come down and get involved as a volunteer.  Make it you New Years Resolution and come on down and join the crew!!  My first Volunteer day of 2008 will be January 12th, hope to see you there!


December 29th Photo #1
This is the scene outside the Brass Teams shop almost every Saturday
night.  Children participating in the ships overnight encampment program
assist some of the ships Docents with lowering and folding the colors.

December 29th Photo #2

Folding the flags on the forward missile deck, the kids seem to
enjoy participating in this nightly ritual onboard the Battleship.
December 29th Photo #3
The Starboard side Signal Bridge Deck Replacement project is finally, 
complete, and it looks awesome!  The Firepower Tour route has now
been restored through this area, it's amazing how good the new teak 
looks.  To see how this area has changed over the past two years, click
on these links - December 30, 2005, June 17, 2006 & August 19, 2006.
December 29th Photo #4
Another shot of the new teak decking, wish it all looked like this!
December 29th Photo #5
The Port side of the Flag Bridge is a place where I've spent many of my
recent Saturdays onboard, stripping lacquer off these brass window sills
 and making them shine again.  This was another case where the lacquer
 we applied back in 2001 had failed and needed to be removed.  It was a 
 tough job, but one I was willing to take on.  I stripped all six of them in 
place and they are once again shining like they should be.  Now all we
 need to do is to get that manikin of Admiral Halsey back in this chair and
we'll be back in business!
December 29th Photo #6
This is the reward that awaits me when I arrive onboard Saturday mornings.
McMillan's Bakery, a great local bakery sends the ship donuts and pastries
every Saturday morning and we love it!  I'd like to take this opportunity to
thank them for taking care of us like this, the Saturday volunteer crew really
appreciates it.  Aside from the donuts and pastries there were also some other
home made goodies including some tasty fudge brought in by one of my Docent
buddies - Yum, Yum!  A spread like this makes my 160 mile trip each Saturday
morning worth it!  Thanks again to McMillan's, they are located in Haddon Twp.
on Haddon Ave, stop in and check them out, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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