January 12th Photos Page

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year.  The first five photos below show our progress on getting the printing press setup in the ship's Print Shop.  You may recall we snagged it and a bunch of other related equipment in a raid on the USS Puget Sound this past Summer.  Since then the Puget Sound has been sold and is destined to be scrapped.  We have been in touch with the new owners though and are hoping to get another shot at retrieving another press and other items which are still there, we're hoping that can happen.  Art, these photos are for you, hopefully by the time you come back for the reunion we'll have your old hangout open to the public!  This week we once again had our Junior members back onboard, I really enjoy it when they come to work.  Their enthusiasm is refreshing and I for one want to say Bravo Zulu to them for their efforts and dedication!  I know I've been way behind on these photo pages, but what can I say, I'm a busy guy.  In a few weeks I'll be celebrating my 200th volunteer day on the ship, and to date I've posted photos from almost 120 of them, so that's not too shabby.  Enjoy the photos and hope to see you onboard real soon!


January 12th Photo #1
After months of struggling to get the press and other items down to 
 the Print Shop on Deck 3, finally the reassembly for display can begin.

January 12th Photo #2

I was part of the gang that took this press apart so we could remove
 it from the USS Puget Sound.  We took a lot of photos that day which
 really came in handy for reassembly.
January 12th Photo #3
Some additional parts on the floor of what was once the Dark Room.
January 12th Photo #4
We've made a lot of progress and confidence is high that we can have
it up and running again.  If there are any Printing Press Technicians
out there familiar with this AB Dick 9810XC series press, we could 
definitely use your expertise to make that happen!  If you can help
please send me an e-mail at
rich@ussnewjersey.com.  Thanks!
January 12th Photo #5
This is the man responsible for our success so far.  He too was there
the day we grabbed the press and he has been doing a great job putting
it back together.  He says he can get it running again, and I believe...  
Our goal is to have the Print Shop and several other spaces open to the
 public on a new Tour Route scheduled to open around Memorial Day.  
We've got a lot to do and not much time to do it,
I'll keep you posted on our progress.
January 12th Photo #6
I spent part of my day polishing the rail on the Starboard side Flag Bag. 
Now that the decking is all done and there is a new cover on the Flag Bag, I
just had to put a shine on the rail!  This area looks great now, it was a long
project but the results are phenomenal! Come on down and check it out!
January 12th Photo #7
The Brass Team's future generation, seated on one of the knee knockers
along Broadway.  They spent most of their day working on Broadway
putting a shine on brass and stainless items.  Like I said above their
enthusiasm is refreshing and I really enjoy working with them!
Bravo Zulu guys, and I'm working on new T-Shirts, honest!

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