February 2nd Photos Page

Today the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club came aboard and made a presentation in the Wardroom.  They had several speakers as well as many items on display for visitors to check out and ask questions about.  It was a pretty cold day for a motorcycle ride, but these guys didn't seem to mind.  I spent most of my day polishing up one really ugly plate that one of my fellow Brass Team buddies showed me.  It was down in the Crew Spaces just forward of the Print Shop on Deck 3.  As evidenced by the photo below it was really ugly and I had to clean it up, but it was much harder than I expected.  In the end though it turned out well, and oh yeah, thanks for showing it to me Frank!  You probably knew I would have to clean it up once I saw it...  Thanks buddy!  The rest of the gang worked along the new Tour Route down on Deck 2 on brass items and Watertight Doors.  Another one of the stops on the new Tour Route will be the Quick Stop Shop located just forward of the Dental area (also on the new Tour Route, along with the Sick Bay, Post Office and Machine Shop).  That's about it for today, hope you enjoy the photos.  Come on down and spend a day volunteering, we've got plenty to keep you busy, you don't know what you're missing!


February 2nd Photo #1
Ship's curator introducing the Buffalo Soldiers
 at the beginning of their presentation.

February 2nd Photo #2

One of the speakers during the presentation.  This gentleman was very
engaging, especially with the children in the audience.  He did a great
job of shedding light on many little known facts of American History.
I enjoyed their presentation and learned a lot too!  
February 2nd Photo #3
Some of the Club's bikes parked on the pier.  There were a lot of big
 highway cruisers with all the perks, those guys sure know how to ride
in style!  For more information on the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club
you can visit their website at www.njbuffalosoldiers.com.
February 2nd Photo #4
Some of the gang working on restoring the hardware on a Watertight
Door along the new Tour Route.  For future reference, the Quick Stop
Shop is located just through this door and on the left, heading aft.
February 2nd Photo #5
Do these guys look like they know what they're doing of what?  There are
many more to do after this one so they'll be getting plenty of practice!
February 2nd Photo #6
The finished product, Great Job, looks like new!
February 2nd Photo #7
The door leading into the Quick Stop Shop where
the crew could buy cigarettes and other items.
February 2nd Photo #8
A peak inside the Quick Stop Shop.  Anybody have any vintage cigarette
cartons (circa late 80's and early 90's) they would like to donate so we
 can display them on the shelves to make the display look more realistic?
February 2nd Photo #9
This is the aforementioned really ugly brass cover.  It had been exposed
to something that corroded it so badly that it actually ate through the
brass plating in one spot.  It was a tough piece to clean up, but once
I saw it I had no choice but to take it on, pretty sad eh?
February 2nd Photo #10
Here is the after shot, shinning and back in place after a hard days
work.  Time to go home now and soak my fingers after this one!

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