March 1st Photos Page

Another volunteer day spent polishing Brass on Big J.  With the push on to get the new Tour Route in shape once again we worked down on Deck 2 getting things polished up and ready.  One of the Brass Team's Alumni will be visiting and working onboard on March 22nd, so all you Brass Team members try and make the trip that day and say hello to our rebel buddy Bruce.  My next volunteer day will be March 15th, hope to see you then.


March 1st Photo #1
One of the NJ State Police's River Patrol Boats tied up in the Marina 
near the Battleship.  Looks like it would be a fun toy to play with!

March 1st Photo #2

Some of the gang taking a break from working along the new Tour Route.
This is one of the 5" Ammo Hoists which brings shells from the magazines
on Deck 3 up to the Lower Handling Rooms of the 5" Mounts.  Some of
the weekday volunteers removed an access plate and did a great job 
 of cleaning and detailing it.  It is located along the new Tour Route
just aft of the Dental area on Deck 2.
March 1st Photo #3
Another shot of the detailed Ammo Hoist.
March 1st Photo #4
The ships CCTV Studio will also be a stop on the new Tour Route.  
This a shot of what it looks like from the passageway as you pass by.
March 1st Photo #5
Another shot inside the CCTV Studio showing the large rolling cameras.
March 1st Photo #6
A quick look inside the CCTV Control Room, which is right next door.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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