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Today was my 200th Volunteer Day onboard the Battleship!  That means I've driven 64,000 miles over the past seven years, unbelievable!  The experiences have been well worth the effort though, and I'm looking forward to celebrating another one-hundred days in about three years or so.  The Brass Team had a great turnout today too to mark the return of one of the Team's Rebel Alumni who was visiting the area from South Carolina.  The first four photos below were taken as we prepared to hoist colors.  I brought a brand new flag to mark my milestone day and it flew proudly over the ship all day.  At the end of the day it was lowered and I took it home as a souvenir and memento of the day.  As part of my celebration I also arranged for a bunch of us to go up on O11, one of my favorite places on the ship, and there are a few photos from there also.  As far as work goes we've really been concentrating on the new Tour Route for the last several weeks, and also working on the stainless steel pedestals on the Wardroom tables.  Those have presented quite the challenge and I'll be glad when we get them all finished!  My next volunteer day will be April 12th, hope to see you there. 

As a side note, April 6th will be mark the 40th anniversary of ships 3rd recommissioning in 1968 when she was reactivated for service in Vietnam.  During a shakedown cruise just days before the ships engineering plant was put to the test.  On the morning of March 27th, off the Virginia Capes, USS New Jersey began building steam for a full power run, a brutal test of machinery that pushed the Battleship to the limits.  At 1039 hrs. the pit log read 30 knots.  Speed was reduced while the crew ate lunch, and in the afternoon another high speed run was commenced - this one to full power.  All engines ahead flank. "Indicate 190 rpms", ordered the COD.  "190 turns, aye... 190 indicated and answered for", replied the lee helm.  More turns were added. 195.. .200.. .202.  At 1547 hrs. the OOD ordered maximum turns, 207.  "Pit log reads 35.2 knots", reported the lee helm. The ship maintained this speed for six hours, and when the Captain was satisfied with the performance of his engineering plant, it was time for the final test: to place maximum strain on the plant by going from all ahead flank to all back emergency.  When the order was given, a smoke float was dropped over the side to measure the ship's forward progress.  It took two miles for the ship to go dead in the water and start to make sternway.  After the tests a thorough inspection of the engineering plant was conducted, it checked out perfectly.  As the ship approached Pier 4, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, at 1400 hrs. on March 28th, Captain Snyder ordered a broom run up the halyard for all to see - the Navy's traditional symbol for a clean sweep.  A speed of 35.2 knots equates to just over 40 mph, for a ship displacing over 50,000 tons, that's hauling ass! 


March 22nd Photo #1
Each morning children who stayed overnight in the ships 
Encampment Program participate in the raising of Colors.  These
guys were psyched for the opportunity to help hoist the flag!

March 22nd Photo #2

Here is my commemorative flag, unfurled and
 ready to be hoisted to the top of the Halyard!
March 22nd Photo #3
That's me raising Colors, there were actually snow flakes 
flying around, so much for being the first weekend of Spring!
March 22nd Photo #4
Shot of the flag flying at 0800 hrs., pretty dreary start to the day...
March 22nd Photo #5
After the raising of Colors it was time to head below and get
to work.  That's me putting a shine on an OBA Locker along 
the new Tour Route.  Look at that puppy shinning!
March 22nd Photo #6
One of the guys working on one of the pedestals in the Wardroom.
March 22nd Photo #7
Another one of the guys working on one of the pedestals in the Wardroom.
March 22nd Photo #8
We had a great turnout today, as evidenced by the group photo
above.  We had 11 regular members plus four of our junior members.
It was really great to see our Rebel Brass Team member again too,
and to him we say - y'all come back now, you hear!
March 22nd Photo #9
A shot of my flag from O11, flying with the NJ State flag and POW-MIA flag.
March 22nd Photo #10
The view looking forward from O11, I love it up here!
March 22nd Photo #11
Lowering Colors at the end of day 200, time to head South once again...
March 22nd Photo #12
A couple of the gang hamming it up in the ships
Dental Area, a stop on the new Tour Route.
March 22nd Photo #13
These guys better stick to what they do best...  Polishing Brass! 
They don't have a bright future as Dentists, that's for sure!  

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