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I've been onboard six times since the last time I posted photos on March 22nd.  The Brass team continues to focus our efforts on getting areas of the new City at Sea Tour Route ready for it's Grand Opening to the public on May 23rd, which coincidentally is the ships 65th birthday (she was originally put in commission on may 23rd, 1943).  Since this was the last Saturday we had to work on those areas before the Grand Opening there was a ton of stuff to do, plus, since it was Armed Forces Day, there were a lot of other activities going on as well.  The first four photos below are from three previous days onboard, the rest are from Armed Forces Day.  As a side note I just bought a brand new 8 mega pixel digital camera (a Cannon SD 1100) so I'm just getting comfortable using it and learning how to use all of its neat new features.  My old Olympus, which I bought in the Spring of 2001 when I first started volunteering, was only a 3.1 mega pixel camera so this is a considerable step up on the resolution ladder.  

Look for some bonus photos in the next week or so, I'll be going on another shipyard raid on Thursday May 22nd.  Right now there are four ships on the raid list, a Cruiser, two Destroyers and an Amphibious Assault Ship.  Should be a great day and I'll be sure to try and snap a few photos to make you all jealous!  :)  I heard several of these ships are tied up right next to the USS John F. Kennedy which is currently at the former Philadelphia Navy Yard awaiting her possible donation as a museum ship, I'm looking forward to seeing her too.  My next day onboard the Battleship will likely be this Saturday, hope to see some of you there.  This weekend coming up is Memorial Day Weekend, I'd like to ask you all to pause and take a few moments to remember those who have made (and continue to make) the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation as you enjoy your time off.  We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy today, may God Bless them and this great nation they fought to preserve...  Hope you have a happy and safe holiday weekend.


May 17th Photo #1
April 12th - It looks like Spring has finally sprung, Oh yeah I'm loving it!!

May 17th Photo #2

April 19th - Some serious heavy lifting going on here, I just had
to get a photo of the gang in action, anybody got a match?
May 17th Photo #3
April 19th - The muscle that helped me move this heavy binnacle up
three decks to our shop to begin refurbishing it, that was a tough job!
May 17th Photo #4
May 10th - Hey check this out, they have some new manikins
 in the Post Office, boy they almost look real, don't they...
May 17th Photo #5
Band members who performed Echo Taps on the Forecastle in honor
of Armed Forces Day hanging out in our shop before their performance.
May 17th Photo #6
Getting ready to present colors, looking pretty sharp!
May 17th Photo #7
11:00 am, the beginning of the Echo Taps performance.
May 17th Photo #8
Shot taken by another Brass Team member from further up on the bow.
May 17th Photo #9
A group shot of the band after their performance, now that they are
 done performing it's time to get to work polishing some brass!
May 17th Photo #10
After a quick change of clothes they were ready to get to work!
May 17th Photo #11
After lunch we had a short awards ceremony in the Ward Room where
Certificates of Appreciation were presented to recognize our junior
members for their Volunteer service onboard the Battleship.  This
photo, along with the next 8 photos, were also taken by another
Brass Team member.  Congratulations to everyone who received
Certificates, and thanks again for coming down and volunteering
your time on Saturdays to polish brass onboard Big J!

Bravo Zulu!
May 17th Photo #12
May 17th Photo #13
May 17th Photo #14
May 17th Photo #15
May 17th Photo #16
May 17th Photo #17
May 17th Photo #18
May 17th Photo #19
Thanks again gang, hope to see you all back onboard again real soon!

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Line Drawing of Big J

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