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Sorry it's taken me so long to get some new photos posted here, but don't think that means I haven't been onboard working on a regular basis, in fact I've been onboard eight times since my last posting on July 5th.  As some of you may recall, back in late April we hauled an old compensating binnacle up to our shop to begin restoring it.  The first photo below shows how it looked when we started.  The rest of the photos show in chronological order the progress we've made on that project since then.  In addition to keeping the brass along the tour routes shining, each Saturday one or two of us would work in the shop on cleaning up and repainting the binnacle.  A project like this takes many Saturdays to complete, but we are finally nearing the end.  When it is finished the curator is going to put in on display in the Visitors Center.  Our goal is to finish this project and move it to the Visitors Center (located on the pier) before the weather turns too cold.  It's going to be a huge task to carry this puppy down three decks to the Main Deck, then into an elevator and finally give it a ride to the Visitors Center, we'll all be glad when this project is completed and it is on display for all to see.   If anyone out there has any experience working on one of these compasses I would love to talk to you about a few things, please send me an e-mail if you have any expertise.  I'm also happy to report that the Brass Team has had some new volunteers join the gang recently, and that's great because we can sure use all the help we can get!!  I hope everyone had a great Summer, I know I did!!  The ships crew was onboard in September for their annual reunion, I know they enjoyed their return home!!  My next volunteer day onboard will be October 4th, hope to see you there!!


Septeber 27th Photo #1
July 12th - A Jewel in the Rough...  This is the binnacle as it 
appeared on the day our serious restoration efforts began in earnest.

Septeber 27th Photo #2

July 12th - One of the gang beginning to strip away the many
 layers of paint from the old weathered binnacle.
Septeber 27th Photo #3
July 12th - The end of the first days efforts, it's a good start...
Septeber 27th Photo #4
July 26th - Two Saturdays later, the layers of paint are gone, revealing
a solid brass cast base, not what we were expecting for sure!
Septeber 27th Photo #5
July 26th - In addition to the base there were plenty of small
brass fixtures, hardware and plates to be cleaned and shined.
Septeber 27th Photo #6
July 26th - The end of another days work, won't be long 
until we'll be applying some new primer to the base. 
Septeber 27th Photo #7
August 9th - One of the "Balls" in a vice, sporting a fresh coat of paint.
Septeber 27th Photo #8
August 9th -While all the work on the base was going on,
myself and others worked on cleaning up and polishing the
elaborate brass top.  It's starting to look pretty good!
Septeber 27th Photo #9
August 9th - The base, sporting a fresh coat of primer and with
the compass and some of its inner workings back in place.
Septeber 27th Photo #10
August 9th - A shot of the other side of the freshly primed base.
Septeber 27th Photo #11
September 13th - Getting close to being finished, here the final
 coats of paint have been applied and most of the items we
removed have been shinned up and put back in place.
Septeber 27th Photo #12
September 27th - You may have noticed in the photos above
that the top was missing its glass "window".  Today we installed
a new piece of glass into the top.  Here is a photo of it sitting
on our workbench while the sealer around the glass cures.
Septeber 27th Photo #13
September 27th - Clowning around in the shop, the expression
 on ole Frank's face says it all!  He bought the new glass and
did the installation into the top, great job buddy!
Septeber 27th Photo #14
September 27th - Shot of the vintage compass sitting back in the base.  
It is low on fluid and we're in the process of acquiring some to fill it up.
It still needs a little more work, but it too will
soon be finished.
Septeber 27th Photo #15
September 27th - The end of another day...  It's taken twelve Saturdays
to get from the first photo above to this point, the transformation is
amazing!  It will be a great addition to the Visitors Center for sure!  

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