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Today was my fifth volunteer day onboard since I last posted photos on November 29th.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year, to be honest I'm glad the holiday season is now in the rear view mirror.  I passed out calendars to my fellow volunteers again this year for the fifth year in a row, and if I must say so myself this years was the best so far.  We have pretty much finished our restoration of the binnacle we've been working on and are ready to move it to be put on display in the Visitors Center soon.  While the ship was closed for the month of January the Brass Team kept busy working along what will be the next Tour Route to open to the public.  I'm talking about the long awaited Engineering Tour Route which will take visitors into Emergency Steering, Engine Room 2, Fire Room 2, one of the 5" magazines, Aft Plot, and feature a stroll down the full length of Broadway.  That means there is a ton of Brass and other things to be cleaned up and made to shine, what I call a Target Rich Environment!  The tentative date for opening this new Tour Route is Memorial Day 2010, that seems like a long time, but in terms of Saturdays that's not a lot of time at all.   As always I'd like to encourage any of you that live close to the ship to come on down and volunteer some time on Saturday and get a sneak preview of what's to come.  Below are some photos from my recent visits, hope to see you onboard soon!    


December 6th Photo #1
Top cavity of the binnacle where the compass will  
sit.  Note the red bulb, reflector and blinders that 
will regulate the light to illuminate the compass.

December 6th Photo #2

Here is the compass, finally mounted in it's
 gimbals and illuminated, how sweet is that?
December 20th Photo #1
Today we had the chance to check out a pair of 
vintage Japanese weapons recently donated to the
 ships collection.  We'll be giving them a light cleaning 
and oiling in the next few weeks, after which they
 will be put on display in the Visitors Center.
December 20th Photo #2
Here one of the guys checks out 
a vintage Japanese Machine Gun.
December 20th Photo #3
The beginning of another project to refurbish a cover
from up on O5.  One of the glass covers (on the left)
was shattered allowing water to get into the dials. 
We removed it today and over the next few weeks
 it will be refinished and get two new glass covers.
January 3rd Photo #1
After the first of the year we got started on stops
along the new Engineering Tour Route.  Today we
 worked in one of the 5" Magazines along Broadway.
January 3rd Photo #2
Lot's of brightwork to shine down here!
January 3rd Photo #3
Another one of the hoists in the Magazine.
January 3rd Photo #4
Others members of the gang have gone to work along
Broadway putting a shine back on the brightwork there.
January 3rd Photo #5
Gauges and valves on the bulkhead along Broadway.
January 3rd Photo #6
This photo was taken two weeks after the one above
showing the progress on refurbishing that cover from O5.

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