January 31st Photos Page

Look at this, photos from visits two weeks in a row!  Today was the long awaited binnacle moving day.  Unlike how we got it up to the shop (hoisting it by hand) we had the benefit of a hand truck this time, and someone who knew how to use it.  The move to the Visitors Center and assembly went smoothly, glad to put that project behind us and free up the space in our shop.  During this week the binnacle will be anchored to the floor of the Visitors Center and should be on display when Visitors start returning for walk-up tours later in the week.  I plan on being onboard again this weekend so I'll let you know how it looks in its new home.  


January 31st Photo #1
Strapping the binnacle onto the hand truck on O3 outside
 of our shop in preparation for the trip to the Visitors Center.

January 31st Photo #2

Down the ladder from O2 to O1, making it look easy.
January 31st Photo #3
Down the last ladder to the Main Deck, great job guys!
Now we've skipped ahead a few weeks and here is the binnacle, finally in
place in the Visitor's Center.  All in all the restoration took about 6-months
worth of Saturdays (to see photos taken during the restoration, Click Here), 
and a lot of pain, but the final product speaks for itself.  The ships ribbon
board seen in this photo was made and donated to the ship by a former
crewman, unfortunately I don't know any other details about it.

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