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Today the Brass Team went across the river to visit the Cruiser Olympia and do a little polishing.  We volunteered to go over and polish up a bunch of brass railings and other items in and around the ships newly reconstructed Pilot House.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't very nice but we did manage to get a lot done after the rain stopped mid morning.  Since it was raining when we arrived we took a short tour of the ship in the hopes that the rain would stop and we could get to work.  The photos below are from that tour followed by some shots of the gang in action doing what we do best - polishing brass!  All in all we had a great day and will likely go back this coming Saturday to finish what we started.  The Olympia has done a great job of restoring the Pilot House area and will be opening it to the public on May 1st, a date that will mark the 111th Anniversary of the Battle of Manila Bay, where the Olympia served as Admiral Dewey's flagship.  

I really enjoyed my tour of the Olympia and I encourage anyone in the area to take the time to visit her and the submarine Becuna, I promise you won't be disappointed!  I've included a pair of links below where you can learn more about these two historic ships.  Simply click on either link to be taken directly to the Seaport Museum's Main Page or the USS Olympia's Main Page.  Like the Battleship New Jersey and many other museum ships the Olympia and Becuna are fighting to stay afloat in the wake of budget cuts and difficult economic times.  They rely heavily on revenue from visitors and also on donations from the public to keep the doors open.  Please consider making a small donation to help fund their maintenance efforts to keep the oldest iron hulled ship afloat.  She is a unique specimen from a by gone era and with your help she will remain open for future generations to visit and appreciate.  Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help!   

Philadelphia Seaport Museum Main Page

USS Olympia Main Page


March 28th Photo #1
Many of the gang arrived in style in this stretch Hummer Limo
 arranged for by one of the Brass Team members.  We had a great 
turnout despite the weather and a good day was had by all!

March 28th Photo #2

This was "Officer's Country" on the Olympia.  This structure is directly below
one of the ships turrets, the ammunition hoists for the guns above passes
 through the center of it.  Lots of wood, not much brass in this area.
March 28th Photo #3
Another shot of Officers "Staterooms"
March 28th Photo #4
Here it is, the very first "Scuttlebutt" (chilled 
water dispenser) installed on a Navy warship.
March 28th Photo #5
One of the many 6-pound guns found on the ships lower deck.
March 28th Photo #6
This plague is on the bulkhead of the passageway down to the Engine Room.
March 28th Photo #7
Looking down into the Engine Room, it was a treat to visit this area of the ship. 
March 28th Photo #8
Vintage brass gauges and controls were everywhere 
in the Engine Room, what an impressive area!
March 28th Photo #9
Another shot of nicely detailed equipment in the Engine Room.
March 28th Photo #10
Main Engine Control Panel, reminded me of "Nautilus", simple
controls that look so eloquent in stainless steel and brass 
March 28th Photo #11
Coal fired boilers, working down here was no picnic, that's for sure!
March 28th Photo #12
Equipment in the ships "Machine Shop"
March 28th Photo #13
Enlisted men's berthing areas, note hammocks for sleeping.  Also
  barely visible in this photo in the upper right corner is another
6-pound gun.  It seemed like an unusual place for a gun, but
guns on this deck popped up in some strange places.  
March 28th Photo #14
Ships "Laundry Room".
March 28th Photo #15
Large lead-lined kettles in the ships "Kitchen".
March 28th Photo #16
This was the stove in the kitchen, I'm guessing it was coal fired, but not sure.
March 28th Photo #17
This is the ships wheel that has been lovingly restored and
will soon be placed in the new Pilot House.  It looks awesome!
March 28th Photo #18
This is one of the ships heavier guns, I believe they are 5-inchers.
March 28th Photo #19
Ships Bell
March 28th Photo #20
View inside the newly redone Pilot House.  The wheel shown 
above will go on the column in the center of the photo.
March 28th Photo #21
Once we got outside and up to the Pilot House we realized the rain
 had stopped and so at that time the tour ended and we went to 
work on the railings.  The brass railings are original items over
110 years old, but with a little effort the shined up nicely! 
March 28th Photo #22
The woodwork on the Pilot House and deck are awesome, having
this area open to the public will be a real treat for visitors to the ship.
March 28th Photo #23
A shot of the Battleship across the river, it felt a little like we
were cheating on her, but it was for a really good cause! 
March 28th Photo #24
A shot of the Pilot House area from the pier.  Also visible in this photo
 is the ships Armored Conning Station, it is the rounded yellow structure
 situated one deck below and forward of the wooden Pilot House.  It is a 
very cool area, featuring a domed top that can be cranked up vertically.
March 28th Photo #25
Some of the gang polishing the railings.  With ten of us onboard we
were able to get a lot done and should be able to finish the effort
this Saturday.  In this shot you can clearly see how a little polish,
and a lot of "elbow grease" made those railings shine! 
March 28th Photo #26
What a way to spend a Saturday!  If you're crazy 
like me it doesn't get much better than this!
March 28th Photo #27
Here one of the ships staff applies a coating to the freshly
 polished railings in the hope of preserving the shine for a while.
March 28th Photo #28
Final shot of Big J from Penn's Landing.  

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Line Drawing of Big J

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