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For the second Saturday in a row the gang went back to the USS Olympia to finish up the Pilot House railings we started last week.  The winds were brutal in the morning but five brave souls climbed the ladder to the roof of the pilot house and shined up the last remaining railings.  We were finished up on the top level by lunchtime and everyone was glad to get down out of the wind.  Those railings did shine up nicely though as evidenced by the first photo below.  After lunch we all took some time to tour the USS Becuna and wander around the Olympia a little more taking a few pictures.  After the tour we headed back up to the Pilot House level again and finished cleaning up the bases of a bunch of stanchions.  I'm happy to say that after two Saturdays of effort the Pilot House level railings looked much better.  I think we all enjoyed taking a few weeks off from our duties on the Battleship and look forward to the opportunity of being involved in other projects on the Olympia and Becuna in the future.  In the end we made some new friends and got a glimpse at what goes on onboard our neighbors across the river.      


April 4th Photo #1
A shot of Big J through the gleaming railings on top of the Pilot House.

April 4th Photo #2

Standing on the main deck looking aft down the
 Starboard side of Olympia at two of her 5" guns.
April 4th Photo #3
Shot looking up at the Pilot House from the Main Deck. 
April 4th Photo #4
A shot from the forecastle looking aft at the ships forward main battery.
April 4th Photo #5
Ships wheel and Engine Control Telegraph inside the Armored Conning
Station.  This area is visible in the previous photo, it is the rounded
structure above and aft of the turret with the rope tied off to it.
It's a very small, heavily armored area, featuring a top that can
be cranked up for ventilation and to see what's going on outside.
April 4th Photo #6
Plaque on upper deck marking the Battle of Manila Bay - May 1, 1898.
April 4th Photo #7
These huge wheels were for Emergency Steering, pretty impressive!
April 4th Photo #8
Shot from the fantail looking forward.  Note the really cool circular vent
in the deck.  It could be cranked up to ventilate the spaces below.
April 4th Photo #9
Shot of the sail of the USS Becuna from Pilot House level of Olympia.
April 4th Photo #10
My tour of the USS Becuna started in the Forward
 Torpedo Room.  This was a very Cool Space!
April 4th Photo #11
The next compartment going aft is the lower level of
the Conning Tower.  Just out of the frame to the left is a
ladder that leads up to the top of the Conning Tower.
April 4th Photo #12
Now we've climbed that ladder and are in the upper compartment of
the Conning Tower.  In this photo you can see the attack periscopes
 and other equipment.  This shot is looking aft (I think...)
April 4th Photo #13
Turning around 180 degrees we see this control station.  Just
to the right, again out of the picture, is another ladder that
 leads to the open area on top of the Conning Tower.
April 4th Photo #14
Now we've climbed that ladder and are perched on top of the Conning 
Tower outside, a very cool spot.  Here I'm using the Becuna's signal
 lamp to let the New Jersey know we'll be back onboard next Saturday.
April 4th Photo #15
Ships Galley, looks like a White Castle Kitchen, everything is stainless steel!
April 4th Photo #16
One of the ships four diesel engines used to drive the ship on 
the surface and charge the batteries for submerged operation.
April 4th Photo #17
Engine Room Control Panels.
April 4th Photo #18
Shot of more vintage equipment in the Engine Control area.
April 4th Photo #19
End of the tour, the Aft Torpedo Room.
April 4th Photo #20
You may Fire when Ready, Charles...

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Line Drawing of Big J

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