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I know it's been a while since I last posted any new photos here, and as usual my only defense is that I've got too much going on for me to get to it.  As always though, just because there haven't been any new photos that doesn't mean I'm not still making the trip to work.  I've been onboard the ship for five volunteer days since the last time I posted photos, plus I made a trip to the former Philadelphia Navy Shipyard for a raid on May 12th.  We made a great haul on the raid, the two ships that were open were the Cruiser USS Thomas Gates and the Destroyer USS Radford.  We grabbed a lot of brass items, lots of fire hose, nozzles, some damage control pumps, but the biggest trophy was a radar repeater that we hauled from the O5 level (Bridge) of the Gates down to the pier.  I'm guessing that unit weighed in at about 350 - 400 lbs and two of us carried it down all those ladders one step at a time.  It will soon be setup as a static display in it's new home on the Battleship.  My last two days onboard the ship have been Armed Forces Day and the ships 66th Birthday, which this year fell during Memorial Day weekend.  There were ceremonies on the Forecastle on both days and on the ships birthday we had cake, what's not to like?  Below are a bunch of photos taken on visits since my last posting, hope you enjoy them.  Many of them were taken in response to a question a former crewman posted in the Ships Log on April 14th regarding the generators in Engine Room #2, so I took a walk down there to see if I could answer the questions.  Pat, the generators in Engine Room #2 are still named "Hoss" and "Heather".  I thought you indicated the names were painted on but I found small brass plates on each one with those names engraved on them.  I couldn't find any of the other "artwork" you mentioned, if you respond with more specifics maybe I can look again, or better yet, you should come see for yourself, we'd love to have you back for a visit.  I did see an American Flag painted on a locker next to a workbench on the lower level, but no duck.  That's it for this trip, I'm planning on going down to the WWII memorial on the National Mall on D-Day.  I'll be taking the camera so maybe my next posting will feature photos from a trip to D.C. on June 6th.  In my absence I would really appreciate it if all of you reading this would go to the ship and volunteer that day to make up for my slack!  Thanks! 


May 23rd Photo #1
You may recall seeing a few photos in recent months showing the restoration
of the face plate for this Engine Order Telegraph box up on the O5 level.  One
of the glass panes had been broken allowing water to get into the box and it
was in pretty bad shape.  It actually sat covered up with a green trash bag for
months until Dave took on the task of restoring it and now it looks awesome!
He made the new bezels that surround the dials from scratch, painted and
detailed everything and put it all back together. Looks like a proud papa here 
doesn't he, great job Dave!  When are we going for a ride in that new boat?   

May 23rd Photo #2

OK Pat, these next 8 photos are for you.  This brass plate has "Hoss"
engraved on it.  I know it's hard to see that in this photo, but trust
me, that's what it says.  It is mounted on one of the Generators in 
Engine Room #2, I believe it's designation is EOP40  EOSS 41.
May 23rd Photo #3

This is a side shot of "Hoss"

May 23rd Photo #4

This plate is on the other generator, it has "Heather" engraved on it.

May 23rd Photo #3

This is an instrument cluster, I believe it was on "Heather".
All the black labels on the gauges start out with "EM02".

May 23rd Photo #6
This is a shot of the other side of "Heather", any of this look familiar?
May 23rd Photo #7
Not sure which one this is, just a final shot of the generators.
May 23rd Photo #8
This piece of art is above Engine #4, which is pictured below.
May 23rd Photo #9
Final shot of Engine #4 before I head up the ladder to Broadway. 
Hope you liked the photos Pat and hope you have the opportunity
 to comeback and visit Engine Room #2 for yourself sometime soon.
May 23rd Photo #10
On Armed Forces Day two of the Brass Team's members
played Echo Taps on the Forecastle.  They did a great job,
and then went back to work polishing brass!  Bravo Zulu!
May 23rd Photo #11
I spent the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend scrubbing bird
droppings off the 19 granite memorials that line the ships pier.  Each one
caries an inscription describing an action for which the ship was awarded
a Battle Star.  For some reason the birds love to perch on top of them and
they make quite a mess.  It was a dirty job, but one that needed to be done,
so we took care of it.  We're the guys in charge of sparkle, that's what we do!
May 23rd Photo #12

At 11:00 there was a ceremony on the 
Forecastle to mark the ships 66th Birthday.

May 23rd Photo #13
These three gentleman were all Original Plankholders
who served on the ship during World War II.
May 23rd Photo #14
Following remarks by several speakers the former crewman tossed
this wreath into the Delaware River to conclude the birthday ceremony
May 23rd Photo #15
Then it was off to the wardroom to sing Happy Birthday and indulge in
some cake, quite tasty too if I might add.  The Captain hooked me up
with a nice end slice with plenty of icing, just what the doctor ordered! 
It seemed a little strange though to be served cake by a Captain in the 
Battleship's Wardroom, after all I'm just a lowly enlisted Army guy,
 but I enjoyed every bite!  Happy Birthday Big J!!
May 23rd Photo #16

A shot of the Starboard Side Flag Bridge where the new teak decking
 is in place.  Some of the gang worked up here today detailing the
brass and putting a shine on flag box canvas cover.

May 23rd Photo #17
This looks like a new ribbon board up on the port side on the bridge
level.  Just happened to notice it and so I snapped the shot.

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