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D-Day plus 65 years - Some scenes from Washington D.C.  One of the Brass Team members also participates in Honor Flight's which arrange to take groups of veterans to Washington, DC. to visit many of the monuments on the National Mall.  The way the program works is each veteran is paired with a running buddy for the day and together they explore the sites at each stop the bus makes.  I was curious about how it worked and since it was D-Day I  went downtown to meet his group instead of making the trip to NJ to work on the ship.  It was a much shorter trip and I really enjoyed the day walking on the Mall.  Below are a bunch of photos from that day, one on which I walked the entire length of the Mall twice, logging about 5 miles or so.  Hope you enjoy coming along on my walking tour.  


June 6th Photo #1
These are the veterans from New Jersey that I met up with at the World War II Memorial.
They were all "issued" Red Veteran T-Shirts to wear for the day.

June 6th Photo #2

Here the Veterans are joined by their "buddies" all wearing their "issued" Blue Guardian T-Shirts.
June 6th Photo #3
The group brought along a USAF ROTC Honor Guard which escorted
them into the World War II Memorial.  Many of those visiting the memorial 
stopped and clapped as the veterans passed by, it was a nice tribute.
June 6th Photo #4
The Honor Guard setup next to the New Jersey pillar in the monument,
where they remained until the veterans were ready to depart the area.
June 6th Photo #5
Here is a shot of the center of the Memorial showing a bunch of the group. 
June 6th Photo #6
I thought this was a nice touch, located in a very inconspicuous spot
on the outside of the World War II Memorial is this "Kilroy was Here"
 graffiti, carved in granite for all to see forever, pretty cool!
June 6th Photo #7
A shot of the Lincoln Memorial looking from the far end
of the famous Reflecting Pool which ends at the World
War II Memorial.  We'll be heading that way shortly.
June 6th Photo #8
At 1:45 the gang from New Jersey boarded their busses to 
depart the area, so I was off to continue exploring on my own.
On the way to the Lincoln Memorial I stopped by the Wall.
June 6th Photo #9
This is a statue near the Wall, the soldiers depicted 
here have the same "view" as seen in the photo above.
June 6th Photo #10
Next stop was the Lincoln Memorial.  Before climbing the steps I stopped
 by a small stand to purchase a new pin for my hat (a Jolly Roger Flag Pin).
This stand has been manned 24 / 7 for something like twenty years.  They
serve as a source of information for visitors to the Wall and sell all kinds of
military related pins and insignia. I've bought several other pins there in the
past and it's someplace I always stop when I visit the Mall.  My hats off to 
the guys who operate that stand, keep up the good work gentlemen!  
June 6th Photo #11
Inside the Memorial, this towering statue of Lincoln awaits, along with
the text of the Gettysburg Address and his Second Inauguration Speech
carved into the walls on either side of the statue.
June 6th Photo #12
I sat here between a pair of columns on the Lincoln memorial and 
put my new pin on my hat.  Then, gazing down the Mall, I could see
the World War II Memorial where my journey had started, and beyond,
 the dome of the Capital Building, which is where I was headed next. 
June 6th Photo #13
On the way to the Capital we'll make a bunch of stops, the first is at
the Korean War Memorial.  When standing looking down the Mall to the
Capital, this memorial is on the right side of the Reflecting Pool, while the
Wall, is on the left side.  When you approach from the Lincoln Memorial
you come upon this Memorial from "behind" the group of soldiers depicted
as being on patrol.  It's almost like the last soldier in the formation hears
you approaching and has turned around to check you out, pretty cool!
June 6th Photo #14
Here, we've walked completely around the formation 
and we're looking at the soldier on the point.
June 6th Photo #15
Next on the tour is this very cool little colonnaded Memorial erected to
 honor those citizens of the District of Columbia that were killed in 
World War I (or as the referred to it simply The World War).
June 6th Photo #16
Here is a statue of John Paul Jones, not far from the Washington Monument.
June 6th Photo #17
Now we've passed the Washington Monument and are starting along the
row of Smithsonian Museum buildings that dominate both sides of the Mall
in the stretch from the Washington Monument to the Capital Building.  This
is the original Smithsonian Building, today it is referred to as The Castle.
June 6th Photo #18
The Mall has something for everyone, outside the Hirshhorn Museum
 is a Sculpture Garden and this interesting piece caught my eye.
June 6th Photo #19

OK, now we're getting close to our destination, here is a shot of the 
Capital Building from across the Reflecting Pool in front of it.  The large 
statue visible in the foreground is of Ulysses S. Grant.  The next two 
photos below show two other statues that are just out of the frame
here (to the left and right) showing scenes from the Civil War.

June 6th Photo #20
One of the two statues flanking the large statue of U.S. Grant.
June 6th Photo #21
The second of the two statues flanking the large statue of U.S. Grant.
June 6th Photo #22
This is a cool water fountain that is right in front of the wall surrounding 
the Capital Building.  It has been here forever I imagine, the first time I
drank from it was back in 1975 when I first visited Washington D.C. 
on my own.  I had another drink today, it still tastes pretty good!
June 6th Photo #23
OK, here we are at the steps of the Capital Building, 
we have arrived!  By now it's close to 6:00 and time to
head back to the Metro Station and catch the train home.
June 6th Photo #24
On the way back to the train station I just had to make one more 
stop, and that was at the Navy Memorial, another really cool place.
June 6th Photo #25
Directly across the street from the Navy Memorial is the National
Archives Building, where among other things you can see the original
Declaration of Independence and Richard Nixon's Resignation Letter.
  That is one classic facade, the Greeks would be proud!
June 6th Photo #26
Statue of the "Lone Sailor" with his Sea Bag in the Navy Memorial's plaza.
June 6th Photo #27
Supposedly the water for the fountains at the Navy Memorial comes from
the Seven Seas of the World.  OK, I ran out of room on my digital cameras
memory card so it was time to head for home.  Hope you enjoyed this 
tour of the National Mall, without having to walk about 5 miles!

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