September 13th Photos Page

I was onboard on both the 12th & 13th this weekend.  The first four photos below are from the 12th and the rest are from the 13th.  This weekend I spent a rare Sunday onboard working with a group of Active Navy personnel who came onboard to volunteer for the day.  It was nice having them for the day and we got a lot done.  Bravo Zulo gang, thanks for coming by and helping out with our ongoing maintenance and restoration efforts onboard the "Big J", hope to see you all back again real soon!  Oh, and congratulations to all you newly promoted Chief's, you've earned your key to the Goat Locker!


September 12th Photo #1
A bad storm on Friday night tore this gaping hole in the tent on the fantail.

September 12th Photo #2

This bad played on Saturday during the Jersey Fresh 
festivities, they played a lot of oldies and sounded great!
September 12th Photo #3
In addition to the band, these dancers certainly helped liven up the
place.  The band is called "The Hypersonics" and I believe they will
be playing onboard again soon.  I have some contact information
for them, if you are interested send me an e-mail.
September 12th Photo #4
Something new that's just been added in the last few weeks.  I'm not
sure if I like it or not.  I'm surprised to see it though since the curator
 said he would only do it if he could find a photo of it being there during
the ships last period of active service in the '80's.  I personally think the
numbers are too skinny though, the lines need to be thicker to match
 what I've seen in photos from previous periods of service - Vietnam.
September 13th Photo #1
This was the scene on the fantail when I arrived on Sunday morning.
We had a group of active Navy Chief Selectees and their mentor
Chiefs onboard to volunteer their time for the day.
September 13th Photo #2
Some of the group wanted to polish brass, others went on sweeping
and spider web patrol and still others worked cleaning up the fantail.
I worked with a group that polished the compass and railings, while
another group polished brass inside Turret two and then moved
 on to the the Flag and Navigation bridges.
September 13th Photo #3
Some of the Selectees putting a shine on the compass and railings.
September 13th Photo #4
More of the group making the bright work shine!
September 13th Photo #5
At lunchtime it was time for the Selectees to practice a song they
had to sing.  I think the Chief's were enjoying their roles as mentors.
This whole mentoring process, which lasts about two and a half months,
 is apparently something everyone who becomes a Chief in the Navy must
 go through.  It's part of a Navy tradition that's been passed down over
the years, someday these guys will be the Chief's, mentoring a
whole new group of Selectees and keeping the tradition alive.
September 13th Photo #6
These are the Selectees, that one week from today
will get their Chief's stripes "pinned on."
September 13th Photo #7
Here are the Chiefs who provided the mentoring.
September 13th Photo #8
Here's the whole group along with a few of the Battleships volunteers mixed in.
September 13th Photo #9
A muster on the Forward Missile Deck prior to lowering colors.
September 13th Photo #10
Here the Selectees help lower colors.  The day is almost over...
September 13th Photo #11
Getting ready to fold the flag.
September 13th Photo #12
Looking good guys!
September 13th Photo #13
The gang that put a shine on the compass and rails with me.

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