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I've been onboard all but one Saturday since I last posted photos in September.  Below are some photos from a couple of recent events onboard the Big J.  The first several photos show members of the Brass Team receiving an award from the Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA) for our efforts to keep the brass shining on the Battleship.  To view the full text of the citation that accompanied our award, click Here.  For more information about the Historic Naval Ships Association, and to view a list of all recent award recipients, click Here to visit their website.

The next photo was taken during the commissioning of the Navy's newest Arleigh Burke class destroyer, the USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG-108) which occurred in Philadelphia on Saturday October 10, 2009.  The photo was taken from the O5 level of the Battleship, just as the crew brought the new destroyer "to life".  To celebrate the commissioning of the new destroyer we fired Mount 52 three times.  To see a short video of one of those shots click Here.

The last three photos show the binnacle we restored last year, still on display in the ships Visitors Center.  I gave it a little cleanup this morning and took these photos when I was done.  I can't believe we've switched back to Eastern Standard Time again, I hate this time of year!  Sorry for the delay in getting this page finished, between my day job, working on the 2010 Volunteer Calendar, and working on the ship my days are full.  Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


October 31st Photo #1
The Brass Team received the HNSA award during a recent 
Board meeting in the ships Wardroom.  Here the citation
that accompanied the award is being read aloud.

October 31st Photo #2

Members of the Brass Team pose with the award plaque.
October 31st Photo #3
A photo opportunity on the forecastle featuring members
of the Brass Team and Master Chief Tom Helvig, USN (Ret.).
Tom also received an HNSA award for his work as the Volunteer
 Writer/Editor of The Jerseyman
, which is available on this site.
Click Here to view current and past issues of The Jerseyman.
October 31st Photo #4
Another photo opportunity of the gang assembled in our
shop.  Now we need to find a place to hang our plaque.
October 31st Photo #5
This photo was taken shortly after the new destroyer 
USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG-108)
comes to life.  Next
we fired Mount 52 to celebrate the commissioning.
  To see a short video of one of those shots click Here.
October 31st Photo #6
Here is a shot of the binnacle we restored last year, 
currently on display in the ships Visitors Center.  This
morning I spent some time giving it a quick shine.
October 31st Photo #7
Another shot of the binnacle.  The display
of the ships ribbons on the wall was made
and donated to the ship by a former crewman.
October 31st Photo #8
Here's the last shot.  The binnacle has held up well
while on display for the past year, considering there
are no barriers to keep visitors from touching it.

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