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Well, today was actually the 9th time I've been onboard since I last posted any photos.  Between the hectic time around the holidays, and the snowy Winter we've had, I haven't been able to get to the ship as often as I would like.  March 20th though will be my 275th Volunteer Day, that means when I get back home to Virginia that day I will have logged 88,000 miles, in just under 9 years, up and down the I-95 corridor to the ship and back...  It's hard to believe we've been at this for that long, but there is no shortage of work, that's for sure.  Now more than ever we need volunteers to help with our "Spring Cleaning".  Below are a few photos from my two most recent days onboard.  Hope to see you onboard one day soon, Happy New Year! 


February 20th Photo #1
This is one of two large bells onboard.  The one up on the bow is smaller 
and plated, while this one is steel.  It hangs high on the superstructure,
at the O-7 level, just under the "flying bridge" area on the O-8 level.
  As you can see the weather has taken its toll on this bell, but it's
on the Brass Team's "To Do List" for this Spring.  Soon it will
be sanded and repainted.  Consider this the "before" photo, 
the "after" shot will follow in a month or so.

February 20th Photo #2

The Ships Store sells U.S. Flags that have been flown over the Battleship.
 Today members of the Brass Team performed flag raising duties and hoisted
several flags for customers who had requested them.  In this photo one of the
flags is heading to the top. As a side note, look at that compass cover shining!
February 20th Photo #3
Here we see one of the flags flying over the Battleship.  If
you ordered a flag to be flown today, this might be yours!
February 20th Photo #4
This is just a cool eagle that hangs in the XO's office.
March 6th Photo #1
Some of the ships Docents in their ready room getting ready for
their day, conducting tours around the ship.  These guys are
a dedicated bunch on Saturday and they do a great job!
March 6th Photo #2
Today we worked down in the crew berthing areas below the aft mess deck.
These heavy armored hatches provide access to primarily food storage areas
below.  Today the berthing areas below the mess decks are where visitors in
the overnight encampment program sleep.  Two decks up the ladder are doors
that open to the weather deck.  The exposure to the moist air from the outside
has over time really taken a toll on these hatches.  So, to clean off the surface
rust and get them prepped for painting and detailing we had to break out the
angle grinder.  Again, consider this an "in progress" photo, more to come.
March 6th Photo #3
Here we are under the berthing areas, these heavy ribs
looked pretty impressive.  The bulkhead in the back is as
far as you can go aft on this level, I think it was frame 204.
March 6th Photo #4
This is another one of the armored hatches we worked on today, there
is a total of three of them in this area.  This one still needs some final
painting, but it looks a lot better than it did when we started.
March 6th Photo #5
These are parts of other projects currently going on.  Here are three refinished
phone cradles and a set of alarm plates that are being worked on in our shop.
March 6th Photo #6
Back in the "Nixes" area again.  This is a winch that was used to tow
something behind the ship during her last period of service in the '80s.
I know very little about this system, I believe it was something used to
act as a decoy for enemy torpedoes.  This is a pretty
cool place though,
here we are one deck below the fantail, and as far aft as you can go.
March 6th Photo #7
I did an about face from the above photo and now we're looking aft.
I'm guessing these 2 pulleys guided tow lines from the winch, through
the rectangular doors below, and out to whatever the ship was towing.
The steel frame that runs between the two doors is pretty much the
centerline of the ship, and when you open one of those doors you
are looking out the back of the ship, an interesting perspective...
March 6th Photo #8
Just a shot of the Memorial Kiosk we worked on a lot last Fall.  It sits
on the Mess Deck and can be used by visitors to search for names and
information on former crew members and others who have made donations
to the ship.  It's still working after our complete overhaul, that pleases me!

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