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After receiving a sizable grant from the state a few months ago there is currently a huge ongoing effort to give the ships superstructure a fresh coat of paint before the bad weather sets in.  The first 5 photos below show some of those freshly painted areas.  Today was the second year in a row that we've had Chief Selectees onboard for a volunteer day.  The last five photos show them in action polishing brass on the bridge and manning their brooms and dustpans giving the ship a clean sweep down fore and aft.


September 11th Photo #1
Freshly painted upper superstructure looks great!

September 11th Photo #2

Shot on O5 starboard side looking forward toward the top of
 the armored conning tower housing Main Fire Control.  The
green line marks the path for our docent lead tour route.
September 11th Photo #3
Moving forward from the previous shot, Main
Fire Control sporting a fresh coat of haze gray.
September 11th Photo #4
Shot looking over the bow from high above. 
The fresh paint and nice white canvas look great!
September 11th Photo #5
Taken from same vantage point as above, zoomed in on Main Fire Control.
September 11th Photo #6
Small sailboat passing by for a look at Big J.
September 11th Photo #7
In the past I've posted photos of periscopes in the turrets,
periscopes in the Armored Conning Station on the Bridge,
periscopes in Main Fire Control, but this one isn't in any
of those locations.  It's certainly a little off the beaten
path, anyone care to guess where it is?
September 11th Photo #8
We had a recent visit from the Turkey Hill Cow who brought along free
samples for all to taste.  I asked if the cow had a name, but was told
it was simply the Turkey Hill Cow.  It was one huge cow though that's
for sure and very life-like too.  The free samples were enjoyed by all.
September 11th Photo #9
Chiefs Selectees at work giving the ship a good sweep down fore and aft.
September 11th Photo #10
Chiefs Selectees at work polishing brass sill plates on the Flag Bridge.
September 11th Photo #11
Chiefs Selectee at work polishing brass sill plates on the Navigation Bridge.
September 11th Photo #12
Chiefs Selectees polishing brass inside the Armored Conning Station.
September 11th Photo #13
Final shot of Chiefs Selectees polishing brass on the Navigation Bridge.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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