October 2nd Photos Page

The first three photos below show the start of the effort to replace the rest of the teak on the O3 Level.  As you'll recall the teak on the starboard side Signal Bridge has been recently replaced and now work has begun to replace the teak on the rest of the O3 level.  In the photos below the original teak decking has been removed from the area just aft of the port side Signal Bridge and the metal decking is now visible.  I'll continue to post progress shots of this work which will likely take a year or more to complete.  I think I'll call the rest of this entry Boat, Helicopter and Fire Truck photos, I'll explain more in the captions below.  I'll be taking a cruise on the S.S. John Brown out into the Chesapeake Bay on October 16th, so my next photo page will likely be from that adventure.  She is one of the last Liberty ships still operational and going for a cruise on her should be awesome.  I'm especially looking forward to seeing those old engines of hers fired up and underway.


October 2nd Photo #1
Photo one of Teak Decking Replacement work on O3.

October 2nd Photo #2

Photo two of Teak Decking Replacement work on O3.
October 2nd Photo #3
Photo three of Teak Decking Replacement work on O3.
October 2nd Photo #4
Today I had the rare opportunity to climb up on the ships Radar Platform
which is situated high above the superstructure.  I accompanied a Radio
Club volunteer up there to work on an antenna that was damaged when
it became entangled with the ships ensign.  The view from up there was
phenomenal!  Here is a shot of the Olympia from that vantage point.
October 2nd Photo #5
This is a shot of the large radar antenna up on the platform,
you may recall I posted photos of this item when it was
setting on the pier waiting to be put in place up here.
October 2nd Photo #6
Here is a shot of a tug heading down river, the second of the boat photos.
October 2nd Photo #7
Here is a shot of the New Jersey State Police helicopter that flew by
and then landed nearby while I was up on the platform.  I also got
to see us fire Mount 51 four times while up on the platform, that
was awesome!  This was a Red Letter Day in my book for sure!
October 2nd Photo #8
Now were into the fire truck photos.  One of my fellow volunteers on the
ship owns this 1953 Packard Fire Truck which he has meticulously restored.
He was returning from having it on display at a Boy Scout Jamboree going
on nearby and stopped by to so I could take a look at it.  He has done an
outstanding job on the restoration, and he had all the brass shinning too!
October 2nd Photo #9
This truck looks like it is ready to respond to a call anytime!
October 2nd Photo #10
The little Dalmatian is a nice touch, and the bell sounded good too!
October 2nd Photo #11
I'm sure this truck makes friends wherever it goes. 
Here is one of it's newest friends ready to take it for a spin!
October 2nd Photo #12
There he is, fireman's hat and all, the compete package for sure.

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