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I missed another Saturday on the Battleship, and on the following Sunday I went to a local Flying Circus with a group from my office.  This was a very cool event, and I thought I'd share some photos from the day.  Below are a dozen or so photos of the biplanes and a video with sound of one of them landing.  The Flying Circus performs on Sundays and offers biplane rides before and after the show.  I was tempted to take a ride, but didn't go for it.  It's something I want to do though, and I'll be returning there next year to take a ride.  Enjoy the photos below, and if you'd like more information about the Flying Circus, in Bealeton, VA, visit their website at www.flyingcircusairshow.com.  My next volunteer day on the Battleship will be October 30th.


October 24th Photo #1
This plane is the one used by the Wing Walker, he put on a great show!

October 24th Photo #2

Plane getting ready to take off and take a customer for a ride.
October 24th Photo #3
Here's a plane returning from a flight, landing on the grass field.
October 24th Photo #4
Replica Navy biplane from the USS Akron.
October 24th Photo #5
Another replica Navy biplane.
October 24th Photo #6
It's says "Terrific" on the nose, and I would agree for sure!
October 24th Photo #7
All the planes lined up on the field before the show.
October 24th Photo #8
A small Army spotter plane on the field.
October 24th Photo #9
The show started with this parachutist who delivered the flag to the field.
October 24th Photo #10
A bunch of the planes lining up for a mock bomb run.
October 24th Photo #11
I think this was the prettiest plane there, clearly the "Cadillac" of biplanes!

If you'd like to see a short video (with sound) of this plane landing, Click here.

October 24th Photo #12
Here's the Wing Walker, wowing the crowd, great show!
October 24th Photo #13
Formation flying at the end of the show, very cool!
October 24th Photo #14
Close-up of Nose Art on the plane in the 2nd photo above.

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