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The Battleship New Jersey was the recipient of two awards during the annual Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA) Conference in Baltimore on September 15th - 17th. The ship received the HNSA Education Award for the Overnight Encampment Program, and the Henry A. Vadnais Award for the work of volunteer Dr. Tom Banit for supporting the Battleship's Curatorial Department.  In 2010 the ship's encampment program hosted over 17,000 visitors, by far their best year to date.  Bravo Zulu to all the dedicated volunteers that make our Overnight Encampment Program such a success.  They have names like Buff, Gilligan, Tackelberry, Smurfette, SOPA, Flight Deck, Sgt Major, COB and Captain Crunch, and together with the rest of the gang, they do a hell of a job ensuring that the thousands of children that come onboard for an overnight encampment each year have a great experience.   Below are several photos showing the awards being presented in the ships wardroom and one on the forecastle.  I've also included several photos from a recent visit to the Pit Log Trunk, located deep in the hull between Turrets 1 & 2.  The ship will be celebrating the arrival of 2011 with their annual New Years Eve fireworks and overnight program.  For details on this events check out the Events Page.


November 13th Photo #1
HNSA Photo number 1

November 13th Photo #2

HNSA Photo number 2
November 13th Photo #3
HNSA Photo number 3
November 13th Photo #4
HNSA Photo number 4
November 13th Photo #5
Located below the powder rooms between Turrets 1 & 2
is a generator compartment.  Visible in this photo is
the hatch leading to the Pit Log Trunk compartment
November 13th Photo #6
A look inside the Pit Log Trunk, a very small compartment.
November 13th Photo #7
Mechanism that raises and lowers the "Sword".
November 13th Photo #8
Closeup of the mechanism shown in the photo above.
November 13th Photo #9
Looking down into the top of the trunk.
November 13th Photo #10
Valve at the bottom of the trunk where the "Sword" passes through the hull.

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