March 26th Photos Page

Here are a few photos of the work going on to open up the lower areas of Turret #2 for tours.  My next day onboard will be April 16th, see you then.


March 26th Photo #1
Hole cut through the barbette to allow access to the extra shell ring
area of Turret #2 from Forward Main Battery Plot on Deck 4.

March 26th Photo #2

Shot looking through the newly cut hole. 
March 26th Photo #3
Shot from inside Turret #2 on the extra shell ring looking at the new door.
March 26th Photo #4
Shot from the other side of the new door.  Note the piece
 that was cut out is sitting to the left of the new door.
March 26th Photo #5
Shot looking into the powder handling area below being prepared for painting.
March 26th Photo #6
A former crewmember that served in Turret #2 from '81 - '84 happened
to be visiting today and came down to check out his old duty station.
March 26th Photo #7
Shot of the where the next hole will be cut allowing access to the lower
 shell deck of Turret #2.  Hole will be cut just aft of Sick Bay on Deck 3.
March 26th Photo #8
Tanks of gas that fuel the torches doing all the cutting below.
The tanks sit outside the wardroom on the weather deck with
hoses to take the gas below where the cutting is being done.

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