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Sorry for the lack of recent photos, but those of you who visit regularly know all of my usual excuses apply. Today is my fifth Saturday onboard since my last posting though, and we continue to work in the lower levels of Turret #2.  The original plan was for the Turret #2 Experience to be opening around Memorial Day weekend, but that schedule has been revised.  The new schedule calls for those attending the Battleship Blast on June 25th to get a special sneak peek at the new areas, and then they will open officially to visitors on July 1st.  Below is a series of photos taken from my last five visits.  For those that might be interested, tickets for the ships annual fundraiser, The Battleship Blast, are currently available.  For more information on this event visit my Events Page.


June 4th Photo #1
April 30th - The first of three "action photos" showing
one of the Brass Team working on a powder scuttle
status indicator on the bottom level of Turret #2.

June 4th Photo #2

April 30th - Two more of the Team polishing up the powder bag
trays that feed the powder elevator for the right gun of Turret #2.

April 30th - Another one of the Team polishing the same area for the left gun.
April 30th - Is this a wacky photo or what?  There's no Photoshop work
here, these three struck this pose putting their heads through holes in
a structural steel support in the bottom of Turret #2.  They joined the
 ranks of the Battleship's Volunteers in early April and have been a big
 help with the work we've done in Turret #2.  We can always use more
help and we're very happy to get three new volunteers on the Team. 
April 30th - At lunchtime I went topside to watch a firing of Mount 52.
The Battleship held a special ceremony and fired the gun to mark the
opening of a new exhibit commemorating the contributions of the
ships MARDET during her four periods of commissioning.
June 4th Photo #6
April 30th - Photo inside a MARDET
crew space on Deck 2 near the chowline.
June 4th Photo #7
April 30th - Another shot inside the new MARDET museum exhibit area.
June 4th Photo #8
May 7th - Another new Brass Team member working in Turret #2.
June 4th Photo #9
May 7th - Look at that scuttle tray shining, unbelievable!  This is
another one of the five ladies we have on the Brass Team, and they
all do an outstanding job!  Ladies or gentlemen, if you want to join
the team, come on down, we'd love to have your help.   
June 4th Photo #10
May 7th - Another shot of the scuttle tray above.  It looks
pretty amazing for something that must be over 70 years old!
If only it could talk, the stories it would have to tell...
June 4th Photo #11
May 7th - After polishing much of the brass in the lower levels of
Turret #2 we wrapped them with clear shrink-wrap to protect
them from the paint overspray that is sure to follow soon.
These are the powder trays for the center gun of Turret 2.
June 4th Photo #12
May 21st - Brass polishing in an area outside the barbette where visitors
will be allowed to go to pass powder bags (not 110 pounders like the real
thing, something significantly lighter but still the correct size and shape)
into the barbette to be loaded into the powder elevator for the right gun.
June 4th Photo #13
May 21st - Large blue tarps going up, the
white spray painting can't be too far behind.
June 4th Photo #14
May 21st - A shot from the top of the steps looking down
at the base of the central wiring core for Turret #2.
June 4th Photo #15
May 21st - Covered up with white plastic is one of five immersion tanks
situated around the inside of the barbette.  This one was polished today.
They are stainless steel and are a lot of work, but they come up pretty nice. 
June 4th Photo #16
May 28th - Immersion tank number two, polished today by one of the Team.
June 4th Photo #17
May 28th - Shot looking down the stairs as I leave for the day.  Note
the structural steel visible in this photo, it was a steel member like
this, on the left side of the barbette (out of this photo), where
the photo of our three new volunteers above was taken.
June 4th Photo #18
June 4th - Onboard by myself today, it was pretty
lonely in the bottom of Turret #2.  I decided to tackle the
 third immersion tank, this was how it looked when I broke for lunch.
June 4th Photo #19
June 4th - End of the day, three immersion tanks down, two more to go!

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