June 11th Photos Page

Onboard again today.  Much of the white spray painting is now complete, the details of gray, red and black will be next.  We just have two more Saturdays to work until the Battleship Blast, still lots of work to do... 


June 11th Photo #1
Here is immersion tank number four, which was polished by me today.
Lots of overspray evident in this photo, next comes the gray, red and black.
June 11th Photo #2
This is immersion tank number five polished by another Team member
today.  That takes care of those tanks, glad they are behind us now!
June 11th Photo #3
One of the immersion tanks being used as a work table after it was polished.
June 11th Photo #4
Freshly painted area around the powder hoist for the
center gun and the central wiring core for the Turret.
June 11th Photo #5
Fresh white paint around a pair of powder scuttles.
June 11th Photo #6
More fresh paint on the wall and steps leading up to the open shell ring.
June 11th Photo #7
Freshly painted center core and ladder leading up through the Turret.
June 11th Photo #8
Another shot of the central core taken from the open
shell ring, starting to look pretty good down there!
June 11th Photo #9
Shot looking down the stairs, more fresh paint is evident here too.
June 11th Photo #10
Close-up of details on the catwalk across the top of the lower Turret area.
June 11th Photo #11
Someone's attempt at humor is displayed on a makeshift sign,
placed just inside the new entry point into Forward Main Plot.
At this point we can certainly use all the help we can get!
June 11th Photo #12
Shot around the open shell ring, starting to look good here.

June 11th Photo #13

Stairs up to the shell deck, this area looks great with fresh paint too.
June 11th Photo #14
Up on the shell deck the safety net is up on the railings
and this deck has received a fresh coat of paint too.
June 11th Photo #15
All this level needs is some work on the
steel decking and it will look awesome.
June 11th Photo #16
One of the shell hoists with a shell in the tube.
June 11th Photo #17
Improvements to the entry where guests will start their experience,
entering the shell deck on Deck 3 just aft of Sick Bay.
June 11th Photo #18
A fresh coat of paint has really made a difference on this level.
June 11th Photo #19
My new ride, a pretty sweet way to get back and forth to the ship.

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