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What a day this turned out to be...  It started out great, I had an uneventful trip up from Virginia and was onboard by 0900 hrs.  Shortly thereafter I was down below working in the ring outside the barbette of Turret #2 getting brass in that area shined up and ready for visitors.  I took a short break for lunch around 1300 hrs and then it was back down below until I heard the bells ring 1800 hrs.  That was the time I told myself I would be heading home so I packed up my gear and headed towards the machine shop area located on Deck 2 to take a few more photos of that area for a former crewman.  After taking the photos I hit the mess deck for a soda and then went topside to head back to our shop and drop off my stuff.  As I approached the aft brow my day took a drastic turn...  From one of the guys there I learned that Joe Moran, a long time volunteer onboard and leader of the ships award winning overnight encampment program, had suffered a massive heart attack and died earlier that afternoon.  I knew that Joe, affectionately known to the crew as "Buff", had been dealing with medical issues, although to be honest I didn't know any real details.  I also knew it had been a few weeks since I'd seen him onboard, but I was shocked at the news of his passing.  As I walked away from the person who shared this news with me I was dazed, and thought back to the last time I had seen Joe.  It had been several weeks ago as I was leaving the ship, we had talked briefly about my new car and the reason for the specialty tags I have on it.  Then, with his always ready smile he shook my hand and wished me a safe trip home, something he had done dozens of times before.  As I turned to leave I said thanks and "I'll see you next time", something I say every week when departing the ship.  Now the tough thing to face is that there won't be a next time, that was the last time, and now I'm left with so many things I wish I would have said...  Joe was a great guy and I looked forward to talking with him before heading home each Saturday.  I would regularly stop by his office off the quarterdeck and say hey and hear what was going on, he always had time to talk to me and share a story or a joke.  I didn't really work with Joe, but to a person those I know who did loved Joe, and would do anything for him.  He was a natural leader and his can do attitude was contagious.  Saying he will be missed just seems so inadequate, but for me and so many of his other shpmates, that is the painful reality we now face.  Fair Winds and Following Seas Buff, I'm proud to have been your shipmate and friend, Rest in Peace.


A viewing is planned for 0900 hrs - 1000 hrs this coming Friday at St. Albert the Great, located at 214 Welsh Rd.,  Huntington Valley PA.  Everyone is also invited to a luncheon immediately afterwards at the Ashburner Inn, located at 8400 Torresdale Ave. in Philadelphia.  Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this service, but it's my understanding there are also plans in the works for a memorial service on the ship sometime in the near future, I hope to be able to attend that service.  For additional information about these services I suggest you contact Dan or Pat in the Volunteer office.


The first two photos below are of Buff in happier times.  The first is from September 13, 2009 when he hosted the first group of Navy Chief Selectees onboard.  The photo was taken near the end of the day with a large group of the Selectees and their Mentors on the Forecastle.  True to form Joe was low key, smiling and hanging out in the background reveling in the days events.  I was there because he had asked me if some of the Chief Selectees could spend some time working with the Brass Team as part of their volunteer day and we put them to work polishing brass throughout the ship.  I think this was a Red Letter Day for Joe, it was the culmination of something he had worked on for a long time and I could tell he was charged up when it became a reality.  The Chiefs returned again last year and I hope they continue the tradition this year because it was something Joe felt very strongly about.  The second photo was taken last fall after the ships encampment program was presented an HNSA Achievement Award.  There he is with many of his team celebrating their achievements, and he would be the first to tell you that it was a team effort, and typically play down his role in the whole thing.


The next few photos are of a bunch of new 16-inch projectiles that have just arrived and the rest are of my trip from the bottom of Turret #2 up to and around the machine shop areas on Deck 2.  These go out to Bill, a former crewman from 1988 - 1991 who asked me to snap some photos in and around the shop areas where he once worked.  Hope you like the pics Bill.  I've made the trip the last three Saturdays in a row so I won't be onboard this Saturday.  My next volunteer day will be August 6th, hoping to see a good turnout from the Brass Team then! 


July 23rd Photo #1
September 13, 2009

July 23rd Photo #2

Fall 2010
July 23rd Photo #3
On my way to the ship this morning I encountered a convey of
well over 100 bikes heading north on Route 95. I snapped this
photo out the window of my car as I passed them by. I'm not
sure where they were heading, but it was a cool site to see.
July 23rd Photo #4
These 16" shells were delivered last weekend.  They will
be cleaned up and painted in the coming month or so and
then they will be moved onboard to be displayed in Turret #2.
July 23rd Photo #5
These will look great once they are painted up and in place
in Turret #2, but getting them there is going to be quite the
challenge. We'll need to rig and load them the same way shells
were loaded when the ship was in service. These shells weigh the
same as the real thing. and getting them onboard will be a job for sure!
July 23rd Photo #6
A close up of the nose of one of the shells
showing a manufacturing date of 1945.
July 23rd Photo #7
A shot of the area where I worked today.  This is a narrow passageway
that runs 360 degrees around the outside of the barbette.  It serves
an isolation area between the powder flat area of the Turret and the
Powder Magazines.  There is a lot of brass in this area too,
and with a fresh coat of paint it's looking good.
July 23rd Photo #8
At 1800 hrs I was on my way to the shop area, snapping
this shot inside the barbette as I passed through.
July 23rd Photo #9
Another shot showing the powder elevator for the right
gun, along with two powder scuttles and immersion tanks.
July 23rd Photo #10
Here we see the powder elevator for the left gun, along with a couple
more powder scuttles and immersion tanks.  It looks so good down
here now it's hard for me to walk through this area without taking
pictures.  The transformation that has taken place in just 4 months
is unbelievable, and the Brass Team is proud to have played a part.
July 23rd Photo #11
Up from the Powder Flats, here we are in Forward Main Battery Plot.
This radar repeater was recently grabbed during a ships raid, by members
of the ships Radio Club.  It came from the USS Forest Sherman, and after a
good cleaning up, it's been mounted here and looks like it's been there forever!
July 23rd Photo #12
While the Brass Team has focused much of our efforts in the Powder
Flat areas of the Turret, the Radio Club has focused on getting equipment
in Forward Main Battery Plot and the gun house of the turret itself working,
and they've done a great job!  This is another area that has changed
so much recently that a few more shots are definitely warranted.
July 23rd Photo #13
Forward Main Battery Plot Photo #2.
July 23rd Photo #14
Close-up shot of one of the coolest portholes on the ship.
It is located down on deck 4 between the Main Battery and
Secondary Plot areas, the workmanship on this thing is amazing!
July 23rd Photo #15
Continuing to pan to the right showing other
refurbished equipment looking like its ready to go.
July 23rd Photo #16
Last shot showing the wall of various controls, with
lights illuminated and the decommissioning tags and
parts envelopes removed so everything looks operational.
July 23rd Photo #17
OK, now we've left Forward Main Battery Plot and climbed up two ladders
 to Deck 2.  We're in the Starboard side passageway heading aft towards
the machine shop spaces.  Here we have just passed the dentist's
office where this piece of artwork still remains on the bulkhead.
July 23rd Photo #18
A little further aft we pass by a cross-over to the right
 where the Post Office is located.  The hatch visible
on the left leads down to Engine Room #1.
July 23rd Photo #19
Now we're passing through some crew berthing spaces.  Here is a fire
fighting station display that was detailed by members of the Brass Team
a while ago when the City at Sea Tour Route opened, it still looks great!
Is any of this looking familiar Bill, we're just about to the shop spaces?
July 23rd Photo #20
Now we've turned the corner into the
cross-over that leads into the machine Shop.
July 23rd Photo #21
A close-up of some equipment we pass along the way.
July 23rd Photo #22
This armored hatch leads down to Engine Room #2.
July 23rd Photo #23
Now we're in the main space of the Machine Shop looking aft
towards the DC Power Shop just through the hatch ahead.
July 23rd Photo #24
Here we are in the DC Power Shop.
July 23rd Photo #25
This entrance into the H&T shop has been covered with a sheet of plexiglas
so visitors can look through and see the shop area, which by the way is
used regularly by ships maintenance personnel.  These areas are also
currently open to visitors who take the City at Sea tour of the ship.
July 23rd Photo #26
Here we are at the far end of the DC Power Shop
looking back from where we just entered.
July 23rd Photo #27
Panning to the left here is the media blaster (which we are
currently in search of a motor for so we can get it up and running)
and a large oven that was used for refurbishing DC motors.
July 23rd Photo #28
Last shot another piece of equipment in the
DC Shop, don't know what it was used for...
July 23rd Photo #29
Outside the DC Power Shop now in the cross-over
leading to the other entrance to the H&T Shop.
July 23rd Photo #30
Here is the other door into the H&T Shop.  The large
armored hatch to the right leads down to Engine Room #3.
July 23rd Photo #31
Another shot of the entrance to the H&T Shop.
July 23rd Photo #32
A shot inside the shop.  Here you can see the other
side of the hatch which has the plexiglas covering it.
July 23rd Photo #33
Here we are looking aft down the portside passageway,
the door visible on the right leads into the Sail Locker.
July 23rd Photo #34
Here we've passed through hatch with the braided rope in the photo
above.  Looking to the left we see this door, which if I read your e-mail
correctly was the shop area where you worked.  I don't think I've ever
seen inside this space though so this is as close as I can get for you.
July 23rd Photo #35
Now we've moved further aft and have arrived
at the Steam Heat Filter Shop.  Love that sign!
July 23rd Photo #36
Last shot, looking forward in the port side passageway back the way
we just came.  From here I'm heading to the Geedunk for a soda and
heading home.  Hope you enjoyed the photos Bill, and that you
get a chance to visit the ship yourself one day real soon.

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