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Well, look at this, I'm finally posting new photos.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Today was my 15th time onboard since my last posting, sorry for the lack of photos lately, but those below will catch you up on what we've been up to lately. I am so ready for Spring, come on down and volunteer for a day if you can, we can always use the help. 


February 12th Photo #1
A member of the ships Radio Club working on equipment in one of their shop
spaces. The Radio Club recently began their 12th year volunteering onboard,
they do an outstanding job of keeping many of the ships systems operational. 
February 12th Photo #2
I came up on deck at lunch time to find this band and color guard group
performing on the pier. They played for about 15 minutes and then they
disappeared. I don't know where they came from, but they sounded good!
February 12th Photo #3
While the band was playing I walked out to move my car so this young
man and his dad could hitch up to a trailer holding the large ships model
 you see here. They were taking it away for some much needed repairs
and painting, I can't wait to see what it looks like when they are done.
February 12th Photo #4
Another shot of the large ships model which depicts the ship in it's
World War II configuration.  I wish I was helping with its restoration!

Update - Check out some progress photos of the restoration, click Here.
February 12th Photo #5
Some of the gang working on a brass powder slide in the large powder
magazine between Turrets 1 and 2, five decks below the main deck. This
magazine actually serves Turret 1, but it is expected to be a stop on the
new Turret 2 experience, which should open to the public this Spring.

February 12th Photo #6

Here's the same slide after the Brass Team was done with it, sweet!
February 12th Photo #7
This is the other large powder slide seen in the above photo. I worked
 on this one, and if I must say so myself, it came up looking awesome!
February 12th Photo #8
Another shot of the second powder slide, we're done in this area now.
February 12th Photo #9
This is a shot of a bunch of powder bag canisters stacked in racks in the
same powder magazine.  These canisters carry date markings from the late
30s and early 40s, I think each one would hold two 110 lb powder bags.
February 12th Photo #10
Ole PJ the ships painter has been working his magic painting
and detailing this area between the barbette and the powder
magazine shown in the photos above. It looks great in this area!
February 12th Photo #11
Detailed hatch with open scuttle leading down to, among other
 things, the Pit Log Trunk, a place I've posted photos of previously.
This hatch is in the same area as the photo above.
February 12th Photo #12
Here we're inside forward secondary plot looking back through one of
the coolest portholes on the ship, four decks below the main deck.
February 12th Photo #13
A close up shot of the main targeting computer in forward main battery
plot. This computer has recently been brought back to life thanks to the
efforts of the ships Radio Club. It's pretty cool to watch all the gears spin
in this computer in response to inputs made.  There isn't a transistor or
diode in it, but for 50 years it put rounds on target with amazing accuracy.
February 12th Photo #14
Speaking of rounds on target, here is where they started from, this
is one of the shell hoists that will be on the new Turret 2 experience.
February 12th Photo #15
Just before Christmas a group of our student volunteers came onboard
for another volunteer day. It wasn't too cold so we all worked up on the
navigation bridge in the afternoon. These guys and gals have grown up
so much since they started volunteering in early 2007.  Most of them were
in middle school when they started, recently one of them joined the Navy
and he has just shipped off to Great Lakes for training. After Boot Camp
he'll be heading to Nuclear Power School, how cool is that?  I'm so proud
of all of our student volunteers, they give me great hope for the future. I
salute them all for their dedication and service to the Battleship New Jersey! 
February 12th Photo #16
Another one of our student volunteers, sitting in the Captains chair while
she polishes the brass window sills.  She knows what she's doing!
February 12th Photo #17
The ship was closed for walk up tours during the month of January so the
we took advantage of this closure and removed all the brass fixtures from
 the O5 Open Bridge area.  In the next several weeks we polished all the
pieces, applied a coat of lacquer and put them back in place. This photo
was taken on January 7th showing everything removed and covered up
to protect the internal workings from the weather.
February 12th Photo #18
Here we see all the polished, and freshly lacquered
pieces, laid out prior to being put back in place.
February 12th Photo #19
This is how it looked up on O5 today when I left the ship. The wind
up here was brutal today, with wind chills in the teens, but I managed
to get all 15 pieces we removed back in place and looking good.
February 12th Photo #20
Another shot of the freshly lacquered pieces back in place.
February 12th Photo #21
OK, last shot, I sure hope this lacquer holds up and stays
looking this good for a while.  The more exterior stuff we
can coat with lacquer, the easier our job will be.

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