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When I arrived at 8:45 I came bearing donuts from Dunkin Donuts.  Everyone was so happy to see me, I can't imagine why, but the donuts disappeared quickly.  Already there was quite a long line of people waiting to get onboard, it was starting off to be a great day.  After signing in I went looking for work and was assigned to clean up brass items in the Plot Room, directly behind the Bridge on O4.  The Plot Room along with the Captain's at Sea Cabin are look in stops on the tour so there was a steady stream of people coming by all day long.  I spent the day polishing up various pieces of brass in the Plot Room including the two portholes that are in the bulkhead between the Bridge and the Plot Room.  There were lots of brass items to polish in there, later in the day I was joined by another volunteer and together, we made that area shine.  There are some interesting pieces of equipment in the Plot Room and one caught my eye.  It's a gauge that hangs on the ships centerline and measures it's trim by the movement of a bubble in a curved glass tube.  The gauge confirmed something I had suspected for a while and that was that the ship has a slight (maybe 2 degrees) list to port.  I talked with some of the maintenance guys and they said they are working on correcting that situation.  At lunchtime I went in search of an area I hadn't seen before, it is the Combat Information Center.  It's down on Deck 4 forward near Turret #2.  I found the area, but there were no lights in the room so the pictures I shot were in the dark.  I included one below, but I'll have to go down there again and see if I can get some better shots.  That's about it for today's efforts, the brass in the Plot Room looks great now and it's time to head on home, have a great Thanksgiving!

November 17th Photo #1
There was already a long line when I arrived at about 8:45

November 17th Photo #2

The view from the shore
November 17th Photo #3
The view forward from O8, pretty sweet!
November 17th Photo #4
Combat Information Center (CIC) down on Deck 4.
First time I've visited here, no lights inside.

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